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Drink the water that benefits you and the planet: Flow Alkaline Spring Water


When it comes down to finding a refreshing drink, there is nothing quite like spring water. Some spring water is rich in minerals that are essential nutrients. Having access to clean and mineral-rich water must never be considered an expensive luxury, as it is important for a healthy mind and body, and it is what we have been consuming from time immemorable. Many people out there are convinced that all bottled water is better than municipal tap water, but it is not.

Spring water occurs when groundwater is driven from an underground aquifer to the surface under its own force. As the water migrates as rain or snow from the surface down into an aquifer, it is often filtered through clay, gravel, sand, and/or rock. When the rock it filters through is limestone, it may collect minerals from the limestone before returning to the surface. Globally, there are various spring water suppliers delivering excellent products and services, but Flow stands out from the rest. In simpler terms, Flow markets delicious, mineral-rich alkaline spring water in more sustainable packaging than plastic bottles.

In conversation with Nicholas Reichenbach, Founder and Executive Chairman of Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Q. With market research, companies sometimes find the results of a study difficult to believe, unclear or mixed. Tell us about your decision making method?

Founding Flow Alkaline Spring Water was actually based on a very emotional decision. While attending Burning Man in 2013, I marveled at how quickly the plastic bottle waste from attendees accumulated in a matter of days. It inspired me to leverage a family-owned alkaline water spring in Ontario and create Flow as a brand exclusively packaged in more sustainable Tetra-Pak, made from mostly renewable plant-based resources. While Flow today leverages rich consumer data to develop new products and packaging, the company and brand still places great value in the emotional and psychological consumer and market insights that aren’t always found in hard data but that build brands consumers are passionate about.

Q. Due to regulatory constraints on marketing and traditional branding, retailers’ awareness levels among consumers may be predicated on their ability to responsibly scale. How do you help to improve brand recognition through sales?

Flow early on identified and listened to its customer and innovated products that she demanded. We use a blend of distinct packaging, a superior premium water product, and consistent, compelling reminders of product quality and brand mission on pack to speak to consumers. Flow strengthens that messaging and brand loyalty at retail, social media, and advertising, converting consumers’ passion for Flow’s exceptional beverages into support for the brand mission. This is in turn, builds on sentiments about why more consumers should choose it: More Flow. Less plastic.

Q. Tell us about the affordability of your product, and target consumers.

Flow markets a premium water line but remains competitive in pricing with other premium water brands. The Flow consumer is passionate about wellness, curious about better for you food and beverage products, and attracted to brands like Flow that have a focused mission of doing better for the consumer while simultaneously doing better for the environment.

Q. Tell us in brief about the water sourcing process and packaging.

Flow water is sourced from two proprietary springs in North America: one in Ontario, the other in Virginia. The water from both springs is naturally alkaline (with a pH of +/- 8.1) and naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes. Every Flow product is produced in Tetra-Pak cartons, fabricated from up to 75% renewable resources with a bio-based sugar cane cap, and both PET and BPA free.

Q. How do you market your services?

Flow sells its beverages through an omni-channel national network of distributors and retailers and through a strong e-commerce subscription service. Flow supports it all with brand-building retail promotions, advertising, social media, and email marketing.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

As Flow prepares to go public in 2021, the Flow brand is focused on offering more wellness-inspired and functional beverage products. This includes the expansion of the Flow Collagen-Infused Water line and the planned 2021 launch of Flow Vitamin-Infused Water.

Meet the leader behind the success of Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Nicholas Reichenbach, the Founder and newly appointed Executive Chairman of Flow, is one of the most dynamic and passionate leaders in the consumer packaged goods industry. A serial entrepreneur, Flow is his most recent and one of his most impactful ventures. With Flow, Reichenbach is determined to disrupt the beverage industry by creating the first premium spring water brand that is sourced and produced in North America.

“Flow is 100% naturally alkaline water sourced from our artesian springs. It has a smooth, clean taste and comes in eco-friendly packaging. Because the water you drink matters.