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November Monthly Special 2022

Advertising That Reaches Your Customers and Delivers Results: Bigeye Agency


Today’s brands are faced with more challenges than ever imagined. Consumers are more segmented. Media is more granular. Creativity is more tailored. There is no singular approach to success. Brands must be everywhere at once and be prepared to react at a moment’s notice— To different audiences… Across different devices… In different environments. Through data-driven insights, Bigeye Agency builds brands that reach beyond the surface, connecting with the deeply ingrained attitudes, behaviors, and motivations of varied audiences. Strategies heighten creative. Media underlines strategies. A remarkable trio—piquing interest, driving sales, and improving results. The framework is in constant motion. Performance data is analyzed and interpreted… Teams make more confident business decisions.

All marketing is personal. So, the more marketers know about current customers and potential prospects, the better. With over 10,000 highly-predictive demographic and behavioral indicators, Bigeye Agency’s in-house researchers give companies the most complete understanding of your consumers.

Big Picture Thinking with an Eye for Detail

After two decades in this business, Bigeye Agency knows where its clients’ pain points are. And it knows how to address them as a full-service agency. Bigeye has developed a time-tested approach that identifies and eliminates the most common challenges Bigeye Agency’s clients face. The coolest websites and slickest marketing collateral are just eye candy if they don’t move customers to action. So, Bigeye broke from the status quo and took a different path. Bigeye Agency made it its practice to start every engagement by first doing whatever it took to get inside the head of the people the client needed to reach. At every project’s core, the company strives to build every campaign around what its research tells it will interest, engage, and ultimately motivate the individuals the team is targeting. And this approach is validated by the results Bigeye Agency achieves for its clients.

Breathtaking Creative Based on In-Depth Understanding

By  immersing itself in your market so Bigeye Agency will think like your customers to reporting results at the end of a successful initiative, and everything in between, the company provides a full range of marketing and advertising services. Why does it matter that Bigeye Agency is one of the region’s top advertising agencies and a full-service provider with deep expertise in every discipline? Because Bigeye Agency’s internal teams have a level of collaboration that no collection of individual service providers can achieve. Plus, when it comes to optimizing your campaigns, the carefully considered, perfectly executed changes Bigeye Agency can implement when its strategists, designers, and media buyers sit down together ultimately produce exceptional results.

Importance of Developing Accurate Buyer Personas

Sometimes, authors do a fabulous job of developing characters, and readers feel like they understand a fictional person’s attitudes, motivations, and actions. If they could encounter this person in real life, avid readers believe they know what the character would do or how they’d react in any situation. These lifelike characters engage readers with stories even after they’ve finished reading. Similarly, Bigeye Agency’s marketing research company strives to develop buyer personas that accurately represent target markets to give us a clear picture of potential buyers. This practice keeps us engaged with the audience. In turn, it gives us the tools to ensure buyers stay engaged with a business. Even though the buyers profiled don’t exactly exist, consumers with similar essential characteristics are out there shopping for products. Instead of developing these characters purely from imaginations, Bigeye Agency gathers and analyzes information about real people to uncover common traits. Thus, a description of a semi-fictional character in a buyer persona helps marketers understand real-life consumers’ motivations, preferences, and potential actions. This important brief will provide an essential tool for developing marketing materials, segmenting audiences, choosing advertising platforms, and setting goals for testing and tuning.

No matter how well a market research company narrows down audiences and crafts buyer personas, they won’t help their clients if the audience isn’t listening to the message they want to broadcast. That’s why Bigeye Agency seeks information about how audiences consume media and communicate. The better job we do of finding out where our audience “listens,” the greater chance we can ensure they will hear us. These days, businesses have plenty of platforms to choose from, including the internet, smartphones, radio, TV, print, and physical spaces. Each of these media types consists of countless outlets and platforms. Few businesses have the resources to test all of them, so we must use our research to choose the best candidates. Ideally, customers or prospects will fill out surveys, directly communicating their preferences. Without direct information, marketers can look for trends regarding the typical habits of the general population.

Consider market research

As a marketing research company, Bigeye Agency doesn’t consider research, developing buyer personas, ad platform selection, or testing a one-and-done deal. Besides believing that it can constantly improve, Bigeye Agency knows that its client’s businesses can change quickly. Economic or political changes, new technology, and competitors can transform or even disrupt markets at any time. Thus, we may cycle through the four steps described above multiple times. Bigeye Agency doesn’t just strive to help its clients keep up but to thrive by constantly seeking to add new audiences and expand  their markets. Bigeye Agency’s efforts center on getting to know the audience very well, as if they’re family, acquaintances, and friends. Since these people support clients, Bigeye Agency values them like friends, even if they’re semi-fictional representations developed into buyer personas.

Justin Ramb, President

“We implement a proven process that connects all of your data sources to a single platform to gain in-depth insights and make recommendations to help grow your business.”