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Public cloud services are a great way to get your business up and running quickly. They offer the flexibility and scalability you need to meet the demands of your growing company without having to invest in expensive hardware or software. These are just some of the reasons why the public cloud market is expected to reach $800 billion in revenue by 2025. Using a public cloud service is a wise choice for businesses eager to get more out of their data, saving costs along the way. They are also great for developers, who can spend more time working on their app and less time worrying about server management. And as you can see, there are many benefits to using this kind of service—which means that it’s an excellent choice for your business, too.

Blazeclan is amongst the world’s leading providers of public cloud services with a proven history of helping enterprises unlock the value of cloud computing. Established in 2010, the company has been providing customers across the globe with cloud advisory services, cloud migration, DevOps and Automation, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Native Application development, and cloud managed services. Invested in developing cloud-enabled business transformation capabilities, Blazeclan’s expertise in multi-cloud, advanced analytics, AI and machine learning, application modernization has helped companies achieve agility, automation and enhanced user experience. With a workforce of over 450 employees globally, Blazeclan has a broad customer base in varied industry sectors such as financial services, Media and Entertainment, and other emerging verticals.

Leveraging Robust Digital Transformation and Cloud-Based Customer Services

Cloudlytics: It is a single platform which offers you orchestration for log analysis and monitoring also gives you comprehensive visibility of your logs. It is a SaaS solution which does not require any additional agent/collector for data integration. Track your network intruders and find out who caused the network breach or data theft by performing log forensics. With Cloudlytics you can analyze any kinds of logs from any servers, network, application, databases, system, or you can add your own custom application logs and produce meaningful dashboards and real-time monitoring.

cAssure: cAssure is a proprietary framework created and followed by Blazeclan technologies for migrating mediums to large workloads (>50 servers). cAssure takes into consideration that for a large migration it goes much beyond the technical approach and a large part of the migration will involve a change of operational processes, development of applications, development and learning of people. A tool based assessment is done for the entire infrastructure. In parallel, workshops are organized with application owners, developers with the help of a pre-defined questionnaire. The data is collected and applications are categorized according to 6R principle (Re-host, Re-platform, Re-factor, Re-purchase, Retain or Retire). Accordingly, for migration factory, only Re-host and Re-Platform grouped applications are taken up whereas Re-factor group of applications are taken up as separate projects as they will require significant amount of development and testing effort which will not fit in the overall migration factory scheme of things. The Discovery and Assessment phase ends with the production of a report having details of target infrastructure, instance sizing, firewall rules and security groups per instance, interface details, migration approach, sprint-wise plan and scope of migration.

cSecure: cSecure is a comprehensive wrap of Blazeclan’s security products and industry standard tools. It aims to provide a combination of security services starting from cloud security assessments to fully managed security services. cSecure allows the customers to pick and choose security services from the wide range of Blazeclan’s offerings befitting their cloud environment. Data consumption needs and use cases are evolving rapidly in the increasingly dynamic business world. New stacks of data schemas are coming into play even before the requirements are analyzed for reflecting upon contemporary data requirements. The platform will help you address requirements that mandate immediate analysis and action.

BlazePulse: The IT environments of today are constantly changing with organizations having hybrid, dynamic and distributed systems. As your business evolves, you need a cloud management platform that provides the ability to automate your IT operations and digitally transform. Businesses are increasingly adopting AIOps and view it as a practical and necessary element among a suite of next-generation IT solutions. With BlazePulse, you get a single pane of command across all your applications and infrastructure, with real-time reporting.

DevOps Transformation: A DevOps Transformation roadmap is designed on the specific tools and processes by tightening controls and fixing the gaps identified from the assessment. This is a part of the DOT (DevOps Transformation) Framework, devised by BlazeClan. BlazeClan considers the upskilling and cross-skilling of people as one of the main success criteria for DevOps Transformation. This will include developing the engineering culture and also working with the teams to set the goals for meeting business SLAs. This will be accompanied by a robust transformation and training plan that will ensure setting up of processes with people having the right level of technology and tools understanding. Thus, an organisation embarking on a DevOps journey will BlazeClan will end up leveraging a comprehensive bespoke framework which includes not just Tools, Technologies, but also the softer but as important aspects skill-set upgrade, and a larger culture-shift.

Varoon Rajani | CEO

Varoon leads the business and growth of Blazeclan. His leadership shines through when building winning teams with unhinging focus on delivering trustworthy and dynamic solutions to customers. A Great People Manager and Leader, Varoon is a cloud industry entrepreneur. His vast experience and mastery in Strategy Development keep Blazeclan at the forefront of the cloud business landscape. His ability is second to none in building, motivating, and mentoring teams for outstanding performance and customer outcomes.

“Success for us is when our customers maximize our expertise for buoyant growth and endless opportunities to stay ahead of the pack."