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Bitrise – Helping the World's Best-Known Brands Build Robust Mobile Apps


Mobile DevOps is a collaborative approach to develop, deploy, and monitor the release of mobile and web apps easily. And also make the development process flow more transparent, while strengthening intercommunication. With mobile DevOps, businesses do not need to rely on native techniques. The process is all about developing mobile applications efficiently with the help of modern technologies and resources. This way, the organizations get to eliminate; the process ineffectiveness and fix any lack of coordination between the involved departments. When it comes to mobile applications, the product needs to be tested for various OS versions, and then tracked once live. Mobile DevOps also looks into securing costs, resource management, feedback, and code quality for mobile application deployment and maintenance.

Bitrise is a mobile DevOps platform build around industry-leading mobile CI/CD and DevOps tooling. The company ensures confidence, velocity, and continuous improvement across the entire cycle of app value creation, delivery, and realization. On Bitrise, teams easily release and maintain high-quality apps through automation, rapid iteration, and improvement in the development process. As a result, apps deliver more impact for the business, while teams scale quickly and efficiently. Founded by mobile developers, Bitrise is trusted by more than 6,000 mobile product organizations worldwide, including Rakuten, WISE, Bose, Virgin Mobile, Grindr, Compass, Mozilla, Philips Hue, and Marks & Spencer. Bitrise now counts 200+ people across continents, and has raised close to $100M in funding to date from investors like Insights Partners, Partech, Y Combinator, and more.

Offering Best Mobile Development Solutions and Services

Continuous Integration for Mobile: There’s no undo button on mobile: timing your release to a dedicated day, let’s say every two weeks, and is incredibly risky. By adopting a mobile Continuous Integration model, your team can catch bugs and inconsistencies before they reach production and fix them immediately. Mobile requires rapid iterations — the technology is constantly changing, and app store rankings are strongly influenced by the release cycle. Rapid releases require trust in quality, though. By continuously merging and testing changes before release, you’ll minimize potential negative end-user experiences and create an environment where you confidently submit to the app stores. On Bitrise, teams shorten their release cycles with easy automated building and testing, resulting in faster time-to-market without the added complexity and overhead of maintaining a custom CI environment. Robust team management features and build logs enable stronger collaboration between developers, while ensuring bugs or issues are detected and resolved earlier.

Product Security: To protect the builds of their customers, they use virtual machines which are isolated from each other by firewalls and the underlying hypervisor layer. Every build runs on its own, separated, clean virtual machine which are securely destroyed after the build finishes, including securely erasing every file the build used. Bitrise enforces password complexity according to industry best practices (NIST) and credentials are salted and encrypted using the secure bcrypt algorithm. Bitrise features several secure authentication methods, such as SAML SSO, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket SSO, two-factor authentication, and complex password requirements. They maintain a strict access-control process requiring all employees to submit access requests and go through a documented review and approval procedure. Access is granted on a need-to-know basis.

Mobile DevOps Services: It is unique. As such, it deserves and requires an approach that differs from traditional DevOps methods. The company believes that incorporating a unique set of practices — collectively referred to as Mobile DevOps — into your app development process is a must if you want to succeed in the world of mobile. Mobile DevOps practices increase the frequency of deployment as opposed to the older methods, where larger portions of the code were deployed less frequently. The ideal end result is a fully implemented rolling deployment system — in other words, regular releases to a subset of users. This can be done for testing purposes with either alpha/beta versions, or staged releases to multiple markets. Automating the deployment pipeline reduces the time it takes to roll out new iterations, and enables teams to react faster to user feedback. Bitrise offers agile the approach, the faster and more iterative the release process becomes.

Bitrise Workflow: The Workflow Editor is where most of the Bitrise magic happens. You can configure every aspect of your Bitrise build here: all the tools, services, and integrations you want to use. The Bitrise Workflow Editor is a convenient and powerful tool, designed to ensure the smoothest possible Continuous Integration processes for developers everywhere. Set up Environment Variables, both on the app level and on the Workflow level, and manage all the files you need for the build, including code signing files.

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