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Boost your people-based marketing with identity cloud: 4INFO


“With Advanced TV Solutions built on our proven cross-channel identity platform  — you can now target your TV audience the same way you target your digital audiences — and then measure results in foot traffic and in-store sales.”

Gone are the days when you could reach enough customers with enough frequency on just one screen. Today’s consumer is finding news, information and entertainment across a dizzying array of screens and platforms, from smart phones, eReaders and laptops to linear TV, satellite and OTT offerings. And in order to create successful marketing campaigns, you have to find a way to reach those prospective buyers when and where they’re paying attention. 4INFO’s patented device match method enables us to create a Connected Identity Map for every consumer. We know not only where they live, but also which devices they use, where they shop, what they buy, where they go for fun and so much more. So we can deliver highly targeted, synchronized campaigns to all their devices. And when the campaign is over, we can partner with data providers to provide Full Funnel Analytics, giving you a detailed picture of the customer journey, including foot traffic and actual in-store sales transactions. In an industry that changes almost daily, 4INFO has remained at the forefront, evolving from the largest SMS content provider to a leader in identity mapping, precise purchase-based targeting and closed-loop measurement at scale

To drive your people-based marketing in the age of digital and TV convergence, you need a platform that more effectively maps people, screens and data — delivering cross-screen identity mapping, activation and meaningful measurement. Unlike other cookie-based identity solutions, 4INFO started by mapping mobile devices to a home address. This unique, patented approach enables you to:

  • Achieve greater onboarding scale. Map 3X — 6X more than solutions built for a desktop world.
  • Map more people to more data. By using home address — the most persistent and effective match key – you’ll avoid the loss others experience using email addresses as initial match keys.
  • Accurately map the widest range of other digital identifiers, such as: IP address, cookies and email address — to make more connected devices and device types addressable.
  • Leverage deterministic methods — critical for more accurate audience delivery and people-based measurement.

The 4INFO identity platform is available in self-service or with managed services support. 

Audience solutions 

In the age of convergence, leveraging actionable data to create audiences that go beyond demographics is at the heart of your people-based marketing. Audience solutions enable you to take control of your data through faster and more accurate onboarding, audience segments creation and even custom identity mapping solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Map more people, to more devices – each day our customers are mapping 3X - 6X as many devices vs. other solutions
  • Map more people to more data – match 60-90% more than other identity platforms
  • Achieve greater onboarding scale – especially in mobile, where three-fourths of all digital minutes are spent 
  • Confidently onboard your first-party data / CRM files – often the best starting point for testing an onboarding solution 
  • Experience greater match rate accuracy – match rates typically much higher than industry averages 
  • Onboard and activate data quickly – most customers load, match and activate the same day. 

With the 4INFO Connected Identity Map, you can make your data even more valuable by turning it into actionable, addressable consumers. Whether you start with your own first-party data, purchase one of our Syndicated Audiences, or acquire third-party data from one of our partners – you can overlay specific behavioral attributes to create narrowly defined targets and upload them to 4INFO’s platform or the DSP or DMP of your choice. The proliferation of consumer data represents an opportunity with nearly unlimited possibilities. By customizing third-party segments, you’ll create unique audiences that are more meaningful – and powerful – for your people-based campaigns.


  • Using machine learning and billions of data points on over 500 million devices in 90 million homes, 4INFO has created thousands of actionable audiences based on demographics, residences, shopping tendencies, device attributes, lifestyles and more. 4INFO Syndicated Audiences offer massive scale and include the following segments. Predictive Visitors™ – to specific Points of Interest or POI categories within the next 30 days (e.g. Quick Service Restaurants, auto dealers, etc.).
  • Device-level characteristics – including: carrier, operating system, device type, app usage, etc.
  • Demographics – such as: age range and gender
  • Geographic – segmenting those who reside in particular DMAs, states and time zones.
  • Lifestyle – targeting people whose app usage indicates interests, hobbies and lifestyle choices.

The 4INFO Predictive Visitors segments enable marketers to significantly expand targeting while improving accuracy. Our unique approach begins with past location data as seed, then applies machine learning to our entire customer universe. The result: Much larger audiences than location targeting companies that rely solely on past visits.

Tim Jenkins CEO of 4INFO

Tim is the CEO of 4INFO and a seasoned Silicon Valley veteran with more than 25 years in senior operational and executive roles at several tech companies including Apple and Stratacom (acquired by Cisco). At Apple, Tim was responsible for developing the education business division in Europe. Employing a unique channel and product strategy he helped this division grow to over $500M in annual revenue. While at Stratacom he was a key player in their global expansion, entering 11 new major geographies in Europe and Asia as Stratacom grew to more than $250M in revenue. Tim was also the CEO of Simpata, a SaaS based HR and benefits platform licensed to major medical carriers. The company’s unique business model allowed carriers to direct market to employees online using proprietary profiling techniques. In 1995, Tim founded Creative Wonders, a joint venture between Electronic Arts and Cap/Cities ABC. Creative Wonders scaled from nothing to $30M in revenue and profitability in less than 3 years and was sold to The Learning Company/Mattel. Tim graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in business and finance.

If OTT, CTV and Addressable TV are part of your consideration, you'll want to take a look at 4INFO's proven solutions.