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BetterUp – Providing regular assessments to give companies critical insights into workforce development


Organizations are investing time and resources in training tomorrow's leaders to ensure that senior roles are handled by professionals with the right set of skills and clear goals. Good leaders are indispensable resources for an organization, not only because they contribute to the firm's growth but also because they drive innovation, create a good working environment, and mentor the newcomers within the organization. Leadership development is a program that is implemented to widen individuals' capacity to perform efficiently in headship roles within an organization. It focuses on developing and honing professionals' abilities to take on critical responsibilities in an organization, such as designing and executing business strategies, building alignment, and helping others with career growth. The development programs also help employees understand what not to do as a leader.

BetterUp is the first-ever leadership development platform that fast tracks leadership development and helps employees at all levels find more meaning and satisfaction in their roles to do their best work. BetterUp pairs employees with a dedicated, expert coach to cultivate the leadership behaviors they need to thrive. Its mobile-first platform facilitates convenient, frequent touchpoints and continuous learning to prepare rising leaders for new challenges. Created by a team of behavioral scientists, researchers, and technologists, BetterUp's Behavioral Insights uses data from regular assessments to give companies critical insights into workforce development and measurable results across 25 key leadership dimensions. The firm uses the latest research across the behavioral sciences to create the world's most effective organizational transformation approach, driving impact for your business, and delivering real metrics that measure real impact.

Why BetterUP

Return on investment: The firm has earned Fortune 500 companies' trust by connecting personal transformation to tangible ROI. Across its user population, the data predicts up to a 5x return on investment for buyers. It connects changes in behavior to metrics that are critical to your business. You'll see increases in productivity.

Different coaching model: BetterUp's proprietary coaching model is underpinned by extensive research in the skills and mindsets that help employees and companies grow. They know that growth comes from five key traits that can be taught through coaching. Its global coaching network of 2,000+ coaches fosters growth through real-time accountability, feedback, and support. Today, BetterUp coaches are located across 65 countries and support 32 languages. With such a robust, global network that is 100% accessible online, BetterUp can meet international organizations' needs regardless of physical location.

Revolutionary solutions and services offered by BetterUp

Expert Coaching: In business, there are times when deep specialization is required to achieve results. The same is true for coaching. Its extended specialist network allows you to add coaches to your bench to support unique employee needs and targeted skill development. Specialty areas include Nutrition, Effective Communication, Sleep, Peak Performance, and Sales Mindset. Sometimes challenges come up when least expect them. Members are matched with a coach who is best suited to equip them with evidence-backed methods and techniques to tackle the issue at hand with confidence.

Performance and Engagement: BetterUp provides managers personalized guidance, delivered in the flow of work, to turn everyday experiences into growth opportunities. It amplifies the impact by extending support to team members to increase performance and engagement at scale. It assesses, baseline, and builds on the proven drivers of performance through evidence-based assessments and coaching programs.

Microlearning: The company's learning content is developed by a team of content experts at BetterUp Labs, leading researchers on Science Board, and carefully selected, reputable third parties and subject matter experts in psychology, organizational behavior, and learning sciences. Its machine learning content recommendation engine suggests the right content for each member at the right time, helping them in their natural flow of work.

The Passionate leader behind the glory of BetterUp

Alexi Robichaux is the Co-Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of BetterUp. He leads BetterUp on its mission to enable all professionals to live with greater clarity, purpose, and passion. Prior to BetterUp, Mr. Alexi was Director of Product Management at VMware. He led product and design teams to build enterprise collaboration software that earned Gartner's "best in class" distinction. He also witnessed the changing relationship between employees and employers that'll be key to future human flourishing and innovation. Alexi is Chairman of Youth Leadership America (YLA), a non-profit he co-founded in 2003 to foster peer-to-peer leadership development and civic engagement in high school students. YLA has collaborated with leading companies, including Disney, Google, and Hilton Hotels, to coach and mentor future leaders.

Mr. Alexi holds a B.A. in political science and non-profit management with Summa Cum Laude distinction from the University of Southern California.

"Our Mission is to help people everywhere pursue their lives with greater clarity, purpose, and passion."