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Bringing together technology, talent, innovation and the highest quality standards: TechAffinity


Exceeding client expectations and bringing tangible, stellar performances to the best of businesses.’

TechAffinity is a ISO 9001 and 27001 certified IT Organization providing solutions to clients across the Globe. With over a decade long IT business expertise and a workforce of over 200 skilled and experienced IT experts, TechAffinity is renowned as the one stop IT solution provider. The company helps customers ranging from startups to SMEs to F500s in multiple verticals which makes it an unique solutions provider with the flexibility required for a startup and the stability required for a F500 client. Founded in 2000, TechAffinity is based in Tampa Bay, Florida with offices in New Jersey; Chennai, India and Sydney, Australia.

A look at TechAffinity Services

Web Application Developments: TechAffinity provides professional web design and development services from building simple websites to complex multi-functional e-commerce and web portals. It always apply the latest technologies and trends and follows agile development methodology.

Mobile Application Development: TechAffinity Mobile Application services help you get on to the mobile bandwagon and derive profits you have been missing out in the highly crowded mobile environment.

Augmented Reality: TechAffinity’s AR Research Lab has a proven track record of developing AR apps that are fascinating and engaging. It are supported by a vibrant set of people who are passionate to do a game changing work. The company takes care of everything to do with technology, ranging from marketing campaigns and mobile apps with mind boggling Augmented Reality Technology to give your business a huge visibility and customer connect.

Legacy Application Migration: TechAffinity Legacy Revitalization Services (LRS) transform legacy software into high-performance, easy-to-use applications designed to respond quickly to changing business needs.
Cloud Computing: TechAffinity specializes in a wide variety of cloud services right from configuration, customization and managing your cloud instances. Its cloud services team is highly equipped in handling all kinds of cloud servers and performs various cloud optimization services that enables your organization a hassle free production of your systems.

IT Staffing: The company understands how challenging it is to efficiently operate when resources are low. It offers customized assistance to provide clients with effective staffing and consulting solutions which will not only control costs, but will also enhance the company’s business edge.

Software Testing Q & A: TechAfiinity testers have vast experience both in manual testing and test automations of web and mobile apps. TechAffinity is also one of the few software development companies that offer testing and QA as a separate service.

Alenza: A single, end-to-end data analytics platform implemented as a turnkey solution
The key challenges for implementing analytics solutions include sorting through a myriad of technologies, hiring hard-to-find talent, and most importantly a significant capital expenditure to buy servers and software or high operational expenditure to lease expensive infrastructure from cloud service providers. These challenges get further accentuated for small and medium sized businesses, which can benefit from analytics, but cannot sustain the investment required.

Alenza was built to help you find your needle in the haystack before your competitor does. Alenza is an “Analytics as a Service” delivery platform to which clients subscribe. The Alenza platform generates and delivers marketing insight that leads to an actionable plan of sales growth. A single, end-to-end data analytics platform implemented as a turnkey solution, Alenza helps leverage data in many different ways.

Acelero: Performance improvements without any code changes
Acelero software optimizes the HadoopMapReduce framework to reduce batch processing time and improve CPU utilization. With Acelero, business users are able to draw the most value from their data analytics exercise. For example; without Acelero, a batch job could run for 20 minutes utilizing 4 servers, whereas, with Acelero, the same job will run for 10 minutes on 2 servers!

Acelero is simple plug and play software that has been certified by Cloudera and MapR that allows for a 1.5 to 3 times performance improvements without having to do any code changes, re-architect, or purchase additional hardware.
Acelero is comprised of patent-pending technologies related to data sorting, parallel processing, process deduplication, adaptive caching, and compression for Big Data applications. It supports the latest versions of all major Hadoop platforms.

Client Speak
“TechAffinity is a prime example of company that knows how to deliver quality products. TechAffinity has been a great asset to us throughout the whole process; starting with design and finishing with a complete shiny product which is 100% free of bugs and implemented on our server.” – Jonas Nolan, F.C Studios Limited, Cyprus.

Meet the Master

Jam Nelavai, President and CEO: Jam is an ambitious entrepreneur with over 25 years of professional experience in the IT industry. He has an extensive knowledge working in the Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, and Magazine Fulfillment systems.

Jam has a Masters Degree in Applied Sciences in Mathematics from Madras Institute of Technology, India. He started his career as a Customer Service Engineer in 1986. Since then, providing quality customer service has been the foundation upon which he has built his career and his business. He has a reputation for building and maintaining client relationships at all levels.

Jam is known as a highly capable and dependable leader primarily due to his excellent people skills and very good grasp of business, its challenges, and application of selective and innovative strategies that work.

As founder and CEO of TechAffinity, Jam is actively involved in projects to ensure customer expectations are met and has the authority to make whatever decisions are necessary to ensure services are delivered effectively and efficiently.

“Our mission is to go beyond the client expectations to bring tangible, even stellar, performance to even the best of businesses by bringing together technology, talent, innovation, and the highest quality standards.”