January Edition 2023

Buildsmith Solutions – Leveraging Client-side construction project management that brings clarity to complex builds

Effective construction project management benefits owners by increasing the potential for successful project completion—on time, within budget, and free of financial or legal complications. Construction management is a professional service that uses specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, design and construction of a project. While project oversight services evolve over the course of the project, construction management is intended to optimize best industry practices, prudent management decision-making, and effective and transparent project controls and reporting methods. Project management can also provide clear lines of accountability. With a construction management team in place, there is little confusion about who the decision maker is or what the project objectives are. Improvements in overall construction project communication, efficiency and cost provided by effective construction management are clear. Project management makes sure the right people do the right things at the right times, the result: project success.

With expensive contractors and materials, every penny counts in a large-scale build. Mistakes can quickly erode your profit margins, warp timescales and immobilize your project. At Buildsmith Solutions, they see their services as a form of insurance. The company flags up problems before they arise. They control every aspect can and react smartly to what they can’t. Buildsmith brings you cost-control with minimal design and quality loss. And they apply their experience and knowledge to safeguard your investment — and your reputation — from costly mistakes.

Bringers of Truth for Your Next Build

Commercial to Residential Conversion: With the rise of remote working, demand for prime office space has sharply decreased. Previously valuable units are now sitting empty. But with change comes opportunity. By converting your empty commercial spaces to houses or flats, you could restore huge value to these unused units. And as high-end construction project leaders, Buildsmith can help make your commercial to residential conversion a reality. And that’s a good thing. They combine experience, expertise and lateral thinking to provide smart solutions that keep your budget and reputation intact. So whether you’re a seasoned developer or planning your first commercial to residential conversion project, they will ensure nothing catches you off guard.

Mixed Use Development: Mixed use developments have to be many things to many people. With so many variables at play, reaching an achievable brief can take a meticulous eye for detail. That’s why Buildsmith don’t just start when the build does, but support you to get to that point. The company uses years of experience in design, surveying and planning to ensure that your vision marries innovative design with a feasible brief. When it comes to mixed use developments, there’s no room for trial and error. The scale of these projects and the external investment required means that they need to go right — first time. Buildsmith Solutions' experience working on challenging mixed use developments means they know the pitfalls to look out for, and how to avoid them. By looking at your project goals and projected ROI, they offer design options, budget advice and project analysis that could save you millions, without compromising on quality.

Class Q Permitted Development: Are you sitting on an agricultural plot that could be doing more? Class Q permitted development is your key to a thriving home business. Through this unique planning resource, Builsmith will help you transform your obsolete agricultural building into a valuable commercial asset. From guest houses and AirBnbs to camp site blocks, Buildsmith Solutions have the experience and know-how to make your transformation simple and successful. Starting a rural conversion from scratch can be daunting. That’s why their experienced advisors are on hand to help with every decision, however small. Utilizing decades of experience, they will help successfully renovate your empty agricultural barn into an extraordinary living space.

Property Investor Rescue Service: It’s hard work seeing a build through from concept to completion. You put in a huge amount of time, effort and cash – and it only takes a small disturbance to send your project off the rails. Bildsmith Solutions' Property Investor Rescue Service is here to bring it back on track. As seasoned experts in construction project management, they will help you avoid project failure, reduce your losses and complete the build you envisaged – all the while saving you time, money and stress. Whether it is costs running wild through your carefully allocated funding, deadlines delayed (and delayed) or your expectations not being met, their Property Investor Rescue experts are on hand to help. The company has years of project management under their belt. They will quickly sort the bricks from the mortar, clarify your key goals and set out a solid – and manageable – framework for delivery. So you know exactly what to expect, and can get back to the business of seeing your building investments become reality.

About | Leo Scarborough

Founder of Buildsmith Solutions, Leo Scarborough is a RICS-qualified chartered surveyor, expert construction project manager, and self-described ‘pragmatic optimist’. He founded BuildSmith Solutions as an antidote to an industry that isn’t always as transparent as it should be. While contractors might take on your project, it doesn’t mean that the work can be done in your timescale, your budget — or even at all.

With decades of experience across design, conveyance and project management, Leo saw these failings first-hand. In 2020, he established Buildsmith Solutions to bring cohesion and clarity to the construction industry.

"Give us 30 minutes and we’ll point out where your project is most likely to fall over. Because we’re not promising to build your dreams — we’re promising to build your future."