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November Edition 2020

Breadware – An IoT services firm innovating transformative solutions to change the world


Almost every aspect of our lives now generates data. Smart watches track each step we take and sense each beat of our heart. The smartphones in our pockets know our location at any moment, our hobbies, where we’re going on holiday, and what we’re considering buying. Some of these insights benefit the customer, and some the product maker. Ultimately, we are all emerging into an Internet of Things (IoT) world that, for the most part, benefits everyone aiding our day-to-day lives and keeping us connected to the things and people that are important to us. The use of such technology in the business world is no different. IoT devices record and transfer data to monitor important processes, give us new insights, boost efficiency, and allow companies to make more informed decisions. Connected equipment in manufacturing, aviation, the supply chain, agriculture, healthcare, and many other industries, is creating more data streams and analytics potential, meaning that companies are gaining much greater insights into their business operations and how their customers use their products or services.

Breadware is a full-service IoT consultancy firm from Fortune 100s to startups to plan, build and launch IoT products. Aiming to be the go-to resource for product development teams and designers, Breadware vets and aggregates trusted resources and IoT service providers to offer reliable options at each step of the product development journey. In addition to creating an intricate marketplace of engineers and designers, Breadware further encompasses specialists in IoT product branding, marketing, web development, and crowdfunding, among others. The firm allows businesses to have access to IoT, to be successful with IoT, and to create IoT products that will have dramatic positive impacts. The company believes that thoughtful, well-designed IoT products are a positive force in their communities, and world.

Next-generation IoT services

Engineering Services: Breadware’s IoT engineering services are unmatched. They provide a cross-functional, deeply knowledgeable team to bring your product across the finish line. The firm does product development of connected devices, industrial-grade sensors, camera vision, and more. It also does all the IoT Solutions from Scratch or by upgrading a legacy product, the Breadware Assurance Promise with Every Project.

Turnkey Product Development: No matter where you’re at in the product development process from beginning to end, Breadware can help minimize your time to market and cost every step of the way by proof of concept discovery and breadboarding, by using custom alpha and beta prototypes, designing different modules for various businesses, and vendor resourcing. The firm also has industry product certifications for various IoT services.

Prototyping: Rapid prototyping for quick validation. Rapidly get your product concept in front of real-world users and validate key assumptions with strategic approach to prototyping. The company’s in-house team of engineers, designers, and developers work in unison to quickly iterate your designs into field-ready prototypes.

Breadware Assurance Process: the firm partners with you to understand the “why” behind your IoT project, flush out your business and customers’ needs, and set SMART goal, all to ensure that your project is a success. All IoT initiatives require data. The company develops an effective, value-driven mode of data collection and distribution plan, including gateways, edge devices, and more. It also ensures the insights and deliverable they produce for you positively impact your bottom line. It architects a solution. They also offers an end-to-end product development, battle tested solutions, security-first mentality, and delivery schedule. This is where the rubber meets the road. Breadware’s main goal is to deliver on your product requirements, so you can shine in going to market. Breadware has global connections to ensure that set you up with the best partners to handle sourcing, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

Kerry Siggins, Chief Executive Officer

“We exist to empower the innovators, the entrepreneurs, the business leaders to be successful in IoT and to make an impact for good.”