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BookJane On Demand GIG Economy For the Health Care Industry

thesiliconreview-curtis-khan-ceo-bookjane-18Founded in 2016 by Curtis Khan, BookJane is a marketplace for qualified service workers at hospitals, retirement homes or childcare centers. It is an on-demand platform where clients can connect and book qualified, fully-vetted caregivers for child and senior care.

The story of BookJane dates back to the time when Curtis’ mother-in-law was admitted in the hospital. When she was discharged and brought back home, Curtis and his family were facing a problem to find a qualified caregiver and it took a long time to be resolved. That was the turning point for Curtis. He wanted to simplify the process of hiring a qualified and trusted caregiver. He wanted to provide an app where people can book a caregiver by talking to him/her directly within the platform. And with that in mind, he started BookJane.

“We're redefining how families and institutions are accessing caregivers and can't wait to see how we can help you get the perfect caregiver for your situation!” says Curtis Khan, Founder, and CEO of BookJane

Founder & CEO of BookJane, Curtis Khan spoke exclusively to the Silicon Review and gave a clear picture of the company.

Interview Snippet:

Q. What are the challenges you faced when you started the company?

Every startup has to go through challenges and we were no exception when we started out. We too had a couple of key challenges.

Raising funds was one of the big challenges for us because raising funds with a concept where you haven't proven the solution is quite difficult; you cannot build trust from a client standpoint where you have to trust an app versus trusting an actual person. Another challenge for us was to build a team. It was very difficult for us and we were already turning a paper concept into an actual business.

Q. Tell us about BookJane’s most successful project.

One of the most successful is with a client in the US, one of the largest brick and mortar home care agency in North America. We were a lean team and we were able to launch our platform with that client in five major cities in the US in a very short timeframe. And today with this particular client, our technology is eight cities in the US.

Q. What are the factors behind BookJane's success?

There are several factors behind our success, but the most critical one is that we are able to adapt to any environment; we quickly pivot when we're needed. We at BookJane work in an agile format — whether we are piloting something and or reworking a specific project if something's not working we can actually move things around. And I believe that is one of the brilliant things that we have in our company.

Q. How do you earn trust and respect of consumers?

At the customer side, BookJane today have over 500 clients and we maintain their trust with ongoing communication, which is pretty much a weekly communication. Also, we do proper account management with our larger clients. And one of the big things is that our clients provide us with feedback and reviews. So based on that, we at BookJane do the changes and work day in and out to make our platform better.

Q. Since BookJane is a provider of certified caregiver professionals and qualified service staff, how does your company carry out the verification process of the caregivers?

The verification process of a caregiver in our app is quite simple. Within our app, we have an onboarding process where a caregiver can download the app and build a profile by filling the bio and other information. So, it's like a résumé that they build on our app. They also need to provide all the proper documentation that's required. We also conduct a full background check within our system. Once the profile is completed, we verify all the qualifications. And when we are done with the verification of the documents, our team member approves that person to be able to accept jobs on the app. So, the approval process takes anywhere from one week to six weeks.

Q. What makes BookJane stand out in the industry?

Today, we are the only company that is providing this particular type of service in this particular industry. For us raising funds is critical — it gets us to be number one in the market. Also, we stay on top of our technology and platform, we align ourselves with strategic partners in the industry, and we provide the number one customer service to our clients. So, I believe that these are the things that keep us entrenched and make us one of the best in the industry.

A Word of Advice from Curtis Khan for the Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Don’t give up. Be patient. Have faith. Never underestimate the power of being persistent. Find people who will support you when things get bad and give you practical advice.

Just a Click Away

Whether it’s someone at a hospital or retirement home or even a child care centre, BookJane has every type of qualified service provider on its platform. It doesn’t matter if you have a primary job, BookJane gives you the ability and the flexibility to have a secondary job and earn additional income.

Talking about the client side, BookJane is providing them savings where if they need someone on demand, it's just the press of a button and they can look someone right away.

Get in touch: 

(855) 265-5263

The Man Behind The Venture

Curtis Khan is the CEO and Founder of BookJane. Curtis is a creative, customer-focused marketing executive with more than 18 years of demonstrated results in the financial services, retail and customer loyalty sectors. He has operational strength in product and technology innovation, strategic business line expansion, process re-engineering, mobile/online/social network marketing strategy, and complete customer lifecycle marketing.