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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

Bringing an innovative and proven approach to how organizations explore, evaluate, architect and implement technology: World Wide Technology

With headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, US, World Wide Technology was established in 1990. The company that initially started off as a small product reseller and gradually strengthened its global image caters to some of the world’s top renowned brands today. Presently it has more than 3,000 employees and 500+ engineers and possesses the capacity to configure and integrate more than 35,000 systems per week.

Technology not only makes our lives easy and hassle free by providing easy solutions to every problem, but goes that extra mile to benefit us in our businesses running smoothly which further results in huge success. The IT and the corporate giants that rule the world today, is all because of the creation of technology several years back. Ranked 59th on Forbes’s largest Private Companies 2014 list and 28th on Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for 2015 list, World Wide Technology, helps large organizations to build, incorporate and implement new, modern and advanced technologies.
Committed to maintain highest standards of quality both in terms of technology, service and goodwill towards customers, WWT’s quality management system is such that it ensures customers’ quality requirements are always higher than expected. Reinstating belief in the fact that if results exceed expectations, it is a win-win situation for both the business and its customers, WWT’s USP lies in its highly talented and dedicated team of professionals each devoted to the customer’s long-term goals.

Offering highest value proposition to customers
WWT’s services are broadly classified into ATC – which designs, builds, and educates innovative technology products for its customers;ITC – helps reduce the risk, cost and complexity of IT deployments. Advisory & Deployment Services – helps develop costeffective solutions by aligning business goals with decision making processes. Lab Services & Staffing Services– provides customers with easy testing experiences with the support of expert engineering and technical resources and hands on access to the latest technology products and services; Supply Chain & Lifecycle Services – designed to build, educate, demonstrate and deploy innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions for the WWT family. The company also provides customized workshops for interested businesses and entrepreneurs and these gives an idea and keeps one updated about the latest trends and innovations and is a great way through which one can engage with WWT. Other than business and IT related work, WWT also does its part in being a responsible organization that participates in various social, environmental and local tasks. It is committed to supporting community and non-profit organizations which is done by the way of scholarships, youth development and other community activities. The company and also facilitates technology application that gives rise to learning centers for the world and offer new improved and advanced ways in the learning process. United Way Campaign, St. Patrick Center, Junior achievement, American heart association, Toys for Tots are some of the organizations that are supported by the company.

Unique approach for driving business execution
As far as the work environment is concerned, WWT is voted among the few companies which provide a great place to work for its employees, friendly and supportive. Employees are always assisted with professional self development programs and trainings. There is a sense of team work and motivation that thrives. Other programs that the company offers are coaching, courses taught through WWT University, cyber security program and internships. Social gatherings, games and celebrations for different occasions are also arranged for to maintain goodwill with employees and create an atmosphere of fun and recreation. Also there are various kinds of employee assistance programs.

Aiming to incorporate the latest technology to improve clients’ data management, collaboration, networking and supply chain management, the company recently acquired Asynchrony labs which have filled the gap that existed for both companies- WWT’s promptness on the back-end and Asynchrony’s swiftness on the front-end. With this new step ahead the company aims to deliver end-to-end solutions that include user-facing software and the systems and infrastructure that support it. This merger is a great turning point for WTT’s ATC ecosystem and the company will continue to focus on domains like mobility, security, big data and IoT.

“As you sow, so shall you reap”- As the famous saying goes, Good work is always appreciated and the effort that one puts is always rewarded in the form of bonuses and promotion. To conclude, the best person wins in the rat race and WWT is an undefeatable winner who is set apart from other companies through its unique company culture and core values.

• David L. Steward, Chairman of the Board • Joseph G. Koenig, Presiden

Big data, collaboration, computing and cloud, mobility, networking, security, software and storage.

Healthcare, education, financial services, federal government, manufacturing, retail, Oil & Gas, State and local government, Utilities and Telecommunications.

Cisco, F5, EMC, VMWare, NetApp, HP, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, Oracle, Microsoft, Sony Electronics and Samsung. Other than these there are a host of other partners as well.

WWT makes sure that it has the right people and the right culture. The culture and leadership is the guiding torch in making the company a great place to work in and provides a direction to employees to work in the right track.

The WWT team placed second at the Cisco Live DevNetHackathon held in San Diego on June 7, 2015. It was an open forum for anyone attending Cisco Live and the set theme this year was Cloud data services and internet of things. The WWT team developed Secure 11, a next-level, proximity-based security system application that integrated six different Cisco technologies to identify and track entities across wireless locations and assess security threat status. This application would be viable across several verticals and is designed to be extremely valuable to any company wanting to manage facility security and safety.

The company has won many such awards and accolades that adds more feathers to its hat and makes it stand out in the crowd.