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30 Best CEOs of the Year 2022

Sophia Felix HBM Talent & Management Founder and CEO: “We envision prosperous and growing relationships with our clients that will lead us together as a team to establish bigger contracts, obtain bigger projects, create bigger in-house productions, and increase our philanthropic work to reach more communities”


In the past few decades, the status of art forms went through some notable changes. Previously, art was mostly considered as a hobby or a part-time gig, but now, being an artist is identified as a profession. The introduction of talent management companies gave art forms a leading edge to become a full-time career option for artists. Talent Management companies are responsible for guiding the artists in the entertainment industry. Whether you are an established artist or a newbie in the entertainment industry, you can definitely achieve unmatched results when you have the right talent management company by your side.

Globally there are various firms delivering excellent talent management services, but HBM Talent & Management stands out from the rest. HBM Talent & Management is a boutique model and talent management agency that represents an international client roster in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Canada, London, Germany, Switzerland, and Milan. Since 2013, HBM has built a solid reputation by managing upscale versatile talent in various divisions, such as print, commercials, movies, music videos, campaigns, and live events.

In conversation with Sophia Felix, Founder and CEO of HBM Talent & Management

Q. Do you maintain a database of candidates already pre-screened to accelerate the recruitment process without affecting the quality of the hire?

I schedule new hires based on their skill level. I don’t scout for talent; they reach out to me via email on my website, referral, or on social media. They submit their photos, resumes, and reels. I then personally review and do research on them. I schedule interviews with candidates who I feel would be a great fit. Each client is different, and each one has a special gift; they are like artists and creatives. Most just need someone who can show them the steps and confidence to succeed.

Q. What are the factors that contribute to your success?

The factor that contributes to my success is my ability to create other leaders. As of this year, I own three companies, so I dedicated time to train and then trust my team to do their jobs correctly without me supervising. Now I can manage projects from my office vs. being in a city far away on set. I also feel HBM Talent has obtained a very strong reputation in the industry for our professionalism and for giving back to our community. We donate 10% of revenue back to charities. We also donate services during the holidays. I love to visit and help kids in need; I learned early in my career to be a real leader, you have to lead by example.

Q. How do you prevent mis-hires and maintain the efficiency of your services?

I prevent mis-hires by having my clients do a trial run and training before I sign them. After I sign them, we go through more training, and they sign my rules and expectations. I communicate to them and let them express what they feel can be revised or added. It is very important that we can work well as a team because most of my clients stay long term. Several have been with me for several years, so it’s like we are family.

Q. It’s a job seekers market now. It is harder than ever to attract and hire top talents. How do you identify talented individuals?

As a talent manager and CEO, I’m signing more clients; I’ve doubled my roster this year. I’m also getting more inquiries from highly successful businesswomen who want to rebrand and expand into other industries. Small business owners are also reaching out to rebrand or market their businesses. The industry is opening back up, and I’m in a great position. Most of my clients are attracted to my lifestyle and being their own boss, so I love assisting them in achieving that too.

Q. How do you maintain a strong relationship with clients and how do feedbacks help you?

We maintain a strong relationship and bond by getting to know each other on a personal level. I have weekly conference calls with each client. We discuss business and set goals, but I also ensure their mental, spiritual and emotional health is good. They know they can trust me, and I’ll be there for them. Everything we share on our calls is confidential, and I’m fierce with protecting them.

Q. How do you market your services?

I market on all social media platforms such as IG, LinkedIn, Facebook, and my website I’m constantly doing articles, publications, and podcasts interviews, and I get really good results. Social media is key to my companies success.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

I’m co-founder and President of the International Cannabis Consulting Business Women’s Association (ICBWA). I’m working on developing our business accelerator program for our members. I’m going to be working on topics such as social equity and diversity for women in the cannabis space. For info, our website is I also recently Co-founded Peace Love and Protein, and we will be launching our vegan protein mix in 2022.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

The future looks incredible. Next, I’m working on Public Relation events and projects for YM CBD, HiBnb, Color by Charisma and Chef Matt. So I’m going to get to do some traveling soon. I also have a new partnership with GAT Mgmt in Los Angeles to create more job opportunities internationally for our actors. This year alone has been amazing, and I’m very proud and confident in what the future holds for HBM Talent & Mgmt and my partners.

Meet the leader behind the success of HBM Talent & Management

Sophia Felix is the Founder and CEO of HBM Talent & Management, a boutique talent agency that represents an international client roster in various divisions. Felix advocates for the use of medical cannabis to help people with PTSD and mental health issues. She is a co-founder and the president of the International Cannabis Consulting Business Women’s Association (ICBWA), a L.A. based nonprofit dedicated to the education of female entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. She is also the public relations spokesperson for the hemp-based CBD Company Y + M. A devout philanthropist, Felix serves as the president of the Southern California Chapter for America’s Children of Fallen Heroes and has been involved with Passion 4 K.I.D.S. for ten years. Sophia is the recipient of several prestigious recognitions such as the TELLY Award in category “Social Impact”, Hometown Hero, California Hero, Transformational Business Leaders of the Year and Top 100 Business Leaders of 2021.

“I manage and represent professional actors, models, musicians, makeup artists and influencers. I also represent other entrepreneurs and small businesses to provide services for business development, consulting, PR, branding and marketing”