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BluWave-ai – driving the proliferation of renewable energy and electric transportation worldwide


We live in a world where close to two billion people do not have access to reliable energy sources. This access is essential in lifting countries and communities out of poverty. Simultaneously, the world is facing a growing climate crisis with GHG emissions being a significant contributor to global warming. These urgent issues inspire the team at BluWave-ai. The company was formed in 2017 around the idea of bringing innovations in artificial Intelligence, edge computing, and cloud-based super-computing to the world of distributed renewable energy. Their solutions apply artificial intelligence (AI) cloud software to optimize the cost, carbon footprint and reliability of different energy sources, both renewable and non-renewable, in real-time. This lets BluWave's customers – utilities, fleet operators and electricity system operators to improve their energy-related decision making in planning and in live systems to decrease costs and carbon footprint.

Reducing Carbon Footprints through AI-Enabled SaaS Products

BluWave-ai Atlas: It manages, standardizes, and curates the vast amounts of dynamic data from IoT sensors and meters, weather services, and other live data from customer operations, and provides tools to view and display both historical and current data. Atlas' visualization tools turns data into valuable insights to improve operations and inform planning activities. BluWave-ai Atlas includes ready-to-deploy AI models and a database of historical climate, weather, renewable generation, and forecast data from multiple sources at locations worldwide, making available this data to train BluWave-ai models for new sites where customers may not have their own available. This greatly reduces deployment time so that customers can quickly benefit from improved operational performance. Customers access their data in Atlas through a web portal with comprehensive dashboards, data formatting and graphical presentation tools. With Atlas they can correlate data sets, generate custom queries and visualizations, and download data for analysis and archiving.

Deployment: To help you evaluate and quantify the benefits of using BluWave-ai in your unique operation, BluWave offers an opportunity assessment and model-building service as either a first phase of product deployment or a standalone service. This step helps you assess the benefit of incorporating BluWave-ai into your operations. BluWave-ai analyzes the available data and assesses it for AI readiness, including a survey of site assets and computing and communications infrastructure, and plans for the connection of sensors and data conditioning. In the next phase, AI models are built and trained on historical operational data. If no historical data is available, BluWave-ai can provide simulated data representative of customer operations. This phase establishes a baseline for systems operation and optimization objectives. The process delivers a clear understanding of how BluWave-ai software will interact with your operations and the benefits it will provide.

Energy Optimization Platform

BluWave-ai offers an AI-enabled software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution allowing for rapid deployment with a low upfront cost and immediate operating savings. BluWave-ai’s platform uses the latest power systems and machine-learning theory, and is tailored to the most up-to-date needs of smart grids, microgrids and electric vehicle fleets. It is purpose-built for these energy industry applications, and is free of the limitations other legacy products may have. The platform consumes data from grid IoT devices (sensors, meters) and delivers quasi-real-time dispatch commands. It is predictive, performing analytics on incoming data, discovering patterns, and improving its performance as it operates and, unlike conventional optimization systems, adapts to changing situations. The BluWave-ai distributed platform consists of two modules, BluWave-ai Edge and BluWave-ai Center.

BluWave-ai Edge provides a distributed input and control interface across the grid’s or fleet’s operation. The platform hosts a powerful predictive optimizer that incorporates solar PV output data and energy pricing, among other factors. The predictive optimizer incorporates fixed parameters, like service agreements, as well as variables such as renewables generation and battery state of charge.

BluWave-ai Center coordinates Edge modules throughout the system. It uses real-time operational data to continuously improve the AI models to optimize energy costs and other operational goals. BluWave-ai Center coordinates across all Edges for system-wide optimized energy management. The Center also provides a user-friendly dashboard for wide-area network operational observability and controllability.

About | Devashish Paul

Devashish Paul is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BluWave-ai. He has taken AI concepts to live working systems from Asia to Europe to North America, successfully navigating the growth of the company through the critical COVID-19 pandemic, onboarding new customers worldwide and growing the team with an international employee group from 15 different countries. Mr. Paul has taken the company to multi-million dollar SaaS revenue and has been an inventor on several of the company’s patents. He is a life-long cyclist and nature enthusiast using human powered energy for personal transportation to explore the world. He is a 31-time Ironman triathlon finisher, has coached masters athletes to 100+ finishes, was a coach for 14 years with the Kanata Nordic Ski Club, and has raced for Canada in 10 world championships. He is also a world traveler who loves connecting with people in diverse cultures both for personal interests and driving BluWave-ai's goal to become the premier global renewable energy AI company.

Devashish earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Royal Military College followed by a Masters in Electrical Engineering (Digital Signal Processing) and an MBA in Marketing, both from the University of Ottawa. He is a veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

"We are on a mission to decarbonize the planet by using hardware assets more efficiently with AI software while we build the world's premier renewable energy and transport electrification AI company."