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Built for the developer community to integrate robust Authentication and Single Sign-On with a single code: LoginRadius


Built for the developer community to integrate robust Authentication and Single Sign-On with a single code: LoginRadius

Your identity is extremely valuable. Being able to prove you are you is important for most aspects of life – from applying for a home loan to getting a passport. Having your identity stolen can compromise everyday activities and undermine your reputation, both privately and professionally. That's why it's extremely important to protect your personal privacy online. LoginRadius was established with the vision of securing the identity of every person on the internet. Over a few short years, the company has grown exponentially from a simple social login provider to a multi-faceted, industry-leading customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform. The LoginRadius Identity Platform helps companies securely manage customer identities and data to deliver a unified customer experience.

Customer registration service

Create registration forms in any language with anti-bot CAPTCHA, custom fields, strings, and interfaces of your choice. LoginRadius verifies email addresses before creating customer accounts and profiles. Create custom login screens that support options for Standard Login, Social Login, password resets, and account creation. Set up custom email templates and workflows to automate your customer registration process. Customize your user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for customer registration forms, login screens, and password recovery. Design unique UI and UX for each of your applications. Create custom fields and field names on customizable registration forms. Set fields as optional or mandatory and set field types to text box, radio button, check box, or drop-down menu. With LoginRadius, you can define various rules for registration form fields such as password complexity, input format, optional or mandatory fields, and much more. LoginRadius gives you the freedom to design your desired user flows and create a smooth and seamless customer experience for all of your applications. Never deal with forgotten password requests again. The LoginRadius self-serve password management feature automatically assists users when they need to recover passwords or forgotten social ID providers. Allow customers to reset their username or password on demand via automated email verification links.

Expand your customer base by making it easy to create an account and log in on your websites and mobile apps.

  • Whether they’re signing up for your services or for marketing, welcome newcomers with a registration process that is quick and frustration-free.
  • When customers return, verify their identity simply and safely to build their affinity with your brand.
  • The LoginRadius Identity Platform offers a complete range of customer registration and authentication options so you can find the right balance between customer experience and security.

Choose login methods that make sense for your customer journey and customize them to boost conversion.

Unified social API

LoginRadius has combined the APIs of over 40 social networks to create a unified social API fully equipped to handle the features of these providers. This frees developers from having to learn each network’s API, allowing us to do the heavy lifting. Social networks are always changing their APIs. LoginRadius keeps these APIs up to date, ensuring that our clients and their customers are not affected. LoginRadius gives you access to your customers’ social profile data, including verified email addresses, likes, interests, contacts, and much more. Data is gathered after the customer consents to share it with you; from there, that information is normalized into a universal format. Click here for a list of social profile data points that can be gathered within the LoginRadius Identity Platform. Fully customize the look and feel of the Social Login interface to match your applications. Choose your desired social ID providers and button style, and manage the customer experience from top to bottom.

The LoginRadius Admin Console offers a single dashboard for Social Login, data gathering, and social permissions. From the Admin Console, you can set configurations and make powerful changes including:

  • Easily add and remove social ID providers
  • Configure social ID options
  • Choose which social data to gather from social networks
  • Enable profile access and permissions

Social Login from LoginRadius works seamlessly with mobile platforms and integrates natively. LoginRadius detects a customer’s mobile app and quickly authenticates without requiring the customer to enter their social credentials. As the omnichannel expands, businesses can get ahead by adopting new and advanced login options. The internet of things (IoT) presents challenges for usability and security. And customers are becoming more hesitant about creating yet another user account. These specialized login methods solve those problems and signal to the market that your business is on the forefront of user registration and authentication.

Meet the leader behind the success of LoginRadius

Rakesh Soni, CEO and Co-founder: With a passion for business and creativity, Rakesh has been instrumental in growing LoginRadius from a startup to a leading provider of customer identity management solutions serving over 700 million users. Rakesh has an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MSc from the University of Alberta.

“The LoginRadius mission, to secure the identity of every person on the internet, is a challenging and ambitious goal.”