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50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2023

An innovator providing excellent demand generation solutions that foster meaningful connections, drive tangible results, and create a positive return: Bython Media


Chris Leger joined Bython in May 2022, as the CEO. After a decade-long agency career, he recognized a need for a change of pace, and wanted to find an opportunity to get into hyper-growth mode again. Bython has given him the chance to build on a foundation of great work, a solid team, and technology to leverage. The mission was to capitalize on the need to create quality and transparency in the B2B demand generation space. Leger believed that what Bython needed was to be in front of the right people having the right conversations since the technology was forward thinking, scalable, and stable, and the message would resonate with the industry. The focus for Chris now in the role is to bring higher quality and increase transparency allowing B2B marketers to create superior performing, omnichannel campaigns while cutting out the noise and maximizing ROI for marketers.

Bython’s platform, Byonic, provides complete, real-time transparency for every campaign. These real-time insights enable our team and our agency and customer partners, to make decisions on campaign performance and optimize lead delivery based on the data. The result of leveraging a company like Bython that uses its own 1st party data, technology, and resources, is the enablement of marketing and sales customers to trust the results, partner with confidence, and maximize their budgets. When you work with Bython you can count on customer centric results that convert, speed to market using data and technology, quality and transparency with real-time insights, along with experiences that drive engagement.

In conversation with Chris Leger, CEO of Bython Media

Q. Can you explain your services in brief?

Bython provides demand generation solutions that foster meaningful connections, drive tangible results, and create ROI for our customers. Our suite of highly personalized capabilities allows marketing and sales to take control over demand generation outcomes across campaigns. Bython is always on it helping our customers develop and execute campaigns their way with full transparency. Customers strategize with our team on the best approach for omnichannel campaigns based upon their requirements. Customers choose one or all of our inclusive global marketing channel tactics, along with our operational, and Byonic technology, and Bython builds and executes a campaign that delivers upon their success metrics.

Our Marketing channel tactics and benefits includes:

  1. B2B Content Syndication improves your reach
  2. Events and Webinars position you as an expert
  3. Telemarketing helps you gain more insight into prospect needs
  4. Campaigns
  5. ABM targets high value, specific customers
  6. Buying Groups target influencers to sell more and faster
  7. Form Fill tracks those that have acted
  8. Intent Data identifies which customers are in-market for your solutions
  9. Install Base Technologies target specific hardware and software
  10. Interactive Content boosts engagement
  11. Multi-Touch Campaigns improve your chances of success
  12. Surveys get answers to important questions

Q. How do you maintain the balance of exclusivity and attainability of goals for the brands that you serve?

Working directly with Bython, without brokers, produces better results because of the capacity to consultatively build programs tailored to the customer’s needs. Each campaign is personalized and produced based upon the customers’ requirements. It is executed using the Byonic platform and our operational procedures. Bython adheres to the highest industry standards for data and security recently earning the ISO/IEC 27001:2012 certification for our Information Security Management System applied to customer information. With a major focus in the technology industry, we ensure that we have ample data to answer the needs across our portfolio of customers, as well as adhere to strict guidelines around usage of data between customers.

Q. Tell us about your content development. What are the factors that will contribute to the engagement level?

Bython’s consistent ability to execute our brand process is critical to all content development. Bython’s leadership’s acceptance that the Bython brand is the identity and story of the company that makes it stand out from competitors. The goal of branding at Bython is to earn the trust and respect of our marketing and sales customers and to be the preferred option for all demand generation solutions. Bython recommends omnichannel marketing to our customers and we use it internally. This is a unified approach applied to all marketing channels regarding the design, strategy, and execution of our content including the customers’ experience to improve engagement levels. It streamlines all marketing efforts and is a laser-like focus on value creation.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Bython is actively working on new services as well as adding features and functions to Byonic and our data. We will let you know when we launch them.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

After years of successfully serving customers across the US, Chris Leger, in 2022, added agency partners to the customer and prospect targets. He currently has set in motion expansion plans across the globe, presently in APAC, having previously added EMEA. While working on the expansion, Leger is also working on the company’s portfolio, updating Byonic, and regionalizing our offerings. Leger implemented a customer success team as well this year as Bython wins on service, renewals, account growth, and agency expansion. Stay tuned for announcements!

Meet the leader behind the success of Bython

Chris Leger is the CEO of Bython. Shortly after he joined in May of 2022, he added marketing agency partners to the Bython community, further growing Bython. He expanded into the UK and Asia. Chris was recently honored in Forbes “Top 10 Innovators Shaping Industry in 2023.” For over 20 years, Chris has been a noteworthy leader in the global marketing and sales industry. He is well known from his work as the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Merkle B2B, having started the Austin office, which quickly became an agency powerhouse in the technology industry. He creates trusting partnerships that enable the innovative services that he brings to market. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the Boston College Carroll School of Business. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.

“We take a consultative approach to enterprise and agency customers with a suite of highly personalized capabilities allowing marketing and sales to take control over demand generation outcomes across campaigns.”