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50 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2020

Biovista Inc. – A pioneer in AI and systematic drug repositioning


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of the human intelligence process by computers. The process includes acquiring information, developing rules for using the information, drawing approximate or definite conclusions, and self-correction. The advancement of AI can be seen as a double-edged sword: many fear that it will threaten their employment; by contrast, every advance in AI is celebrated because of the belief that it will vastly contribute to the betterment of society. Remarkable improvements in computational power coupled with advancements in AI technology could be utilized to revolutionize the drug development process. At present, the pharmaceutical industry is facing challenges in sustaining its drug development programs because of increased R&D costs and reduced efficiency.

Biovista is one such company that delivers custom drug repositioning, drug de-risking, and clinical hold solutions for the BioPharma Industry. Biovista also develops powerful platform technologies for Life science and Biotechnology companies. The firm applies a systematic Artificial Intelligence platform to develop its pipeline of repositioned drug candidates in disease areas such as neurodegenerative diseases, epilepsy, oncology, and orphan diseases. Biovista also works with its collaborators to proactively position and to reposition their assets, whether new chemical entities or existing compounds.

Their scientists use Biovista's technology platform to analyze massive data resources and identify non-obvious, mechanism-of-action based associations between compounds, molecular targets, and diseases. The firm uses this insight to find new uses for existing drugs or drug combinations, assess their risk profile and advance them to PoC and Clinical Phase IIa/b sooner, cheaper, and with a higher probability of success than has been possible to date.

Path-breaking solutions furnished by Biovista Inc.

Biovista Vizit: Vizit is a visual exploration tool for biomedical literature research. It allows one to search and explore a biomedical domain, such as a disease, a pathway, a gene, etc. in a visual manner. When any connection is shown, validation is given in the form of an NCBI PubMed reference. It helps scientists conduct their biomedical literature research and find your Life Science products in a visually engaging interactive environment and to explore medical conditions, drugs, and their side effects.

Drug Repositioning: Systematic Drug Repositioning (SDR) goes a step further by allowing companies to practice repositioning on a permanent and repeatable basis thereby offering senior management an effective tool with which to help shape strategy, avoid competitor predatory market-share moves and manage the company pipeline. Biovista's systematic discovery COSS™ platform supports their team of biologists, medical doctors, epidemiologists, and IP experts to generate robust Mechanism-of-Action rationale to support drug-disease associations that are non-obvious and aligned with strategic pipeline priorities.

The firm works with their clients, using where appropriate in-house data to evaluate and rank high-value opportunities generated by their platform. Opportunities are evaluated on multiple levels including:

  • Strong, multi-level Mechanism-of-Action rationale
  • IP and Freedom to Operate (FTO) potential
  • Docking and Molecular dynamics profiling
  • Highly targeted and optimized pre-clinical in vitro/vivo testing

Personalized Medicine: Biovista's systematic discovery COSS™ platform supports their biologists, medical doctors, and IP experts in creating multi-dimensional profiles of drug combinations of two or more individual drugs. These profiles can be assessed both in terms of their expected efficiency in a disease of interest and terms of potential adverse drug interactions with each other. The firm generates a robust Mechanism-of-Action rationale to optimize the therapeutic effect of the combination by identifying synergistic drug interactions and/or to minimize the adverse drug events by selecting combinations with antagonistic adverse event profile

Biovista B2B Personalized Medicine service helps you to:

  • Find a drug to combine with one of your existing compounds, to effectively treat a disease of interest or multiple diseases
  • Find a combination of any two drugs to treat a disease of interest or multiple diseases
  • Combine an existing drug targeted at a disease with another, to provide differentiation from the competition in that disease
  • Extend the market life of a marketed drug

Drug De-risking: Biovista helps to generate robust Mechanism-of-Action rationale to identify or characterize suspected side effects. The firm works using where appropriate your in-house data to fully characterize the risk profile of the drug. It creates a multi-dimensional representation of each possible adverse reaction and multi-dimensional profile of your drug and enriches the profile by cheminformatics analysis which helps to identify additional off-targets and associate them to known or predicted adverse reactions. And finally matches and ranks the profile of a drug against all possible adverse reactions using mechanism-of-action and other associations.

The stalwart behind the triumph of Biovista Inc.

Dr. Andreas Persidis serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Biovista Inc. He has conducted research in the fields of machine learning and applied Artificial Intelligence and has led the launch of multiple international research projects. He has managed on behalf of the European Commission a roadmap study on systematic innovation has served as an expert reviewer and evaluator for the European Commission and has advised the Greek and Austrian governments in the areas of IT and the life sciences. Since 2010 Dr. Persidis is the President of the Hellenic BioCluster (HBio). Currently, he is a member of the EU HORIZON2020 expert advisory group on Innovation for SMEs and a member of the expert advisory group to the Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology. Dr. Persidis has published extensively in international journals and is an invited speaker at forums on drug repositioning, innovation, and export-oriented high-tech companies. He speaks Greek, English, and French.

“Biovista's business model combines our in-house core strengths with outsourcing and strategic partnering to create synergies that are transforming drug discovery and development.”