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BigTapp Pte Ltd – Defining a pragmatic approach to Big Data & Analytics that is rooted in performance and focused on impact


Gone are the days where businesses used to decide with a little data and lot of gut instinct. In today’s economic climate, businesses have realized the importance and impact of Big Data & Analytics – by combining businesses core data, contextual data (both internal and external to the organization) along with social media data has much higher impact resulting in the ability to take advantage of opportunities, minimize risks and control costs.

BigTapp is a Singapore head quartered global company that focuses on providing Big Data Analytics solutions that help their customers do just that. The company provides Big Data and Analytics solutions on Cloud using a SaaS model that harness poly-structured data from a myriad of sources at the right latency, derive insights and convert the insights to appropriate business actions. In today’s increasingly aggressive business environment, you need to make decisions faster than ever. BigTapp’s InFoActiV platform enables creation of business analytics applications and deploy on Cloud to enable rapid realization of business benefits. A suite of Big Data Business Analytics applications developed using the platform under the overarching theme of Customer Value Management enables its customers to get immediate business benefits. BigTapp has a strong team of Data Scientists and Domain Experts who provide consulting and managed services that ensure the realization of business benefits using Big Data.

Big InFo ActiV Platform

Big Data provides great opportunities for businesses along with great challenges. Primary among them is the ability to harness poly-structured data from a myriad of sources at the right latency, derive Insights and convert the Insights to appropriate business Actions. A greater challenge is to envision business use cases for using Big Data Insights, both for incremental value and transformational/disruptive business models. BigTapp’s Big "InFo ActiV" platform enables creation of Business Analytics applications without getting dragged by these challenges. Engineered to be highly scalable and built for Cloud, it is available on a consumption based pricing model, ensuring a higher ROI given the relatively lower investment costs. BigTapp’s CVM Analytics is one of the Business Analytics applications built using the Big"InFo ActiV" platform. Key capabilities of the platform are:

  • Harness poly structured data from various sources at real time or near real time and fuse with curated data to connect the dots.
  • Derive Insights and Foresights either on-the-fly (streams) or at the right latency as appropriate for the business need.
  • Visualize Insights and Foresights using an intuitive interface.
  • Institutionalize Actions that create business value using a Campaign Management or Business Rules or CEM component of the platform.

Providing Affordable Big Data and Analytics Solutions

BigTapp's Customer Value Management (CVM) Analytics: Big Data & Analytics transform data into knowledge and wisdom by collecting, organizing and analyzing large sets of data to understand the historical hidden fact, patterns and other useful information. The ingenious BigTapp’s CVM Analytics not only helps the businesses to understand about their Hindsight it also allows them to identify the Insight and Foresight for future business decisions. Businesses are constantly struggling to analyze the high volume of available data. BigTapp’s CVM Analytics has been designed to provide creative solutions to complex problems. Partnering with BigTapp allows the businesses to boost their sales volume, increase their efficiency, and improve their risk management, customer service and overall operations. The CVM Analytics is the best way to understand your customer and strive in taking businesses an inch closer to their customers.

Marketing Democratization (Mi’Das): Apart from the transformational shift in decision making the key objective of Mi’Das is to increase the profitability and probability of scale and size of the sale per customer. People at the customer focus roles have very little say while designing the promotions in spite of having a great level of crucial contextual based information. With heavy competition from E-Commerce players retailers are under immense pressure to provide great customer experience clubbed with significant value add. Their solutions provide the necessary contextual insights (segment level and individual level information) to the front line employees to real time effective decision making. Traditionally insights and insights driven marketing are handled at headquarters or regional level by retailers. At the customer facing level, i.e. the retail store, there are not many options available for Store personnel like Store Managers to leverage insights and take decisions, especially in the area of customer offers and campaigns.

Venkata Narayanan. L | Founder & CEO

Vastly experienced by age but young at his thoughts is the best way to describe Venkata Narayanan the Founder and CEO of BigTapp. With around 30 years of experience in his professional life in the field of management and consulting led the way to start BigTapp with a strong vision. Having spent the last 20 years in analytics, Venkat is a firm believer of using Insights based on data to drive decision making at all levels in the organization. This belief is the driver of the Insights to Action paradigm of BigTapp.

Venkat has broad experience in delivering Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions for strategic and tactical applications. He has worked with both consulting and end-user organizations and has been responsible for IT solutions planning and delivery. For nearly two decades he focuses on providing Business Intelligence solutions to maximize the competitive advantage of organizations. His extensive has taken him to consulting assignments in the USA, Middle East, South Africa and Asia Pacific. Venkat is a regular speaker in seminars and industry events in the region. He is an adjunct Faculty at Singapore Management University (SMU) teaching Masters in Analytics.

'We are creating a culture of 'Data driven Decisions' & 'Analytics-driven Actions' with whomever we work."