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Black Oak Analytics – Offering Entity Resolution Software as a Service to ensure highest possible match quality and achieve results in best of breed time


Carrying out Know Your Customer (KYC) screening is a challenge many organizations face is determining whether data refers to the same entity or multiple, different entities. Entity Resolution (ER) is a technique that allows you to know if real-world entities are linked—or not. Once the entities have been determined as equivalent, a common identifier is added, linking the different records. This enables you to create unique customer profiles and avoid duplication.

Organizations of every size have difficulty reconciling their disparate data for use in downstream and connected systems. Black Oak’s signature software package HiPER enables reconciliation by decluttering and linking enterprise data using all the information available in the system. HiPER links data with the highest possible levels of accuracy, while keeping enterprise data safe, separate, and secure. HiPER enables marketing, risk, and operational systems to talk to each other rather than talk across each other; every record about the same customer, product, or service is matched and connected at the same time. Regardless of the industry, HiPER brings value to all organizations who deal with the vast quantities of data produced in the modern business ecosystem.


HiPER provides real-time entity resolution with auditable, accurate results. HiPER processes billions of records as an API call or on site as a part of your tech stack.

Speed: HiPER is designed for fast installation, speedy source ingestion, can run billions of records, and can even run in real-time. Forget small solutions with limited scalability, matching engines that require preprocessing, legacy solutions that take months or years install, and batch only solutions that do not have real-time capabilities.

Accuracy: A key feature of HiPER is accuracy. They have proven time and again that their engine can take an organization’s matching and exceed those results in minimal time. They have match quality metrics that inform the decisions and let the users get the level of precision they need. Capturing lots of metadata throughout the matching process, HiPER is transparent and easily auditable for legislative and regulatory compliance. With a persistent identifier applied to all entities and supervised machine learning for continuous improvement, HiPER’s results only get better over time, without cleansing or losing any data brought into the system.

Flexibility: HiPER delivers best in breed speed and accuracy at scale. Beyond that, HiPER was built to be more flexible than legacy master data management solutions. Designed using a modular, plug and play architecture, entities are fully definable. Whether used for omnichannel marketing or multidomain matching, HiPER uses a variety of algorithms and comparators to get results tailored to your industry or use case. HiPER can be purchased and installed on site or can be accessed in the Cloud.

HiPER for Healthcare

Accurate and complete electronic health records (HER) are critical to delivering cost efficient state of the art care. Mis-matched or missing patient data can lead to duplicative tests or worse, unfavorable patient outcomes. Numerous studies have shown that organizations with multiple EHR systems have patient match rates that can be under 50% even when using the same EHR vendor across multiple locations. Match rates fall lower when data is being matched between different EHRs. They understand that when it comes to patient data, good enough is not good enough. You need to prevent incorrect patient data from entering your systems at the point of care. You need to know all the interactions your patients’ have had with the healthcare system, not just those that occurred in your network. Whether you are a Department of Health, HIE, ACO, Hospital Group, Payer or Private Practice your care delivery is dependent on clean, timely and accurate data.

HiPER 360

HiPER 360 integrates your data from all of your data repositories, including disparate systems. Unlike other suites of tools, HiPER 360 does not require a complete overhaul of your existing marketing or CRM system. Instead it bridges the gaps in your existing system to ensure the record you have for each person includes all relevant information over time. HiPER never throws out records, so orphaned and disparate records in your system can be used over time to bring records together that otherwise might never be matched. HiPER 360 allows enhanced marketing, cross selling, and adherence to compliance such as the California Data Privacy Law and GDPR.

Rick McGraw | CEO

Rick possesses invaluable experience in both the technology and financial services industries, along with strong relationship-development skills that have proven instrumental in assembling Black Oak’s impressive team. He led the financial services sales support and global government practice for Acxiom Corporation, a $1.3 billion international data management company. Additionally, Rick managed the acquisition and divestiture of multiple businesses and product lines. He spent more than 20 years in the banking industry, including 13 years as president and CEO of Simmons First National Corporation’s $2 billion mortgage banking company, which became one of the nation’s largest issuers of GNMA securities.

"Our team collectively has over 75 years of experience working for the largest data providers in the world resolving complex data down to what matters; identity, who’s who (or what’s what) in your data."