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50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2021

Brent Kruel, BioFunctional Health Solutions CEO: “We are radically passionate about improving the quality of life of American employees leading to a better tomorrow for them and their employers”.


The employees of any business are undeniably its greatest asset. And their health and wellness can directly impact the bottom-line for companies. Our way of thinking about employee wellness has been challenged by the impact of Covid-19 on workplaces across the world. More work is being done from home and we are seeing a rise in musculoskeletal issues and chronic pain due to sitting disease and poor ergonomics. The result has been for BHS to revolutionize corporate wellness into a much more whole-person perspective assuring employee health, safety, and productivity from wherever they are working.

BioFunctional Health Solutions (BHS) has been innovating throughout these tough times to assure that employees everywhere are able to confidently return to a safe workplace certified by hospital-grade infectious disease control protocols. And also caring for those who are not able to return to work through online telehealth solutions. Why? Because being the major drivers of our economy – they deserve it. While BHS has helped Fortune 500 clients with health assurance, They now place special emphasis on catering to small businesses. In a brief interview, Brent Kruel, CEO of BHS, explained why the company focuses on small businesses and why it is critical for their employees to have quality health and wellness services at their disposal. Read on for the excerpts from the interview:

Q. What was the motivation behind starting BioFunctional Health Solutions (BHS)? Tell us about your journey so far.

BioFunctional Health Solutions was started in 2008 with one purpose and focus: to give American employees the same soft tissue healthcare that professional athletes trust to keep them competitive. Our journey has led us to the development of industry best-in-class solutions that address the full spectrum of employee health and wellness. This includes our key differentiator of resolving the root causes of pain without surgery, medication, or lengthy physical therapy. We do this through screening, prevention tools, and a proprietary treatment process. We are also the first to develop a clinical level treatment system into a self-applied model enabling you to become the “Actioner” in resolving your own musculoskeletal issues. This way, employees and employers save the time and expense of offsite care and, in most cases, avoid costly workers’ compensation claims when injuries happen at work.

Since our inception, we have relied on listening to our customers to drive our evolution as a company. They told us they needed more focus on prevention and to be able to measure the value of their investment in health and wellness programs. So, we developed the technology to capture data throughout the care continuum and use this data to customize programs to each unique customer for the best possible return.image

Q. Why are Effective Workplace Health Assurance Solutions essential for Employers?

A true health assurance program is somewhat of a new concept that includes best practices in wellness and prevention programs like employee wellness/fitness challenges, health fairs, nutrition education, first-aid, case management, as well as our cornerstone soft tissue healthcare ( Now, more than ever, it is important to be able to effectively deliver these programs onsite and to remote employees. We have an unofficial mantra that “remote employees need love too,” and through telehealth and our innovative self-treatment system, our customers’ remote employees feel the love (and less pain).

I would like to highlight an underserved hero and the backbone of the U.S. economy – small businesses. We are the ONLY nationwide health assurance provider of our kind that caters to small businesses. Large Fortune 500 companies are also our customers and have helped us forge our offerings to be the highest quality in the industry; however, we currently focus our efforts on serving smaller businesses that are generally ignored.

Q. Why are Small Businesses so Important to BHS?

Half of working Americans are working for employers with fewer than 100 employees, i.e., 80.8 million of the 158 million working adults (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Further, these businesses account for 17.9 million companies of the total of 18.2 million companies in the U.S. This means that there are only 300,000 companies that are the typical “target” customers for employee benefit programs like ours. We are healthcare professionals who want to make the biggest impact that we can on employee health and our economy. We cannot do that by following the same model of servicing only companies with more than 100 employees. We already had the best health assurance programs, and all we had to do is figure out the economies of the scale model to deliver to small businesses. Our work translates into onsite and online programs that have revolutionized employee health resulting in productivity and loyalty to their employers. We are making small businesses magnet employers in their respective markets and enabling them to attract/retain the best human capital.

Q. What is the role of your patented technology in delivering a quality occupational health solution to address Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)?

It is easiest to think of our patented technology as the “blood test” for your mobility (range of motion) health. Just like your primary care physician relies on objective lab results to guide your healthcare needs, our 3D camera system informs us of your musculoskeletal health needs. Through a 10-minute assessment we can identify joint dysfunctions that can be resolved before they turn into injuries and chronic pain issues. We believe that everyone would choose to move well without pain and catching issues early is the key.

Q. How has BHS innovated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Since our beginnings, we have focused on solving problems for employers related to employee health and wellness and were positioned to really help in a pandemic situation. Nurses deliver over 80% of all healthcare services in our nation, and they are the most trusted professionals for the last 18 years (according to Gallup polls). Our nurses have partnered with our customers as thought leaders in infectious disease control and safety. The abundance and availability of information and advice have made it impossible for companies to discern the best/effective processes and tools to manage workplace safety in a pandemic. Our solution is simple, affordable, and effective, taking the guesswork out of the already challenging situation.

BHS also offers all our solutions in an online version for remote employees. We have developed a simple, easy-to-use ergonomics self-assessment tool that has helped remote employees adapt their work environments to prevent pain and injuries.

Q. BHS is one of the Fastest Growing Companies. How has the company maintained its positive growth trajectory?

BHS was already a leader in health and wellness programs prior to the pandemic; however, Covid-19 did help us realize our potential to positively impact more Americans by scaling our solutions for small businesses. The market has very positively received this and we hope to continue to outpace growth expectations in 2021.

We have also made it easier to implement our programs with PANDEMIC SPECIAL PRICING ( that has attracted many new small to medium businesses.

The Visionary Leader

Brent Kruel, CEO: Brent is a distinguished healthcare executive with twenty-one years of experience in hospitals, payers, technology, and professional services companies. He is a distinguished graduate of the Air Force Academy, 14-year two-time combat veteran, and has a Master of Healthcare Administration from UNC Chapel Hill where he was inducted in the Delta

Omega and Alpha Epsilon honors societies. He is a husband, father of two, and an active volunteer in his community delivering Meals on Wheels and Committee Chair of the Cub Scouts. Brent is a servant at heart and brings his experience and visionary leadership to improving the lives of employees nationwide.

“We have REVOLUTIONIZED traditional occupational (employee) health by leveraging the latest technology and adding soft tissue mobility healthcare trusted by professional athletes.”