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With its Ultimate Business Talent Matching Platform, Benchon is pioneering business talent sharing


During tough economic times, some companies utilize the services of loaned employees to control labor costs. In loaned-employee agreements, the company that provides the services of a loaned employee is legally responsible for meeting employer-related requirements. BenchOn is a Global Resource and Supply Platform that is revolutionizing and streamlining the way organizations collaborate with their contingent resource and supply chain partners. The platform digitizes your business network, linking you into a National Network of companies from all industries and locations, to instantly match supply and demand for Contingent Project Resourcing and Supply Chain tenders and requests. Enterprises, however, require some additional support to manage the large number of suppliers and partners that they operate with. To address this, BenchOn has developed a range of subscription-based products that have been purposed designed for how enterprise operates. Enterprises, you can now streamline your sourcing through the following enterprise software products:

Internal Employee Matching: Ensure that your own employees are matched to your requirements first. Maximizing internal productivity and finding out where your true talent shortages lie before looking externally.

Preferred Supplier Panel Management: Government Agencies and Enterprises can now manage your supplier panels digitally by inviting approved companies into your profile and allocating them to specific panels. Assignments can then be allocated to these panels for the matching algorithm to do the rest.

Industry Network Portal: A branded, white-label portal for large companies to manage your Project Resourcing with an exclusive network of external businesses that can supply you with specialist consulting or surge support talent. So, when you can’t find the specialization internally, you have a ready-made market to find value for money solutions.

Affiliate Network Portal: Match supply and demand for a business's professional service staff across all office locations, nationally or globally, to maximize organizational productivity, minimize underutilization, maximize revenue and make sure you never have to turn down work unnecessarily again.

Automated Supply Chain Management Portal: Manage your corporation's national or global supply chains for products, manufacturing or services. Create resilient supply chains that can be reconstituted at any time from local companies seeking to work with your organization. Manage everything

BenchOn National Network

Access the BenchOn National Network and better manage the ups and downs of the business cycle. Whether you have too many staff or not enough, BenchOn's multi-purpose platform can solve the problem for you. The systems are designed with all the protections that you will need to operate in a trusted and transparent environment including advanced competitor avoidance, anti-employee poaching and prompt invoice payment. This platform can be used to solve employee underutilization, generate passive Business Development, improve company revenue, provide unique professional development opportunities and find you the best, hidden talent to support your projects.

Exclusive White-Label Communities

Host your own branded Talent Community to manage large pools of suppliers digitally or link your extended business partnerships all while increasing your brand engagement. BenchOn's Talent Communities are designed to harness the power of your business network with click of a button. Tap into your network no matter where they are based, access your trusted partners available resources and build your own ecosystem of available talent, all while reaping the benefits of BenchOn's own trusted national network as your safety net.

Meet the leader behind the success of Benchon

Tim Walmsley is an Australian entrepreneur passionate about revolutionizing business productivity across the industrial landscape. Tim sits at the forefront of digital innovation and combines his 16 years’ experience in the corporate and government sectors to solve the problem of staff underutilization by minimizing the adverse impacts of business peaks and troughs. An Army Veteran, Tim left the military to enter the commercial sector as National Director of Strategy and Business Development for a US Aerospace Engineering firm. It was during these times that Tim noticed the problem of employee under-utilization and the large-scale job loses that were happening. Needing to find a solution, the idea for BenchOn was born. Tim and his wife Katie then sold their house and put everything into making it a reality. Please connect with Tim on LinkedIn to join the conversation about the Future of Work and tips on how to maximize business efficiency and productivity.

“BenchOn is a world first platform made right here in Australia that is on a mission to make sure no one loses their job ever again for financial reasons.”