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Bluecore – Built to make marketing easy for the most customer-focused retailers in the world


A lot goes into creating your retail store. Selecting or creating products, finding a space to lease, hiring employees—it takes a lot of time and energy to start up. Now that your store is live (or about to go live), what’s next?  That’s where retail marketing comes into play. Retail marketing is the process of getting people interested in your products and improving in-store sales. Retailers that can’t market themselves will struggle to succeed. A retail marketing strategy is any method that helps spread awareness and increase sales and profitability for your products or company. It goes well beyond advertising in the local newspaper. The layout of your store, your social media presence, and employees are all part of your retail marketing plan. A good retail marketing strategy helps you sell your products to your target audience. It helps them overcome any doubts about your products and reduces buyer’s remorse, which some 77% of shoppers feel after buying something.

Bluecore is a retail marketing platform that enables marketers to turn data into revenue-generating campaigns, in minutes. With data built directly into campaign workflows alongside point-and-click predictive models, retail marketers can bypass manual processes to trigger any communication and automate the who, what, when, where of every email, mobile, site, and paid media message for each individual shopper. More than 400 brands trust Bluecore to rapidly increase customer retention and drive predictable revenue, including Express, Bass Pro Shops, Lenovo, Steve Madden, Alo Yoga, and Lulu & Georgia.

The retail marketing platform: turn data into revenue-generating campaigns

For Email and Mobile Marketing

Unlike other email and mobile platforms built for mass communications, Bluecore matches shoppers with their next great buy so marketers can drive lifetime value — without limitations. Manually hard-coding recommendations into email and mobile templates based on stale data, all but guessing which products to recommend to which shoppers, and launching campaigns that lump shoppers into basic segments. Automated workflows so you can stand up 1:1 campaigns in minutes — and drive the revenue you need now. Quickly and dynamically send the right content, offers, and recommendations to each shopper, in every email and mobile message. Bluecore offers a supercharged set of triggers within your full control that go way beyond abandonment. Set up behavior and product triggers — like back-in-stock, new arrival, and price-drop — to show shoppers the products they want to see, when and where they want to see them, recommend other products — and optimize without limitations. Users can easily creating intelligent audiences that are always responding to changing shopper preferences. Leverage billions of shopper, behavior, and product data points through built-in predictive models — like category and discount preference — that refresh dynamically, predict the next best action, and can be augmented with your own internal data science models.

For Website Marketing

Rapidly execute one-to-one site campaigns to grow lists by 40% and conversion by 73% — faster than any black-box onsite marketing platform. Insufficient and anonymous data that you can’t tie to shopper profiles — and the inability to build those profiles around behavior and preferences in the first place results in ineffective communication. Building profiles off of first-party data from the moment a shopper lands onsite (even before they are identified), automatically capturing identities through campaigns like exit intent and “while you wait,” and providing superior, relevant shopping experiences for all your visitors. No login required. Building intelligent, flexible audiences that you can easily update at will, powered by rich behavior and product data, and the ability to automatically respond to shoppers’ preferences in real time — without custom tech configurations. Creating, optimizing, and launching campaigns as needed, all in one platform. With pre-built campaigns like exit intent and price drop, you can trigger the right set of onsite activations to drive faster conversions and increase average order value.

For Paid and Social Media Marketing

Drive lift in return on ad spend by up to 50% for acquisition campaigns — without manual segmentation of outdated data. Requesting, waiting for, and pulling lists of shopper data that’s already stale the moment you see it — and manually uploading them into all your advertising platforms, again and again. Build audiences without restraint around shoppers’ past purchases, category preferences, predicted lifetime value, discount affinity, and more. Eliminate audiences you don’t need, optimize the rest, and drive efficiency. Audiences that get smarter as the built-in intelligence behind them gets richer and constantly incorporates, reacts to, and learns from live data — so you can get to the purchase faster, drive incrementality, and also maximize return on ad spend.

Fayez Mohamood | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Fayez believes that retail is about winning every day. For marketers, this requires empowering your business with technology that allows you to move forward, pivot fast, and hit your goals early and often. It’s that empowerment that drives transformational growth for the business, no matter what is happening in the economy or environment.

"We built products that bring shopper, behavior, and product data together in one platform built for retail — so marketers can drive revenue faster."