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30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2023

Bitbean – Building custom software for ambitious companies striving to be industry leaders


Bitbean has acquired a name for helping businesses grow exponentially because of their trademark Shifting Perspectives® methodology, exceptional teamwork, and Silicon Valley standard of tech excellence. Woven into their corporate DNA is the acumen and innovative thinking of the NYC Jewish business community, driving them to relentlessly raise the bar on what custom software can achieve for all companies who are striving to be industry leaders. They are constantly shifting perspectives, seeing your business through many prisms, uncovering the complex interconnecting pathways that are hidden, yet determining factors in the results you achieve. They are in a determined, relentless search for the enduring solution that sees around corners, peers deep into the future, and continues to operate effectively long beyond any rational expectation, the solution where your vision and reality ultimately meet.

Shifting Perspectives® in Software Development

Bitbean’s Shifting Perspectives analytical approach cuts to the core of your company’s process, identifying impediments to growth and maximizing growth potential by pinpointing and targeting new business opportunities. Through deep diving into your industry and business and through harnessing the cutting-edge of technology with custom software they help you achieve your vision. They go beyond a typical software development firm to ensure you reach your goals. They bring over 100+ years of combined expertise to uncover successful software solutions that solve your problems and help you grow. Bitbean’s Shifting Perspectives® analytical approach cuts to the core of your company’s process, identifying impediments to growth and maximizing growth potential. They operate under the highest ethics and respect your business as they consider your people, processes, and systems—all critical components to successful venture. They align your systems to your overall business strategy goals to bring simplicity and accuracy to otherwise complex issues. Key considerations are evaluated including technology, scale, scope, operational, and organizational systems. Bitbean’s software consulting brings you a diverse set of skills that span process, engineering, and design to give you the best possible software solutions by defining requirements, developing adaptable designs, and checking for compatibility/integration.

Product Development Strategy

A great product strategy gives your product better odds for success. What makes a good product awesome? What makes a bestseller? What makes something absolutely addictive? How does your product boost productivity? At Bitbean, they understand what it takes to make a great product. So, whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to market a new tech product, or a seasoned business owner looking to revamp your software, they’ve got you covered with an exceptional product development strategy and custom product design. They will look at the best possible options, potential designs, project management, and what’s needed to build the project from beginning to end. Their initial scope assessment gives you a frame of reference to help you understand the complexities of the software and set realistic expectations. You’ll receive a high-level outline of the effort needed to accomplish the objectives in the Minimal Viable Product (MVP). Bitbean understands that custom software is an investment, and like all investments they want to mitigate your risk as much as possible. That’s why the company and its team works to develop an MVP so you can go to market, pick up traction, and see returns on your investment. This happens before they build out costly feature enhancements in your custom software design. As a business owner, you need a crystal-clear understanding of what your product or service needs in order to advance and increase in value. Their data analysis and information gathering process digs deeper into the details of what’s important to your business, target audience, and industry. Bitbean’s hands-on experience provides the tools and insight needed to make informed decisions. During this discovery process, they define goals and objectives, and look at all angles including budget, schedule, technical and engineering needs, and overall size.

Design & UX

How customers use your product tells a valuable story. That’s why their design phase revolves around the user experience (UX) or UX design process. In this collaborative and iterative process, your team collects ideas, validates assumptions, and gathers and reviews feedback. Bitbean puts ideas in front of users, get their feedback, refine them, and repeat. The ideas are represented by paper prototypes or interactive wireframes. They then construct a high-fidelity design with graphics and styles. A clickable prototype is validated with your stakeholders and end-users through user testing sessions. Bitbean assembles a team of highly skilled developers each with their own expertise. They understand that coding is the most complex and time-consuming part of building your software. This means they won’t begin the build phase until you are fully satisfied with the product design. As a result, they'll eliminate costly revisions that can wreak havoc on your budget due to unsatisfactory features and functions that must be thrown out and rebuilt. Plus, they are able to set and meet realistic and aggressive deadlines with dual track agile, sprints, and daily standups.

Ephraim Arnstein | CEO

An innovative visionary, Ephraim Arnstein comes from a family of engineers and innovators. His grandfather was an engineer for Hughes Aircraft and his father the VP of Infrastructure, Web Hosting Group at Citigroup. Known as the “father” of Kars 4 Kids’ mentorship program, Ephraim successfully built up and executed the nonprofit program. As a perpetual optimist, he believes goodness exists at every corner and just needs discovery. Seeking the greater good and true value is at the heart of his leadership. As Bitbean’s founder and CEO, Ephraim moves companies forward through opportunities to benefit them, their employees, and customers.

"Shifting Perspectives® requires a different way of thinking. We’re mental tinkerers. All assumptions are left by the wayside."