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Buddha Teas, LLC is leading the CBD tea industry: John Boyd said while interacting with The Silicon Review


“We believe we can better people’s lives whilst living in harmony with the plane.”

Buddha Teas, LLC is a California-based dedicated tea manufacturer. It offers 100% unaltered, organic, and wildcraft teas made from the freshest herbs, carefully packaged in only bleach-free tea bags. The company serves customers in the United States.

John Boyd founded Buddha Teas in 2009 and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

The Silicon Review reached out to Mr. Boyd, and here’s what he had to say.

Interview Highlights

Q. When it comes to longevity, Buddha Teas, LLC has it. I find it unique that an organization has what it takes to continue to offer services for over a decade. How did your company continue to adapt?

While the ability to adapt is an essential component, the ultimate success of our company is mainly due to foresight and vision. We rely on innovative science, technology, and copious amounts of research. While we watch the trends and the new “health crazes” posted on social media platforms, we like to stay one step ahead. We don’t want to be a trend or a fad, but to give our customers what they want. However, we will always continue to give them the best of the new and the old. We like to move with the times, but we stick to the “If it’s not broken, why fix it” policy.

Q. What can you tell us about the Buddha Teas philosophy? How does the company better lives?

Buddha Teas focuses on health and wellness. We believe we can better people’s lives whilst living in harmony with the planet. We make our teas the healthiest and with the most real ingredients, we can find in the market. These ingredients are organic plants and herbs delivered in unbleached tea bags. Our boxes are printed using soy-based ink and recycled cardboard and whilst such processes incur high costs, the environment is more important than margins or profits.

Q. Can you introduce us to your popular tea collections? What are their key features?

Buddha Teas is leading the CBD tea industry with its successful launch of CBD Tea Blends. We have developed the ultimate way to combine our tea blends with CBD. We had to change the CBD oil-based game plan because not all CBD-infused teas are the same. CBD oil-based teas can’t extract in hot water and the actual CBD oil gets trapped and absorbed in the paper. The unique process we employ results in nano-sized particles of water-soluble CBD that guarantee the CBD fully disperses in the hot water. This ensures you are getting exactly what you are expecting from your beautiful cup of CBD Tea. We also have some new CBD honey ventures on the horizon. As everyone well knows, nothing pairs with tea better than delicious honey.

We are also getting lots of requests for Buddha Teas Delta 8 and Delta 9 tea. We are currently in the trial phase to ensure precision in dosage. Stay tuned for these beauties to be launched in early 2023.

Q. How does Buddha Teas create and sustain a culture of innovation?

The bottom line is, we listen to our customers. Their opinions and suggestions are the most valuable resource we have. We strive to find the highest quality herbs grown in organic and responsible farms whose innovation is in line with our philosophy. I can’t stress enough that without them, their constant positivity, and their ongoing loyalty, we probably wouldn’t be doing this interview.

Q. Tell us about the Buddha Teas team. What value do they bring to the company?

Wow. Great question! I love this one. We have a phenomenal team at Buddha Teas. They are the backbone of our company. I have always firmly believed in giving people a path to succeed within the company. Allowing them to be heard and genuinely listening to their feedback and advice is invaluable. It takes many brains and hands, not to mention good old-fashioned hard work, to make a business successful. Financially motivating our employees is one of the smartest decisions that we made for Buddha Teas. We have a profit-sharing program for every employee, which tells them that we always want to give back and we value them. Essentially, we are all in this together.

Q. Is there anything you would like to add before we wrap up?

I think that probably the biggest achievement is just the recognition that we are rising rapidly up Inc. 5000’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies. We wouldn’t be getting that kind of recognition if our customers didn’t support our products and return to buy them time and time again. We are also starting to be the ‘go-to’ tea for high-profile consumer publications in their feature coverage about wellness challenges that can be addressed by our teas. Just recently, Kourtney Kardashian posted about Buddha Teas. We are happy to say that we are in the spotlight and will ensure that we are living up to our reputation.

We want to help educate consumers about the many benefits of drinking tea. We offer a lot of insight into specific ingredients, and how to properly brew teas, on our website at We also help to educate through Instagram and Facebook, and we appreciate hearing from consumers as it helps guide our innovation process.

John Boyd | In His Own Words

I was born in Middlesbrough, England. I was raised in a family of tea drinkers who encouraged me to explore the world and experience adventure. During my travels, I developed a passion for culture, cuisine, and Eastern health practices. After working on various water-sector engineering projects in Europe, I took a huge leap of faith and moved to the United States. After arriving, I used my knowledge of the world’s health practices and my lifelong love of tea, and Buddha Teas was born. Buddha Teas encompasses not only knowledge of the world’s culture and its distinct flavors but also comprehension and awareness of how wellness should taste. Overall, I am thrilled to be a piece of the world’s increasing health and wellness market.

“We wouldn’t be getting that kind of recognition if our customers didn’t support our products and return to buy them time and time again.”

“We have a phenomenal team at Buddha Teas.”