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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2016

Beyond Business Intelligence: MindStream Analytics

“It’s easy to lie with analytics. It’s hard to tell the truth without analytics.” – Andrejs Dunkels

Big Data is now a reality. The volume, variety, and velocity of data coming into an organization continues to reach unprecedented levels. This phenomenal growth means that not only one must understand big data in order to decipher the information that truly counts, but must also understand the possibilities of big data analytics. High-performance analytics is necessary to process the enormous data in order to figure out what’s important and what isn’t.
To help organizations with the same, MindStream Analytics was founded in 2009 to bring high quality professional services to the financial technology management space, leveraging experts and professionals at the top of their class in the enterprise performance management space. Since then, MindStream has grown year after year as the organization continually expands advisory and implementation services for world-class enterprise management, reporting, and analytics technologies, with partners like Oracle, IBM, Anaplan, and OneStream. Their consultants are business thought leaders and technologists, advising upon the best-in-breed in enterprise applications for clients, with the goal of improving organizational understanding and decision-making through data and technology
Headquartered in Boston, MA, USA, the company’s solution experts have decades of experience in the enterprise performance management, business intelligence, data analytics, and managed services space. Using that business expertise, the company has leveraged partnerships with the latest technologies to provide clients with a catalogue of opportunities and offerings that will fit each client’s business needs. They are able to distill data through a
variety of technologies, using business process logic and finely-tuned skills in application optimization to allow clients the ability to remove the technical issues from their daily grind and to decision-making on the numbers.
Together with strong relationships across the globe, they are part of a Global Business Alliance that can provide 24/7 around-the-sun support. With their intense expertise and connections, the company has the ability to service organizations of all sizes, from the most specific data analytics problems to enacting organizational transformations.
MindStream’s top-notch Service dimension
The company’s clients showup with a variety of issues, seeking expertise in resolving highly technical issues, while being cognizant of rapidly-developing organizational challenges. When facing challenges in aligning their business objectives with technology opportunities and constraints, MindStream Analytics can provide the solution innovation, application support (MindStream AppCare), and strategic project implementation expertise needed to ensure successful project delivery. When clients are ambiguous about the possibilities when addressing technology in the Finance office, their strategic advisory services assist in developing, planning, software selection, and management of client’s business initiatives. Where clients are facing specific, technical issues in their applications, their seasoned, expert consultants arrive to bring clients the skills, insight, and expertise in technology implementation and optimizations. Where clients are facing challenges in supporting specific applications, the MindStream AppCare program provides managed services support at a level to optimize the clients’ resources.
Standing Tall among the peers
MindStream stands out among the other providers, differentiated by their talent, as well as their strong partnerships and their agnostic approach to advising upon, servicing, and developing technology solutions to resolve clients’ specific requirements. The company’s approach does not assume the same technology or same answers apply across organizations, and so they have developed a variety of partnerships to leverage the best technology and processes for each organization’s unique needs. Knowing the challenges with enterprise performance management (EPM), MindStream Analytics is growing with the marketplace, understanding these challenges and prepared with partnerships, knowledge, and skills to help organizations incorporate data into their decision-making process at a faster pace than ever before.
MindStream’s Big Clients
The company serves Fortune 500 organizations, as well as public sector and higher education clients. They include American Medical Association, Bayer, Boston Scientific, Cigna, Glaxo SmithKline, Tyco, University of Pennsylvania, and Verizon.
Client Testimonials
“We are proud of the client partnerships we have maintained. One client stated, “We started the process looking for an implementation team, what we found in MindStream was a strategic partner.” (- Global Banking Organization)
“MindStream represents a true partner to me and my organization. They managed the successful design, build and roll-out of my Planning Application. They’ve also been there for us to help with application “tweaks” as our business changes required. Their commitment to excellence is only surpassed by their ability to deliver it.”(-Global Consumer Company)
Meet the Key Executive
Alexander Ladd, Founder, CEO & Senior Partner
Ladd has over 17 years of experience in financial software systems. His experience with multiple tier-1 enterprise performance management software products has given him unique expertise with both relational and OLAP data structures. He is a certified Oracle Hyperion Planning & Essbase architect who has personally worked on more than 50 Planning and Essbase implementations. He is currently the OAUG Essbase SIG Domain Lead. Prior to founding MindStream, Ladd was a Managing Director at Pinnacle Group Worldwide and a Senior Consultant at ISA Consulting. Ladd is a graduate of Trinity College (Hartford, CT) with a Bachelor’s degree in History, and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area.