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October Monthly Special 2021

Designing Advanced Video Delivery Components for Content and Network Service Providers: Broadpeak


A video CDN is a CDN that has been designed to support video stream delivery. The use of a CDN for streaming video helps a stream reach viewers around the world, minimizes latency and buffering time, and ensures that the stream's source or origin server are not overwhelmed with requests. While most CDNs are able to cache and deliver video content alongside HTML, images, JavaScript, CSS style sheets, and other web content, video CDNs can be constructed exclusively for streaming video. The same principle described above applies for streaming video. The closer the video content is to the viewer, the faster it will load and play. A CDN is likely to have a server closer to any given viewer than the stream's point of origin.

Broadpeak is one such company that designs and manufactures video delivery components for Content Providers and Network Service Providers deploying IPTV, Cable, and OTT services. Its portfolio of solutions and technologies powers the delivery of movies, television programming and other content over managed networks and the internet for viewing on any type of device. The company’s systems and services help operators increase market share and improve subscriber loyalty with superior quality of experience. It supports all of its customers worldwide, from simple installations to large delivery systems reaching capacities of several simultaneous million streams. The company’s systems leverage the long legacy of Technicolor’s excellence in broadcast and broadband content delivery from where the founders and technology originated.

Robust Video CDN Products Offered

Advanced CDN: Broadpeak delivers highly scalable video content delivery network solution for all screens. The CDN is at the heart of an operator’s video streaming system: it ensures that the video service can reach end-users with the best quality of experience, finding the ideal compromise between storage and bandwidth resources usage. Your video service needs a next-gen CDN, with advanced features optimizing content delivery that will enable you to provide your subscribers with the level of quality they expect.

Cloud PVR: With Broadpeak’s Cloud PVR solution, your subscribers can watch their favorite TV show anytime, anywhere, on any device. Broadpeak’s Cloud PVR brings Cloud Time-shifting, Start Over, Catch-up TV and Cloud PVR services to subscribers, for all their devices without deploying new hardware in the households. Subscribers can record an unlimited number of content at the same time, switch from one screen to another whenever they want. And you ease your maintenance and support costs while increasing the engagement of your subscribers with your company.

Broadpeak’s nanoCDNTM: It resolves the two principal issues explaining why HTTP Adaptive bitrate (ABR) still struggles to replace Broadcast TV: scalability and quality of experience. By adding the efficiency of multicast to the new multiscreen and personalized experience of ABR format, the solution offers a unique opportunity to elevate IPTV to the next level. With this new full-ABR generation of IPTV, viewers can seamlessly navigate between Live and Time-shift, from their main screen to any mobile devices and get personalized content, all this with no compromise on the quality of their experience and at no extra cost for the operator. nanoCDNhas been specifically designed to avoid any kind of regression compared to traditional Broadcast. In particular, it implements optimizations for ultra-low latency such as HTTP chunked transfer encoding and CMAF chunking, bringing down the latency after encoding to a negligible amount.

Ad Insertion: Upgrade Broadpeak’s CDN with first-class multiscreen Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) and deploy dynamic targeted advertising for live and VOD workflows. Not only does Broadpeak’s SSAI solution allows you to offer a TV-like experience while avoiding re-buffering during ads but it also provides efficient means to defeat ad-blockers. The solutions are integrated with the major ad decision servers in the market and include fast offline transcoding capability. Take advantage of new business opportunities with Broadpeak’s SSAI solution.

The Pre-Eminent Leader

Jacques Le Mancq is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Broadpeak. He is driving the strategy and execution of the company to develop and realize the full potential of the Global Leader of IP Video delivery solutions. Prior to co-founding Broadpeak, Jacques Le Mancq was with the Technicolor Connect Division where he assumed the role of Product Line Manager for the video streaming server’s product family. He led a spin-off project with 5 other co-founders to create Broadpeak. He has been involved in the development of MPEG-2 protocol testing & monitoring solutions that were consecrated by two Emmy Award in 1999 and 2007, holding different engineering and product marketing positions within Thales Broadcast and multimedia (Rennes, France) as well as Tektronix (Portland, Oregon). He owns several patents in the field of digital television.

Jacques Le Mancq holds a Master degree of Economics and a Master degree of Computer Sciences from the University of Rennes, France.

“Broadpeak supports all of its customers worldwide, from simple installations to large delivery systems reaching capacities of several million simultaneous streams.”