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Being the customer’s key to success: Connected Development


Led by a team of well-known and respected experts in wireless and M2M, Connected Development provides the most comprehensive set of services on the market to bring your product from concept to reality quickly and painlessly. Further, their network of partners,spanning every aspect of the wireless community, let Connected Development position your solution for success from the start.

What happens when two individuals with over twenty years of experience decide to turn into entrepreneurs? Well it goes without saying that they come up with something new and innovative, yet developed through experience and knowledge gained through years of experience.

Meet Stefen Lindvall and Dave Hoover, the core team of NC based Connected Development. With a unique combination of vision and pragmatism, the two entrepreneurs have helped transform several of their clients dream concepts into reality, in a quick and painless manner. With some of the most talented and respected engineers in wireless and M2M (with expertise in everything from custom antenna design to application development to industrialization) on board, the entrepreneurs have ensured that whatever may be the client’s requirements, the best minds in the industry are put together to work on the project and ensure its grand success.

Ensuring the best service for clients
The leaders have worked hard to build a trustworthy network of partners across the industry poised to help clients in their journey to success. They have ensured that the clients get access to state-of-the-art technology and processes to ensure that their projects are designed to the highest possible standards, tested exactly as it will be in regulatory and carrier labs and manufactured with the utmost quality controls.

Certifying cellular devices can be a headache and this is why Connected Development designs their customer’s applications with an eye towards certification right from the start. Throughout the process, they test, validate and pre-certify customer products, so when it’s time to go to a certified test house, they’re ready. Moreover, the company makes the process easy, managing device certification on behalf of the clients so that when it leaves their hands, it’s ready to activate on a network of choice. The company ensures this through their relationship with certified test houses like Intertrek and RFI Global.

Often, M2M applications must endure harsh environmental conditions including extremes of heat and cold, vibration, humidity and more. As a result, they demand robust mechanical design often with specialized shielding, thermal management and enclosures. Furthermore, the development and test process requires advanced prototyping for optimal accuracy. To that end, Connected Development has partnered with Porticos. The company also has great relationships with the Carriers and MVNOs serving the M2M marketplace, on which customers depend upon for custom rates tailored to the needs of M2M applications. They eventually depend on Connect Development to ensure that the devices on their network are commercially viable and will not interfere with quality of service. Among Connected Development’s partners in Network Services are KORE telematics, RACO wireless and Aeris COMMUNICATIONS.

Differentiated Services for different Industries
Connected Development offers a turnkey solution to source multiple vendors for a single process. From design through certification – and even manufacturing – they take clients through the entire process or any part of it and the services provided, help ensuring success right out of the gate.

The three key Services provided are:-

  • Custom design- Connected Development employs a suite of experts to design the client’s product right from the start. And through additional System-level services, provides end-to-end product design and project management, besides design review and consulting.
  • Certification & Validation- Performance validation is critical to ensure performance and reliability – key factors of the client’s product’s success in the marketplace. In addition, for many who are new to the wireless business, the certification process starts as an unexpected expense and quickly becomes a series of complex obstacles to launch. Thankfully, the team at Connected Development has been through this process countless times, and can fully validate and certify the products to help clients launch them without fear or delay. The Service Menu includes Antenna performance evaluation, Custom automated test campaigns, Pre-certification testing and troubleshooting: GCF, PTCRB, FCC, Carrier, RF and OTA pre-screening, Certification project management, RF performance testing, Software quality and robustness testing, Design reliability testing, Field testing: carrier-specific customized product and Use case development and execution
  • Manufacturing- Connected Development is poised to support you with manufacturing services from prototyping to full-scale production through partnership with the most trusted contract manufactures in the business. The Service Menu includes Prototyping Logistics, Process engineering, Procurement, Test engineering and Quality systems

With wireless technology transforming our lives every day, Connected Development makes the most of it by catering to the needs of clients across various industries:

    • Automotive & Fleet: By combining wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular and even Satellite, Connected Development helps in activities ranging from monitoring driver behaviour, to, offering incentives to top performers thanks to real-time, broadband internet access
    • Home & Security: Using wireless as the primary or backup protocol to transmit alerts to monitoring centres, Connected Development helps compile data from multiple sensors and even stream video over the air for the ultimate peace of mind for clients and their customers.
    • Industrial control and monitoring: Connected Development uses wireless technology to enable tremendous control over plant and remote assets, by ensuring tank and pipeline monitoring improve material safety, while plant operations can benefit from performance enhancement thanks to remote control.
    • Metering: Connected Development allows real-time monitoring of consumption data, that allows optimal load balancing, prevents energy theft, reduces leaks and enables enhanced customer service.
      Payments: From taxicabs to vending machines to point of sale, convenience is increasingly key to making a sale. Connected Development secures wireless communications for enabling various choice of payment options, wherever the purchase decision is being made.
    • Healthcare: By integrating wireless technology into medical devices, Connected Development enables efficiency in hospital operations and billing to enhance quality of care.

Know what clients have to say about Connected Development and their Leaders
“During our evaluation process, Connected Development clearly demonstrated the ability to simplify the wireless development cycle. Their depth and breadth of experience, scope of services and quality of facilities make Connected Development a winning option for our customers.”– David West, VP of supplier marketing and asset for Arrow Electronics

“Connected Development has proven their engineering acumen as well as their predictability. Their expertise is a perfect complement to our own and we are grateful to have them as our ally in cellular wireless design.”
– David Schieffelin, CEO of 24eight

“By teaming with Connected Development, KORE is able to help our customers more effectively and quickly bring new products and services to market. Combining the expertise at Connected Development with the KORE M2M network and value-added services empowers our customers to succeed in designing, developing, testing and launching new M2M services and applications.”– Alex Brisbourne, President and COO of KORE Telematics

“The service Connected Development is offering is exactly what many of our partners in the M2M marketplace are looking for – namely, the expertise to handle any or all of the process required to go from concept to commercialization.”
– Marc Eisenberg, CEO of ORBCOMM

“Connected Development has an extensive network of partners in the wireless industry and Internet of Things ecosystem which enables them to offer a complete turnkey service, and bring your concept to reality.”