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Bring IT: Transforming Customers through their unique 360° Approach

“We put all our efforts into understanding our customer’s business model through a unique optic by considering three basic aspects of the operational model: people, processes, and technology.”

Bring IT is a North Carolina-based end-to-end business and technology firm, helping customers to design, implement, optimize, and scale their system architecture and business processes to gain a competitive advantage and to create a modern value chain.

Bring IT is a proud strategic partner of Oracle NetSuite, Celigo, Zendesk, Dell Boomi, and Shopify

Interview Excerpt: Omar Palacios

Q. What is your story? And how did Bring IT come to the fore?

Established in 2015 in the Bay Area, Bring IT was born out of an opportunity I first identified.  Through my role on the customer advisory board for NetSuite, I observed customer after customer whose supply chain systems operated in silos, resulting in disaggregated and non-optimized data streams and, therefore, zero to minimal analytics capability.
This was when I joined forces with other supply chain and IT system experts who were also inspired to connect the dots for these customers. We knew that we could accelerate our clients’ business growth by implementing, integrating, and optimizing their systems and satellite tools and working with them to organize and analyze their data to deliver powerful business insights.
Since that time, we’ve provided service to over a hundred companies, established offices in the US and Mexico, experienced exponential growth year over year, and been consistently named a Top 5 Partner of NetSuite.

Fast forward to 2020, when Bring IT acquired Elyzian, a company that specialized in operational excellence and business transformation. Partnering with former Philips LATAM CFO and Elyzian CEO Herman Hanssen, the merger enabled us to provide a comprehensive 360-degree customer experience by delivering business best practices, industry standards, technology solutions, and data analytics.
Today, with an established company and growing team in the USA and LATAM, Bring IT deploys the best-in-class system architectures which enable clients to have a seamlessly integrated global network of suppliers and partners. The market demand for digital implementations is growing fast, which is driving our fast growth and constant hiring need.

Q. Bring IT is an end-to-end supply chain technology firm that helps customers design, implement, optimize, and scale their system architecture and business processes to gain a competitive advantage. How uniquely do you address your customers’ pain points?

We put all our efforts into understanding our customers’ business model through a unique optic by considering three basic aspects of the operational model: people, processes, and technology.
Our mission is to create first-class business and technology solutions that meet our customers’ business requirements. In order to provide a 360-degree view of a customer’s company, all these features need to be integrated into a solid technology landscape backed by operational excellence. This technology landscape should provide seamless connected experiences for our clients’ employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.

Q. Bring IT is a proud strategic partner of Oracle NetSuite, Celigo, Dell Boomi, Zendesk, and Shopify. A terrific feat, I must say. Would you like to talk more about these partnerships? And how are they helping you to deliver better service?

Bring IT sees technology as an enabler. The current times we live in are accelerating digital transformation and showcasing the value that technology holds for us. Having the right strategy can provide the right formula to streamline and automate mission-critical and business processes to accelerate growth and increase our clients’ business intelligence.
To achieve this, we partner with best-in-class cloud enterprise technology companies to offer the right tools to create an integrated technology ecosystem enabling decision support systems that will provide real-time analytics and enable real-time smart decisions creating a 360-degree view of our customers’ companies.
When our customers combine business process excellence and the right technology, they will experience growth, and not only adapt to the new normal but thrive as we transition to a digital economy. Our goal as a service provider is to help our customers achieve operational excellence by reducing time to market and increasing their efficiency, speed, and performance.

Q. What are the other services your company offers?

Besides offering implementation and optimization services for ERP (NetSuite), CRM (Zendesk), eCommerce (Shopify), and iPaaS (Celigo, Boomi), we offer:
Business transformation consulting services

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and shared services
  • Leadership boot camps and Executive Coaching
  • Change management and support on Merger and Acquisitions
  • Plug and Play software solutions such as Point of Sale, Direct Store Delivery, and an eLearning platform

The demand for business transformation services combined with system implementations is spiking, especially among large-sized companies and IPO candidates. As a company, we have experienced significant topline growth through this strategic combination of services.

Q. Let’s talk about your team. What’s the essential trait a team member should possess, and why?

Our team members are selected on their curiosity to solve challenging problems, their ability to demonstrate digitization knowledge, and their dedication to creating real customer impact while providing the best customer experience. We also look for people who value creative thinking and social awareness, and who like to work hard and play hard.

We are business experts, helping our customers to achieve their goals. And we do this by delivering the best technology solutions and industry standards. Therefore, we see ourselves as digital problem solvers and technical architects. Not just the designers but, most importantly, the implementers. Our customers find this as a key differentiator and a reason to select our services. We typically connect quickly to the customer leaders and teams and together have a most effective technology implementation or business transformation engagement.

Q. What new endeavors is your company currently undertaking?

We’re focused on increasing our Bring IT brand awareness in the USA and Mexico and expanding our market geographic footprint into other parts of Latin America.

In fact, we have plans to open an office in Brazil by 2022, followed by additional expansion in South America.

Through the results we deliver to every customer, we are positioning our company to become a well-known technology and business partner in the USA and Latin America. Our goal is to provide the same customer experience, expertise, and service quality in English, Spanish, or Portuguese throughout the Americas.
We are also working to become a member of the SDN (Software Development Network) with Oracle NetSuite, which will allow us to advertise and sell our software solutions in the NetSuite-SuiteApp store and help to open new markets.
If we talk about our long-term strategy, then our vision is to become experts in the following industries:

  • Renewable Energy and Waste Management
  • Healthcare and Fitness
  • Construction

Some experts project the green technology and sustainable market size alone will grow by $25 Billion USD in the coming years. We believe that there will be a tremendous amount of work in all of these markets in the future, and we are excited to build strategic partnerships and serve new customers as this market opportunity unfolds.

Bring IT | Leadership Team

Omar Palacios is a seasoned IT and business leader, with over 20 years of experience leading cross functional and diverse teams to deliver IT/IS solutions that support enterprise goals.
Omar is the CEO of Bring IT ( His responsibilities include the company strategy, development, and execution. The company, which he co-founded in 2015, has grown to a $10M business with a wide range of customers in the US and LATAM. His team is enabling companies to maintain, improve, optimize and scale their supply chain ecosystems as well as their business processes.
Omar holds a Global MBA from Thunderbird Garvin School of International Management, a Masters of IT Administration from ITESM Monterrey Mexico, and a BS in Computer Science from UAG Guadalajara Mexico.


Herman Hanssen is the Chief Financial Officer of Bring IT. He led over 25 major transformation projects around the world and has been coaching over 100 executive leaders. His responsibilities include Finance, HR, IT, and Legal.. Also, Herman is a mentor for executive leaders to help them succeed in business by sharing his experiences in business transformation, financial and business agility, and leadership empathy.
Herman holds an ONMBA Global MBA from Rotterdam School of Management; Design Thinking certified by MIT and participated in leadership programs with Harvard, Korn Ferry, and Kellogg.

“Our goal as a specialized provider is to help our customers to achieve operational excellence by reducing time to market and increasing their efficiency, speed, and performance.”