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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2022

Qualified Health Care Professionals Providing Exceptional Community Care: Bloom Care Solutions


With more than 50 years of combined home care experience working with large national organizations, the founders of Bloom were compelled and driven to address the issues that Hospitals and Funders were experiencing with current service delivery models, and their inability to innovate or improve the pain points that continue to plague the home care space. In starting Bloom, the emphasis was on better deployment of readily available quality care to support health systems, patients, and their families. The Founders put their vision to work and set out on a mission to combat the issues of missed, unfulfilled shifts, and poor patient/family experiences by introducing an innovative operational framework as well as building an industry leading digital health platform. Bloom’s Chief Partnership Officer, Rudy Mancini, stresses the significance of addressing the issues, “We know how important it is for individuals who need care in the community and how much they rely on it. One missed visit can have a negative impact on a patient/family as well as an increased chance of hospital admissions and readmissions. We put the emphasis on the patient, family and care professionals and what needed to be done to meet the future needs of home care and how we could better support the health system.” With a rapidly aging population, the need to disrupt the home care sector was just a matter of time for the Bloom team. The number of people in hospitals that could be cared for in the community is growing by the day, unnecessarily costing health systems billions of dollars each year, and with more than 90% of individuals stating that they want to age in place, the Bloom team knew that the time was right.

Outstanding services offered by Bloom

Bloom is more than a home care organization - Bloom is a Digital Health and Home Care Services company that helps better deploy healthcare professionals within the home and community care space. Bloom is an omni channel; turnkey, digital home care partner jam-packed with cutting-edge features that make it the most advanced and powerful Home Health Care tool on the market. Not only does Bloom offer the technology, but also has industry expertise in effectively delivering home and community care for their partners while effectively increasing partner ROI. Bloom provides a multidisciplinary roster of Care Professionals, ranging from Personal Supports to Nursing and Therapies. Bloom worked with its health system partners to tackle the Alternative Level of Care (ALC) issue that many hospitals face. Rudy Mancini goes on to say, “Traditional forms of home care deployment have historically been met with the inability to coordinate Care Professionals in a timely manner. With Bloom, we can better coordinate our Field Staff and manage our workforce’s availability to fill gaps to ensure the best use of our human resources, while getting patients out of the hospitals faster than conventional agencies.”

In working with their partners, Bloom has developed programs and solutions that are geared towards safely and efficiently transitioning individuals from hospital to home. What is impressive is the metrics that the programs have achieved, some examples being 100% same day acceptances, 0% missed care, 98% continuity of care and 84% reduction in reoccurring Emergency Department Visits. Rudy Mancini attributes the technology as one part of their success, “There is no doubt that Bloom’s digital health platform makes these achievements and metrics attainable, but we are in a high touch person centered industry, so the need to work with the likeminded compassionate people who embrace innovation is critical to the overall success of Bloom and its Partners. Working with the right Partners has also been a critical driving force to our success, mainly because they themselves want to see innovation and better outcomes, and together, that’s what we have been able to achieve.”

Overcoming the challenges

Apart from the technology development challenges that most startups face, Bloom knew that one of the biggest challenges they would be met with was trying to break into an already saturated industry. “Yes, we understand that the population is aging, that health systems need more access, but if we were going to simply start another home care company, what would we have accomplished other than starting another home care company – we needed innovation and we needed our partners to embrace it and we needed to achieve better outcomes.”

In 2018 Bloom took a chance; spoke with Funders and Health System leaders with the intention of “Trying” out something new. Rudy Mancini states “We took a chance, yes, but it was our partners who were willing to give us a try. It’s extremely hard to innovate in healthcare, especially if you are a newly formed company, and here we were, with a chance to do so, there was no way we were passing that up.” The technology, the right people, the right solution, and a partnership approach to all of their engagements is what drove the success to develop, scale and sustain innovative models that delivered better outcomes. Once Bloom was able to showcase their successes, they were able to scale their outcomes across the province, so much so that that in three years, they experienced over 6200% growth. “The best way to overcome market entry obstacles is by looking at the obstacles your customers are facing, and then take a collaborative approach in working with them as partners and solving those issues together.”

Upcoming services and future of Bloom

2023 is an exciting year for Bloom as they continue to grow, they will be launching a family care giver solution geared to help the millions of unpaid family caregivers, often employed, and trying to manage work, family and elder care. The “Caregiver” burnout is real and it’s becoming a major issue for people, health systems, and employers. When the TSR asked Rudy Mancini about Bloom’s future he stated that, “There are so many things on the horizon, and yes there are always exciting things to come, if you are not innovating, you simply lose the ability to grow.” As Bloom works with its partners in the community, they continue to make enhancements and create greater innovations. “All of this incredible technology is a growing part of Bloom’s present, and will be an unstoppable force in our future, but as these tools and technologies continue to develop and change the way of life, Bloom always addresses what will come of the human touch.” Bloom Care Solutions recognizes that touch is the most important part of the human experience - not just as we check off items on our daily to-do lists - but as we take care of the most important thing in our lives: our health. “Built upon a culture of better care, Bloom’s technology enables a more holistic approach. Our future for us as a company and our customers rests on a foundation of “a culture of better care” and our technology, people and solutions will continuously lead to improved communication and value to improve patient experiences and health outcomes.”

“We provide better coordinated and accessible care, improved communication, and best in class value to improve patient experiences and health outcomes.”