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Data volume is growing in complexity, and so is the need for greater utilization of data and generations of intelligence. Organizations are increasingly turning towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data predictive analytics to meet this demand. There is a lot of buzz surrounding AI, and it seems like it’s the solution that offers business leaders with the capability to win and gain the competitive edge. Most businesses take up AI technology to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, improve customer experience, and grow revenue. To reap even more significant benefits, behavior. These include profiling and predicting fraudulent and criminal activities in healthcare insurance, finance and policing, demand forecasting across retail and energy as well as optimizing telecom call center operations. Somewhere down the road, Cognitro has realized companies should consider putting the full range of smart data and analytics - including natural language processing, machine learning, and more - into their processes and products.

Organizations ought to consider AI as a means of augmentation. To achieve this, Cognitro is offering specialized AI services and products built around current and anticipated market demands. Cognitro is an international company with over ten years of innovative research-based Big Data and Predictive Analytics solutions to clients across the public and private sectors and industries. Cognitro is mainly an AI and machine learning powerhouse based in the US with global presence. On the strategy side, Cognitro has been driving AI-maturity across a number of industries through its proven 6E’s framework for cognitive and smart organization. Being outcome-driven at the core, Cognitro’s predictive solutions also focus on addressing specific business challenges, and those are often related to opportunities and risks associated with customers’ and members’ the value of creating re-usable AI and have since shifted to productization of several IPs with emphasis on e- KYC or the electronic version of Know-Your-Customer initiatives that are of specific interest to banks, finance, security and government organizations seeking to leverage AI to develop smart verification of customers. These including biometric face recognition, name matching and entity resolution as well as social link analysis. All these tools allow an organization to authenticate customer’s identity as well as inspect transactions for suspicious behavior such as credit card fraud, money laundering and illegal collusion.

Believing that “No data should be left behind,” Cognitro has also invested heavily in advanced AI expertise across deep learning and reinforcement learning to handle structured and unstructured data analytics, including text and social media NLP as well as image and video analytics. Today Cognitro has added a plethora of cutting-edge products to its shelf with various usages ranging from predicting sleepy and fatigued drivers, spotting littered waste on streets, identifying illegal greenhouses in farms from satellite images, and even assessing crowded area with video analytics. Those products have been installed and operated across a number of transportation and healthcare organizations food and agriculture authorities as well as world health agencies.

About Cognitro

Cognitro is a global data science and AI firm with offices in the US, UAE and Egypt. Cognitro is dedicated to unlocking stories from data and value from intelligence across healthcare, insurance, finance, security, telecom, retail and transportation. Cognitro also seeks to accelerate the rapid movement towards smart planet, by democratizing analytics, opening data science & AI and bringing advanced analytics to disrupt business and transform industries. Cognitro is also the creator of ACITYI ( an AI-driven platform that empowers cities with the ability to monitor, analyze and manage strategic sites remotely and with minimal human intervention. ACITYI was recently awarded Nvidia inception award and Cognitro was recently featured among the top 10 the Artificial Intelligence companies in the CIO Review magazine.

In conversation with Amjad Zaim, Co-Founder and CEO of Cognitro

Q. Every now and then, you need more software/hardware resources than accessible to you for a specific task and sometimes you need only a few. Tell us about the flexibility of your testing tools to access resources exactly as per needs.

Since the early days of the AI revolution, we have realized the potential role of open-source technology stack in democratizing data science and in bringing value-based AI to mainstream business. We then partnered with leading cloud analytics providers such as Microsoft, IBM, Google and AWS to create SAAS (Software as a service) replica of our products to enable faster time-to-market. Also, more recently, we have been granted an inception-award program by NVidia, which provided us with access to powerful GPU processing technological capabilities that help deploy robust AI on edge that can handle real-time processing of large streaming data at scale.

Q. Digital transformation must provide competitive edge to the customers. How do you gain insights to keep your clients ahead of the curve?

We are quickly and swiftly raising the bar for clients, partners, and the business community and realizing tremendous reward from our commitment to the field. From Augmented Intelligence, or AI that enables one to do things that otherwise they couldn’t do, to Autonomous Intelligence, or AI that decide and take action on its own with no human intervention, we are helping them take charge of their own business destiny. This empowerment transpires in many forms, from replacing classical and outdated decision-support systems to introducing genuinely smart products and services of the future that drive and automate complex decisions. In the end, our strategic positioning as a trusted AI partner enables our clients to win with the race for more intelligence in our digitally evolving and increasingly complex world. It’ s in this way that AI is making the leap into the future, and it’ s in this way that Cognitro Analytics is creating a transformational impact for our clients with AI.

Q. What are your future plans for the development of your company?

We will soon be announcing the launch of ACITYI, a new and unique framework for leveraging AI towards the realization of cognitive, responsive, and smart cities. ACITYI empowers cities with the ability to monitor, analyze, and manage strategic sites and assets across cities using a suite of AI-packed algorithms. ACITYI is built with a vision for a truly cognitive autonomous city; a city that cleans its roads , repairs its streets, and even responds to traffic accidents. At the heart of ACITYI is a network of screening devices equipped with the vision and the intelligence to identify incidents or disturbances such as overfilled waste bins, fallen signs, street potholes, crowded areas, and others. Those edge- computing portable devices are mountable on-street cameras, roaming vehicles or flying drones, capturing live video feeds and detecting and mapping objects instantly and in real-time. ACITYI can also generate a targeted containment plan and can even predict other similar instances in the future. We view ACITYI as an embodiment for how cities of the future will look like.

Meet the leader behind the success of Cognitro

Amjad Zaim is an AI entrepreneur & researcher with over 20+ years of international experience. Amjad co-founded Cognitro, a firm dedicated to advancing the field of Machine Learning & A I with offices in the US, UAE, and the Egypt. Amjad also recently co-founded ACITYI, an AI-driven platform that seeks to empower cities with the ability to monitor, analyze, and manage strategic sites remotely and with minimal human intervention. Amjad was featured in the Huffington Post edition of June 2017 amongst the Big Data experts in the “38 Top Experts on the Biggest Trends”. He is a regularly invited speaker to international Big Data & AI conferences and workshops. He has often been interviewed and quoted in several technology magazines and media outlets including, Executive Banking, Computer World, and CIO Review Magazine. He has contributed to the field of Data Science with more than 50 journal publications, business articles, and white papers. Amjad routinely advises government and public agencies on building data science capabilities and the institutionalization of Big Data & AI within the organization’s fabric. Amjad holds two Masters in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science, an MBA, and a Ph. D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Toledo in Ohio, and is a former professor or computer science at the University of Texas.

“Our vision is to build trust between organizations, their data and advanced analytics as a vehicle to achieve information dominance.”

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