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Building Future-Ready IoT Solutions: KelltonTech Solutions


‘Delivering consistent omnichannel user experience and translate your technology vision into reality through agile enterpise solutions.’

KelltonTech Solutions Ltd. is an Indian multinational IT firm offering end-to-end solutions in Web, SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud), ERP-EAI, SAP and IoT. The company has been delivering IT Solutions, strategic technology consulting and Outsourced Product Development services for the past 22 years. Its technological solutions and services include product conceptualization, creative and user design, quality assurance and testing, deployment, hosting & migration, and maintenance and support. The company was founded in 1993.

Kellton Tech has offices in India (Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Lucknow), USA (Cupertino, CA; McLean, VA; New Brunswick, NJ, Chicago) and Europe (Ireland, United Kingdom) and employs over 1200 people across the globe. It takes pride in hosting a smart community of system architects and process designers who are passionate about technology and innovation.

Over the years, Kellton Tech has grown by leaps and bounds and now has over 200 clients ranging from start-ups to early stage, enterprises, and Fortune 1000 companies. Using its flagship product, KLGAME™ (Kellton Tech Location based Gamification, Analytics and rich Messaging Engine), the company has helped clients across the globe think disruptively about their business in a cost effective manner.

Due to the rapid growth of smart devices connected to the internet, businesses are slowly moving to new business models, which are centered on customer generated data. Yesterday’s businesses models are rapidly becoming outdated in a world run by millennial (employees and customers) who are more demanding than their predecessors. Thanks to the consumerization of IT, these millennials stand to bring the same level of personalization and customization available in their day-to-day web browsing habits to their shopping and work environments.

Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) is the fifth wave after the highly successful fourth wave of computing, i.e., commercialization of internet services. By 2020, more than 100 Billion devices will be connected to the net, generating humongous data sets: user generated logging behaviour, browsing habits, loyalty program endorsements, etc. The secret sauce to greater customer engagement in this web 3.0 environment is making sense of these structured and unstructured data sets with the help of analytics.

Social drives customer engagement, while mobility- always on, always connected; helps businesses to stay in touch with their customers, wherever they are located. Analytics helps businesses to provide highly personalized solutions to customers whereas cloud provides businesses with quick access to data from any location. Taken individually, each provides immense value to the business, but the real benefit to businesses comes from leveraging social, mobility, analytics, and cloud as a single stack of interacting platforms in an increasingly virtualized and globalized business environment.

Kellton Tech offers a pool of services for the entire technology landscape; ranging from offshore product development to R&D, analytics and internet marketing services. It also provides consulting and resourcing services. So whether you are a start-up seeking technical feasibility analysis or an enterprise desiring to migrate all your platforms into a unified platform in a seamless manner, you can count on Kellton Tech to get your technology into shape.

Enterprise IT Consulting Services

Providing customised solutions for your IT needs: Kellton Tech helps businesses improve their functioning while reducing costs. The company make organizations more resilient to the changing winds. Offering tailored results to each client is what makes its consulting services stand out from the crowd.

Strategic mobility consulting that increases your industry standings: As a consulting partner, Kellton Tech provides a 360-degree view of the complete business landscape. It helps you build capability and devise a strategy to synthesize components such as devices, networks, applications and their services as well as the middle ware to interface processes.

Achieving business goals through IT strategy and transformation: Kellton Tech’s IT strategy consulting capabilities are built on the assumption that organisations need to develop high levels of IT efficiency to make the organization as well as their business future-friendly.

 Governance Risk and Compliance: The company’s experts will help you minimize compliance, security, and migration risks.  

Evolving Customer Preferences through Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Kellton Tech helps organizations optimize their IT environment, generate higher ROI on IT investments, and derive a greater business value.

Enterprise Application Services: Its engineers design Enterprise Application to address a wide range of IT challenges and help users maximize their IT investments for enterprise-wide systems. The company offers the following Enterprise Application Services:

-Business Intelligence and Data Services

-Enterprise Resource planning

-Quality Assurance

-Technology Integration

ERP with Microsoft  Dynamics CRM

The company’s applications cut across multiple verticals viz: banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, energy, infrastructure, etc. Kellton Tech helps you navigate the value chain by building comprehensive, efficient, and robust solutions customized to your organization’s needs across various functional areas.

Meet the Key Executives

Niranjan Chintam, Executive Chairman: Niranjan Chintam, as Co-founder and Chairman of Kellton Tech, provides overall leadership and direction to the organization.

Since he took over the reins of Kellton Tech in 2009, he oversaw its diversification into new business lines and was instrumental in a string of acquisitions that propelled Kellton Tech to become one of the fastest growing IT companies in India (ranked no. 19 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2016). He repositioned Kellton Tech as a leading enterprise solutions provider with over a 1200 member strong team serving the complete spectrum of IT needs. As a serial entrepreneur, he currently sits on the boards of a number of companies both public and private. His balanced expertise in both technical & financial aspects of business and his deep understanding of market dynamics gives him an uncanny ability to grasp market undercurrents and identify the trends with best business potential.

Krishna Chintam, Managing Director: Krishna Chintam is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Kellton Tech and is the propelling force behind its energy, enthusiasm and exuberance.

A seasoned serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in information technology, marketing, finance, strategy and operational management, Krishna was jointly instrumental in spearheading Kellton’s acquisition strategy in recent years that fuelled its inorganic growth. He is also a key member in the governing and advisory boards of several organizations in the finance, technology and security domain.

“We help companies renovate, innovate and get accustomed to the latest disruptive model.”