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Ingrid Gliottone, Chief Experience Officer of BLACKCLOAK: An exceptional leader strongly committed to preserving corporate enterprise security

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The personal digital lives of executives, Board Members, and high-access employees have become the path of least resistance for cybercriminals to penetrate the enterprise. It's also the main conduit to compromise the wealth, status, data, access, reputation, and even physical security of high-net-worth and high-profile individuals and their families. Physical security has always been a priority for individuals and companies. Businesses invest in cybersecurity for corporate networks. But what about people? What about our digital lives? As we become more connected and store more personal information on our devices, we’re becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This is especially true for executives, celebrities, and other high-profile individuals who are targets due to their wealth, authority, or influence. Unfortunately, there has been no solution comprehensive enough to solve this problem, until now.

This is the reason why BlackCloak wa found. To unite the top leaders in cybersecurity, privacy, and engineering to solve this growing challenge. Informed by decades of experience, its team has developed a concierge privacy and cybersecurity platform that measurably protects every aspect of your digital life. Merging enterprise-grade technology with expert advice, guidance, and education, it delivers concierge-style plans that match the unique threats the clients face. With BlackCloak, you can protect your digital life — and your peace of mind — anytime, anywhere.

Cybersecurity & Privacy PlatformTM: Digital Executive Protection

Corporate endpoint and network security controls cannot extend into personal digital lives. Consumer antivirus, firewalls, and digital privacy solutions are not built to defend against targeted cyberattacks. BlackCloak’s award-winning SaaS-based Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy PlatformTM combines digital privacy protection, personal device security, home network security, and incident response with a US-based security operations center and white-glove client service. Onboarding with BlackCloak is fast and frictionless. The platform is built with individual privacy top of mind, and for employees of all technical levels. It doesn’t require ongoing maintenance or support by individuals or security teams, and it does not interfere or integrate with any corporate security controls. Most importantly, your personal SOC and concierge client service is always just one-click away. For cybercriminals, attacking the personal digital lives of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families can be equally as lucrative as hacking into a large organization. BlackCloak members attain peace of mind knowing that they are well-protected from sophisticated threats to those with status, wealth, and influence.

Prevent lateral attacks and collateral damage while reducing the time, resource, and financial burdens that negatively impact your team. Augment your physical executive protection strategy by proactively reducing the digital footprint of your most consequential employees. Augment your physical executive protection strategy by proactively reducing the digital footprint of your most consequential employees. Prevent the breach of confidential and proprietary information, and ensure the integrity of private communications. Protect the wealth, status, assets, reputation and access that you have worked so hard to achieve. BlackCloak bridges this gap, protecting your organization from cyber risks originating in an executive’s personal life, while also protecting the executive and their family from targeted cyberattacks, fraud, identity theft, reputation damage, physical threats, and other damages and disruptions.

BlackCloak helps company leaders and security teams attain peace of mind knowing that digital privacy, personal devices, and home networks are always protected, and that support is never more than one-click away. Seclude your security team from the productivity, legal, privacy, ethical, and compliance burdens that are inherent to protecting executives’ personal digital lives. Stop personal devices from leaking data while also hardening home networks, applications, personal email, and systems against targeted cyberattacks and fraud. Protect the integrity of confidential information and communications by protecting executives’ home networks from hijacking, eavesdropping, takeover, and WiFi threats. Minimize your executives’ digital footprints to reduce their risk of personal email and social media compromise, identity theft, cyberstalking, and extortion. Prevent email threats, malware, and ransomware originating in your executives’ personal devices and networks from moving laterally into your organization.

Meet the visionary Leader Upfront

Ingrid Gliottone is the Chief Experience Officer of BlackCloak. In her executive leadership role, Ingrid is responsible for ensuring that all BlackCloak digital protection clients attain peace of mind knowing that themselves, their families, and by extension their companies, are well-protected from targeted cyberattacks, financial fraud, and identity theft, among other modern-day digital risks. In 2021, Ingrid was recognized as 'A Top Woman in Cybersecurity' by Cyber Defense Magazine.  Currently, Ingrid oversees the close collaboration between BlackCloak’s client service and security operations center (SOC) teams. Under her leadership, Ingrid ensures that all BlackCloak customer-centric strategies, from onboarding and ad hoc client support to monthly CISO reports, client education, and threat notifications, among other initiatives, are executed with an exceptional experience that results in increased customer loyalty and renewals.

Ingrid is also the architect of the Concierge Client Support team that is akin to the Genius Bar of cybersecurity & online privacy - experts in both the subject matter and in making people feel at ease. She’s created an entire library of educational materials, including client guides, webinars and Q&As, designed to be digestible by cybersecurity practitioners and novices alike.

Ingrid is a certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) and a Certified Information Privacy Professional/Information Technology (CIPP/IT) through the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). Ingrid holds a B.A. in Mathematics from the College of the Holy Cross, a MBA from the University of Rhode Island and a Master's in Information Assurance from Northeastern University.

"BlackCloak’s SaaS-based Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform combines proprietary software and incident response with white-glove concierge service, and is backed by a U.S.-based security operations center."