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Understanding the “New Normal” in workplace health-BioFunctional Health Solutions is set to address the needs of employees with its innovative healthcare offerings


As post-COVID-19 shifts in both company health and safety and employee health continue to evolve, employers are scrambling to identify how best to address the needs of their employees in both workplace and work-from-home environments. In addition to traditional first-aid, case management, and soft-tissue treatments standard to pre-COVID-19 work environments, companies are now implementing things like temperature checks, infection and disease control, virtual services, and telehealth not only to maintain employee health, but also to comply with new regulations, reduce employee anxiety and stress, and restore and maintain employee engagement and productivity. To this end, such health and wellness protocols, previously considered fringe benefits, are now norms expected to be provided by employers.

In response to these regulatory changes and new employee expectations, companies are now focusing on employees’ wellbeing more than ever. Further, employers failing to evolve to implement adequate programs for their employees have not just experienced a dramatic decrease to employee productivity, but also a massive retention issue with both blue collar and white collar employees choosing to migrate to companies that are providing healthier work environments and peace of mind to their employees.

BioFunctional Health Solutions (BHS) has vastly evolved its offerings to meet the growing needs of employers. In addition to providing traditional onsite services including temperature monitoring, standard first-aid, OSHA-compliant, hands-on soft tissue treatments, infection and disease control, and employee case management (all administered by licensed RNs), BHS has leveraged innovations in technology to provide employee mobility screening to proactively identify injury risks before injuries occur, online self-treatment and self-assessment tools that employees can access anywhere, and telehealth options for employees to interact with medical professionals from home. This comprehensive delivery of employer offerings has allowed BHS to distinguish itself as a thought leader in employee “Health Assurance” and a valuable partner for companies looking to become current with workplace regulations as well as employee expectations.

BioFunctional Health Solutions, Inc. is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In conversation with Brent Kruel, CEO of BioFunctional Health Solutions

Q. Explain healthcare and wellness services in brief.

For pandemics and other infectious diseases:


Implement best practices for crisis preparedness

  • Priority access to PPE and proven screening technologies
  • Disease prevention education for employees
  • Employee temperature monitoring
  • Symptom triage and safe to work protocols
  • Employee prevention education and training
  • TeleHealth consultations

For accidents, injuries, and other minor health issues:

  • Onsite registered nurse for immediate response and assessment
  • First aid for minor injuries
  • Proprietary, therapeutic, hands-on soft tissue healthcare
  • Avoid unnecessary offsite treatments
  • Case management to assure best outcomes
  • Self-treatment system to address pain issues

Prevent injuries and major health issues:

  • Patented professional athletic mobility health screening technology
  • Ergonomic assessments – onsite and virtually available
  • Online virtual mobility health assessments
  • Online symptom checker
  • Case manager assures right level of care at the right time

Q. Do you provide tailor-made healthcare solutions, or do you have one fit-for-all solution for corporates?

Our solutions are designed to be integrated in modules to meet the needs of every type of employer in any employment environment.

Q. What motivated you to develop a healthcare platform dedicated for employees’ welfare?

The healthcare system worldwide is inefficiently designed to be reactive (not proactive), and existing wellness programs have been ineffective in proactively screening for potential health issues resulting in chronic pain.

Q. How different are you compared to employee health insurance?

We complement employee health insurance and provide a level of care not available through the insurance’s provider network. Our system is designed specifically to prevent the need for care outside of the workplace and has proven effective in preventing 80% of doctor’s visits for minor injuries and chronic pain.


Q. How do you market your services?

Most of our customers result from word-of-mouth referrals and from attending presentations in which BHS is a guest speaker presenting on innovative employer health and wellness solutions.

Q. Are there any new services launching anytime soon?

BHS recently launched its Infectious Disease Control offering to implement best practices, screening tools, physical workstation modifications, and employee training to assure a safe work environment. In addition to this, BHS also offers a comprehensive first-aid and health assurance program with case management, our patented mobility health system, and hands-on technique treatments to resolve the majority of issues without a doctor’s appointment.


Meet the leader behind the success of BioFunctional Health Solutions

Brent Kruel is the CEO of BioFunctional Health Solutions. He is a distinguished healthcare executive with twenty years of experience in hospitals, payers, technology, and professional services companies.  In addition to being a distinguished graduate of the Air Force Academy, 14-year two-time combat veteran, and having earned a Master of Healthcare Administration from UNC Chapel Hill, Brent is a husband and father of two and an active volunteer in his community delivering Meals on Wheels and serving as Committee Chair of the Cub Scouts. 

“Our mission is to optimize your employees’ health and engagement through state-of-the-art technology and healthcare solutions resulting in optimized organizational performance and employee wellness.”