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BigTapp Analytics: Tapping into Actionable Insights

silicon-review-venkata-narayanan“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina.

Gone are the days where businesses used to make decisions with little data and a lot of gut instinct. In today’s economic climate, businesses have realized the importance and impact of Big Data & Analytics – by combining core data, contextual data (both internal and external to the organization) along with social media data which has resulted in the ability to take advantage of opportunities, minimize risks and control costs. In today’s non-stop global economy, fuel that propels the engine of business is knowledge (Insights) and wisdom (Actions). In this context, adoption of Big Data & Analytics has become a necessity to transform businesses globally. BigTapp defines a pragmatic approach to Big Data & Analytics that is rooted in performance and focused on impact.

Incorporated in 2013, BigTapp is a global company that focuses on providing Big Data & Analytics solutions. It provides Big Data & Analytics solutions on Cloud using a SaaS model that harness poly-structured data from a myriad of sources at the right latency, derive Insights and convert the Insights to appropriate business Actions. The company’s Big “InFo ActiV” platform enables creation of Business Analytics applications and deploy on Cloud to enable rapid realization of business benefits. A suite of Big Data Business Analytics applications developed using the platform under the overarching theme of Customer Value Management enables BigTapp’s customers to get immediate business benefits. It has a strong team of Data Scientists and Domain Experts who provide Consulting and Managed Services that ensure the realization of business benefits using Big Data.

Product & Service Offerings
Big Data provides great opportunities for businesses along with great challenges. Primary among them is the ability to harness poly-structured data from a variety of sources at the right latency, derive Insights and convert the Insights to appropriate business Actions. A greater challenge is to envision business use cases for using Big Data Insights, both for incremental value and transformational/disruptive business models.

BigTapp’s Big “InFo ActiV” platform enables creation of Business Analytics applications without getting dragged by these challenges. Engineered to be highly scalable and built for Cloud, it is available on a consumption based pricing model, ensuring a higher ROI given the relatively lower investment costs.

BigTapp’s CVM Analytics is one of the Business Analytics applications built using the Big”InFo ActiV” platform. It not only helps the businesses to understand about their Hindsight, it also allows them to identify the Insight and Foresight for future business decisions. Businesses are constantly struggling to analyze the high volume of available data. BigTapp’s CVM Analytics has been designed “to provide creative solutions to complex problems”. Partnering with BigTapp allows the businesses to boost their sales volume, increase their efficiency, and improve their risk management, customer service and overall operations.

Big Data & Analytics is at the mainstay of BigTapp’s strategy and offers services across all layers of the Big Data value chain such as Data Fusion, Information Management & Governance, Data Visualization and Analytics.

Office Locations
The company’s global headquarters is in Singapore. It also has offices in India, Malaysia and Thailand.

Knowing the Masterminds

Venkata Narayanan L, Founder & CEO
Venkata has around 30 years of experience in the field of management and consulting. Having spent the last 20 years in analytics, Venkat is a firm believer of using Insights based on data to drive decision making at all levels in the organization. This belief is the driver of the Insights to Action paradigm of BigTapp. Venkat founded Business Intelligence & Analytics specialist Knowledge Dynamics in 1997, which was subsequently acquired by Satyam (Tech-Mahindra) in 2005. He held various management roles and was last Senior Vice President & Head of Strategic Initiatives in Tech Mahindra.

Veera Narayanaswamy, Founder & COO
Veera’s 25+ years of experience in the industry building several successful teams and billion dollar practices are few of his remarkable achievements. He is an inventor and futurist and has been the driving force behind many of the market making technologies in the Information Management space and among his creations are the world’s first on-demand Enterprise DW&BI Impact Analysis technology and Data Integration Code Health Improvement Engine. Prior to BigTapp, Veera was with Cognizant as Managing Director and Global head of their Enterprise information Management (EIM) practice. Through his visionary leadership, Veera built and grew the EIM practice to a billion dollar practice and achieved a phenomenal growth (CAGR of -70%) in the past 13 years.