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Botify – Building the interface that automatically connects search engines and websites and driving measurable outcomes


“We’re giving brands the tools they need to cut through the complexity of the Modern Web, saving time, reducing risk, and increasing their traffic — all while driving sustainable revenue.”

Managing enterprises is like playing Jenga: one wrong move or an unstable foundation can cause the entire infrastructure to collapse. Running this business type has too many moving parts from employees and multiple worksites to warehousing, distribution and supply chains. However, enterprise software, an ERP software type, automates processes, saves money and diminishes mistakes. Enterprise applications are meant to integrate systems in the company for a smoother workflow. They create a connection between different departments. Employees should see them as helpful tools that run on mobile devices. They improve the efficiency of work because they can be adapted to the company’s specific needs.

Enterprise applications are based on enterprise systems: software stacks that are meant to control all of the complex operations that take place in the company. Enterprise application integration creates a single entry point to data for all departments of the company. This way everyone receives only relevant, up to date without wasting time searching for the latest update. It’s important for the information flow inside and outside the IT infrastructure. Collecting and storing data about the company becomes easier and more accessible. Enterprise application integration examples sometimes show that the new system doesn’t make the workflow easier. On contrary: the decision-making process can be suddenly decentralized, which causes chaos. Not to mention that creating an enterprise system and a dedicated application comes with a hefty fee. It has to be approached with realistic expectations. Otherwise, creating software may be a waste of time and money. 

Botify is an enterprise software company that helps brands turn organic search into an efficient, measurable, and sustainable channel for both traffic and revenue growth. Botify is powered by a unique unified data model, prescriptive insights, and automated processes, delivers an end-to-end SEO management solution that enables customers to unlock the true growth potential of their website.

Botify is used by 500+ leading global companies across industries including e-commerce, travel, media & publishing, classifieds, and more, including Expedia, Macy's Farfetch, Marriott, L'Oréal, Crate & Barrel, Conde Nast, Groupon, Github, Carvana, FNAC Darty, and The New York Times. Botify also partners with leading technology and services companies such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WordPress VIP, Google Cloud, Jellyfish, Chameleon Collective, Foresight Digital, Contentsquare, and iPullRank.

Botify is a fast-growing, VC-backed, SaaS company with $82M in funding and offices in New York, Seattle, Paris, London, and Singapore.

The Problem Botify Solves

The modernization of the Web has brought about new complexities. From the proliferation of content, to the growth of the technical Web (e.g. use of JavaScript), to the increase in multi-device formats, search engines are challenged to find the most important content on a website. In fact, on average, only half of an enterprise website is actually being found by search engines. Millions of dollars invested in content creation and web development are going to waste. Imagine if you could uncover the hidden ROI sitting in your site.

That’s where Botify comes in. The company helps its customers unleash the hidden potential of their digital presence to drive more profitable and sustainable revenue.

Botify Analytics

Data from every phase of the search process, from crawling to conversions, at your fingertips in record time. With this much data at your disposal, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. And with data-backed recommendations, you’re sure to get the buy-in you need.

SiteCrawler, part of the Botify Analytics suite, gives enterprise SEO teams the power to evaluate the structure and content of their websites just like a search engine — without those pesky crawl budget limitations. Their cloud-based crawler lets you perform the crawl you want, fast: up to 50 million URLs per crawl at a rate of 250 URLs crawled per second and 100 URLs rendered per second. And with the 1,000+ data points you’ll get back, there’s nothing you won’t know about your site.

LogAnalyzer, part of the Botify Analytics suite, helps you see how any search engine is crawling (or not) your digital assets — all within a platform built specifically for SEOs. It’s ideal for large enterprise websites in any industry, with the capacity to analyze up to 100 million search engine requests per day. Plus, LogAnalyzer is great for site migrations. If you’re moving domains, undergoing a redesign, or otherwise substantially changing your site, LogAnalyzer can help you see how search engines are adjusting to the change so you can monitor progress and catch any issues before they start to hurt your traffic.

RealKeywords, part of the Botify Analytics suite, is a keyword research and rank tracking tool based on real queries, impressions, position, and clicks. The solution bridges, for the first time, real user queries from the Google Search Console API with the most advanced technical SEO insights. Real searcher query data is powerful, but tying it to the rest of your SEO data is where the real magic happens. As part of the Botify Analytics suite, RealKeywords allows you to see, for the first time, how any technical SEO metric (they have 1,000+ of them!) is impacting your SERP performance.

From crawling to conversions, Botify Analytics is helping SEOs maximize the traffic and revenue impact of their efforts and integrating your website analytics will help you show it.

Botify Intelligence

Save time, mitigate risk, and cut through complexity — that’s what SEOs get with Botify Intelligence. Drawing from your Botify Analytics data, Botify Intelligence helps SEOs not only protect the traffic they already have, but automatically surface which actions will help them grow it.

Go from “Where should I start?” to “Let’s get to work!” with the prioritized list of SEO actions. ActionBoard analyzes the thousands of metrics they know about your website to identify and prioritize the most important actions to take. No more manually combing through your data. Not only does ActionBoard save you time, but it gives you confidence. When you have the data to support that your project will have a positive impact on traffic and revenue, you’re sure to get the buy-in you need.

AlertPanel, Botify’s early warning system analyzes millions of data points daily, AlertPanel keeps you aware of everything that you need to know, and nothing you don’t. Embark on SEO projects with confidence, knowing, based on the data, that your changes will have a positive uplift in organic traffic — something your executives will love as well.

Botify Activation

Turn your data and insights into actions — without the need for development resources. By harnessing thousands of data points and machine learning intelligence, Botify Activation helps you implement impactful search-driven optimizations and get more of your valuable content found. Right now, consumers are not finding your most important pages. Why? Over half of large websites are missed by search engines, which mean loss of quality traffic and revenue for your business. Ensuring your valuable content is found is critical, yet with so many important pages out there and many built with slow-to-load features, search engines must prioritize which pages to crawl.

Building an internal solution to fix this can take years and require resources you may not have on hand. Introducing SpeedWorkers, their advanced search experience manager, is the most effective way to ensure search engines find your website content properly. Accelerate full content indexation with SpeedWorkers by serving fully-rendered pages to search engines. Fully control your inventory, reduce site bloat, and remove uncertainty and volatility of search bot hits.

With Botify’s SpeedWorkers, rest assured that your website’s important pages are seen by search engines and potential customers, resulting in increased revenue for your business.

Adrien Menard | Co-Founder and CEO

“Our full-funnel methodology and unified data model ensures that we have the broadest view of your website, while our machine-learning algorithm prescribes the actions that will drive the greatest impact and automates time-consuming SEO processes.”

“Botify supports some of the most experienced SEOs in the world who work hard every day to preserve and grow traffic for some of the biggest, most complex sites on the web.”