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Burstorm – Enabling the cloud ecosystem to evaluate price to performance ratios of every cloud storage and enterprise service provider


The “cloud” has now become one of the most strategic issues inside any company.  Companies will win or lose based on strategies they evaluate, options they examine and decisions they make. Coud computing is the common term used for the on-demand delivery of a range of computing resources over remote networks. It removes the need to run and manage physical hardware on-site, allowing businesses to work more flexibly and scale up their infrastructure easily and affordably. Cloud computing is increasingly important and popular thanks to the agility it offers as well as considerable cost savings, significantly greater capacity and access to a host of managed services. Cloud computing would not be possible without data centres providing the connectivity, capacity and computing power all in one managed environment accessible over the internet. Data centre providers such as Telehouse offer a range of connectivity services for businesses of all types and sizes.

Burstorm is a cloud technology platform company enabling enterprises, service providers and systems integrators to model, design, benchmark and optimize cloud infrastructure.  Combining an easy-to-use drag-and-drop modeling application with a continuously updated catalog of service provider assets, the Burstorm platform helps organizations more quickly and accurately assess and select the optimal computing storage, networking and data center solutions for their digital transformation to the cloud. Burstorm offers an optimized and fully integrated CAD application for the next generation of cloud architects and cloud service providers to solve important business and design challenges. The Burstorm CAD application for cloud architects is doing for Enterprise IT what Synopsys and Cadence did for chip design. 

Addressing the Changes within the Cloud Services Market

Cloud Infrastructure Modeling and Design: Burstorm's Design Scenario Editor allow their users to create and modify their cloud infrastructure designs in real-time through an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface, while capturing all requirements based on technology, economics, performance, security and availability. The built-in collaboration features make it easy for distributed teams to share models and designs — staying up-to-date with the latest iteration.

Custom Product and Design: Over time, configured solutions may no longer match with a customer’s original design requirements.  Through the Burstorm Platform, you are able to connect custom designs and costs to a globally shared and accessible design. IT Managers can instantaneously see how their custom solutions compare to either a standalone solution or part of a larger modeling exercise. Today’s design tools are manual, slow, and lack the intelligence to capture or interact with current state data. The cloud infrastructure market is complex and moving very fast, making it impossible to fully understand external options and adequately compare solutions. The Burstorm Platform speeds up the design process.

Cloud Price-Performance Benchmarking: Product managers have relied on anecdotal or outdated information when making strategic decisions on key foundational IT investments and internal product sets. Data driven decisions significantly reduce risk, cost and time to market. Until now, infrastructure decisions were substandard because they had to be made with limited data. Their Benchmarking Services allow you to objectively measure the value of in-house and external service offerings based on performance, price and price-performance metrics. They offer a private benchmarking service so you can quickly and easily compare your current cloud infrastructure to the top cloud service providers. To test performance Burstorm uses the standard UnixBench score, scaled to a more modern processor and bus (a Raspberry Pi 2,  ARM7 @900Mhz) rather than the original SparcStation 20-61. The values based on this system represent the Burstorm Compute Unit or BCU. They spin up an instance with default settings (no optimizations) for each run. The test data they collect is from a full UnixBench test with the iteration count set to 1.

Burstorm Cloud i2i: Providing the insight needed to assess cloud options and selects the optimum solutions. The biggest obstacle facing leaders today is to understand all of the cloud options and identifying the best possible solutions to meet their strategic, business and technical requirements. Burstorm is the leader in cloud infrastructure modeling, providing independent and unbiased insight to help make well-informed decisions about an organization’s compute, storage, networking and data center components for in-house, colocation, cloud and hybrid IT environments.

Brandon Abbey | Founder & CEO

Brandon founded Burstorm because he saw the shift to cloud computing and knew there must be a better way to provide enterprise clients with the right solutions.  While he’s skilled in the art of sale, he’s been focused on developing the underlying software technology that will provide customers with the benefits of comparing different cloud service providers while lowering the cost of sales for the providers.  During his career, Brandon has worked with some of the largest technology companies in the world; such as, Google, Cisco, eBay, Yahoo, Microsoft and many others implementing both their national and multi-national compute, storage, data center and network infrastructure deployments.

"Through continuous research Burstorm provides transparency, unbiased benchmarking and intelligence into a dynamic and rapidly growing cloud marketplace."