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30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2023

Aditya Satyadev, BizAcuity Co-founder & CEO: “We believe that seeing the fine details of the business is the most important aspect for any organization”


Founded In 2011, BizAcuity is a fast-growing data analytics and business intelligence strategy company, providing reliable, scalable, and cost-effective consultancy and services to clients across the globe. BizAcuity has offices in the USA, UK and in India. With its consultants across different locations, BizAcuity has delivered solutions to clients across the globe with a well-tested global delivery process which includes offshore and onshore delivery components. The BizAcuity team works tirelessly to deliver results to its valued customers. The company was founded by experienced IT professionals with vast experience in areas of business intelligence and data warehousing.

BizAcuity team has built core competencies in areas related to BI, data warehousing, ML, AI and analytics. The team has worked with the latest and the best database systems, ETL tools, and business intelligence platforms. BizAcuity’s team consists of data engineers, data scientists, visualization experts and business analysts who help in solving complex business challenges with data. The team consists of graduates from the best universities in India and across the globe. The company was started by a group of people with extensive experience in the IT industry and with primary focus on Business Intelligence. With a passion to deliver state-of-the-art BI solutions to its customers, BizAcuity maintains a vendor agnostic approach and proposes the best solution to its customers based on requirements and budget. BizAcuity has core competencies in functional domains like Gaming, Media, Financial Services and E-Commerce. The team also has experience on building infrastructure, both on Cloud as well as On-Premise hardware/software deployments, shell scripts, scheduling, hardware sizing, implementation planning and budgeting, and project management.

A comprehensive AI-powered engine to Manage and Retain Players

GAMWIT is AI-driven analytics software developed to empower senior executives, marketing managers and product managers with powerful gaming intelligence that can scale their casino and sports betting business without having to worry about budget blow-outs or cost overruns. The platform ingests information from your customer relationship management (CRM) and other relevant platforms, consolidates all your data and converts them into valuable insights with the help of predictive and visual analytics. Players are likely to gravitate towards operators who offer a seamless, personalized online experience. Thanks to player-level insights, online casinos can now track every single customer’s journey and use it to drive brand loyalty.

Even though Casinos still remain popular among consumers, they have been losing a significant market share to online casinos. To prepare for the future, casinos need to fully optimize their data and BI solutions to optimize day-to-day activities for patrons and staff alike. Sports Betting Operators are looking at both, a great market potential with newer markets coming up and a huge threat of new entrants and steady rise in competition. Nevertheless, the accelerator has got you covered. It is easier to monitor data with quick query performance, measure active campaign effectiveness and tapping into new opportunities using interactive dashboards.

What GAMWIT Offers.

Gamwit constantly analyzes data and classifies users into different buckets based on several variables including their location to keep its findings precise and relevant. Casinos can also keep a tab on market trends, game popularity, usage time and more. Measure campaign performance, effectiveness, and seasonal trends, along with other important variables, for allocating marketing spend and optimizing campaigns. Identify problem gamers with high accuracy. BizAcuity’s AI based Responsible Gaming enabler identifies patterns of problem gambling using ML techniques and helps you stay compliant.

The VIP management application enables casinos with a platform for host management, early identification of VIP players and player development analytics. Gamwit constantly analyzes data and categorizes players based on several variables including their location so that along with cross-sell, Casinos can also keep a tab on market trends, and game popularity. Affiliate management be simplified and optimized using the accelerator which recognizes and provides insights on affiliates who fetch players with higher lifetime value than the rest. A major reason for high CPAs and poor ROIs. Prevent bonus abuse by identifying the bonus abusers and shift focus to the players with high LTV value.

Amidst the rising competition, gaming operators rely heavily on expensive promotions to acquire and retain customers. In the long run, this can negatively impact their return on investment. You can now visualize and analyze as many business KPIs and variables you need with the help of strategic, tactical and operational dashboards powered by AI-driven predictive insights.

Responsible Gaming

Let’s face it, casino gaming is a huge business. It brings more than $500 billion in revenues every year from all around the world and the rise of the internet has fuelled its growth further. Today, online casino games have reached several people across all age groups through popular fantasy games. But with its growth comes another issue: the need to draw the line before excessive casino gaming becomes a problem, or as we like to call it, ‘irresponsible gaming’. Being a part of the industry, there’s no way we can shy away from addressing this issue. Casino gaming is a lucrative business. It cuts across all social and demographic groups and can impact anybody – for whom the anticipation and thrill of casino gaming creates a natural high that can become addictive. So much so, those doctors are now prescribing drugs like Naltrexone, which is normally used to treat drug addicts and alcoholics, in an effort to stave off the craving of gamers.

Rooted in a comprehensive and proactive approach to real-time data analytics BizAcuity aggregated player lifetime and frequency metrics and computed them to predict and analyze problem gaming behaviours or trends in players. Some of the metrics BizAcuity used were Lifetime Deposit, Last-7-Days Deposit, Last-15-Days Deposit, Last-30-Days Deposit, Minimum Deposit, Maximum Deposit, Average Deposit and so on. BizAcuity used similar metrics for bets and wins and pre-computed and aggregated them. This new approach is smarter and is helping organizations intervene and communicate with their customers in an intelligent, proactive and targeted manner.

Aditya Satyadev, Co-founder & CEO

“Our name is derived from the word ‘Acuity’, which means keenness or acuteness in vision and thought. Our commitment to this philosophy has led us to where we are now.”