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Business Requirements to Production Faster, Without Sacrificing Compliance: Inedo


Our tagline is "DevOps for the Enterprise", and we offer solutions to help large organizations - who not only have technological and personal challenges but often regulatory and compliance issues - adopt DevOps in a strategic and sensible manner.

Inedo’s general approach involves its software tools, as well as training and services. The company incorporates not only its tools but also other tools within the DevOps toolchain to create a well-rounded and tailored solution for each organization. It focuses on the strong visualization of the process, native support for Windows-centric environments, and building on the tools and processes already in place. Inedo is headquartered in Berea, Ohio.

Product Offerings                                                                     

ProGet: Package your Applications and Components

ProGet helps you package applications and components so you can ensure your software is built only once, and then deployed consistently across environments. This means everyone can be certain that what goes to production is exactly what was built and tested.

ProGet supports Docker containers and third-party packages; like NuGet, npm, PowerShell, and Chocolatey, allowing you to enforce quality standards, monitor for open-source licenses, and scan for vulnerabilities across all packages, much earlier in the development cycle. With high-availability, load-balancing, and multi-site replication, ProGet can centralize your organization's software applications and components to provide uniform access to developers and servers, no matter where they are in your network.

Hedgehog: Takes Your Applications and Services To Production Faster

  • Import: Import your application and component packages from ProGet, so you can uniformly distribute your software across environments and enable consistent deployment and testing.
  • Bundle: Bundle related packages, common variables, and deployment configurations to orchestrate complex, multi-package or multi-server scenarios. Document and enforce these relationships with templates to create an easy-to-use, self-service deployment platform.
  • Deliver: Deliver to any number of targets, such as servers or the cloud. Control which types of packages may be deployed at which stage, restrict who can deploy to different environments, and define which approvals are required.
  • Accelerate: Accelerate your software delivery by shipping pre-release and GitFlow packages into your testing pipelines sooner without interrupting existing release schedules or risking inadvertent production changes.
  • Discover: Discover which stage various packages are at and which deployments need attention by seeing the status of your packages across all environments on a single dashboard. Drill down to detailed deployment records while restricting who can see sensitive log entries.

Otter: Provision your servers and manage configuration

  • Provision and Configure: Otter helps you provision and configure your servers automatically, without ever needing to log-in to a command prompt. You can define reusable sets of configuration called roles, and then scale your infrastructure by simply assigning these roles to any number of servers.
  • Manage Configuration Drift: Otter continuously monitors your servers for configuration changes, and reports when there’s configuration drift. You can set servers to automatically remediate drift, or schedule remediation and other configuration changes as needed.
  • Visibility across Servers: You can manage everything from Otter's web-based dashboard, and selectively share your servers' configuration, state, and change history with other teams, without giving them control, or even requiring them to learn OtterScript.

Inedo's Professional Services

Inedo's professional services team can help accelerate your DevOps implementation while also reducing the risk of failure. With years of experience assisting in DevOps transformations, Inedo serves as trusted advisors and accountability partners to its clients. With its help, clients can rest assured that their DevOps will be successful.

DevOps is more than just implementing the latest and greatest tool. Furthermore, no consulting organization will be able to "convert" you to DevOps as that change -and the desire for it- must come from within. However, Inedo's professional services team can play a key role in helping create a plan for this internal change, get key teams and personnel in place, and ready for organizational transformation.

Inedo works with organizations to establish a new mindset, growing a culture, and adopt tools to facilitate automation. Its many years of experience in helping organizations successfully implement lasting solutions provides a keen understanding of the complexities and critical importance of Enterprise DevOps acceleration. While your organization needs to be the motivation behind these changes, Inedo is the trusted advisors and accountability partners that provide you advice and support at every step of the way.

Founder’s Desk

Alex Papadimoulis, the Founder and CEO of Inedo: In His Own Words

“I'm Alex, and I started Inedo back in 2007.

I didn't really have a vision for where Inedo would go -- I just knew that I was good at understanding requirements and writing code, and I was fortunate to know a bunch of like-minded developers who could help me out. Over the years, we picked up some exciting custom software projects for customers in all sorts of different business domains, got into developer training and process improvement, and soon after decided to build a software product of our own.

It wasn't easy and creating BuildMaster nearly bankrupted us. I spoke a bit about why in an interview with Scott Hanselman, but long story short: it's a whole lot harder to build a software product than just writing code. But we're definitely on the right track now, and the future for Inedo is clear and bright.”

“Focus on your core responsibilities while we provide the engineering expertise to allow your enterprise to achieve the benefits of application automation and DevOps success sooner.”