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Canalyst – Transforming the workflows of investors and finance professionals globally through better data and time savings


The simple definition of “analytics” is a study of analysis. An analysis is a process of conducting a detailed examination of the elements of something. The modern term data analytics is formed by putting together the terms data and analytics. Therefore, data analytics refers to a tool or method used to gain valuable insights into the inner mechanisms of a specific activity or phenomenon. Usually, the term data analytics is used in the context of businesses and their activities. By performing data analytics using various tools, companies can gain meaningful insights from the large datasets they have collected. This will enable them to provide responses and services specifically catered to their customers’ needs. The importance of data analytics trends is more evident in recent years. Data analytics is often abbreviated to analytics, and it is essential for large organizations and businesses of all sizes.

Canalyst is the leading destination for public company data and analysis. The company’s SaaS platform provides instant access to the cleanest, richest, best structured fundamental data and models on global public companies. Hundreds of firms across financial services and corporate markets globally rely on Canalyst to reduce duplicative work and ground their financial analysis on sound fundamental data. Canalyst was created out of necessity by a former buyside analyst who required a more efficient way to expand coverage and quickly compare a broad universe of companies. What started as a proprietary tool to be more competitive has soon sparked interest from other institutional investors on the street. Today, Canalyst is the leading provider of data and analytics on listed companies. Their platform transforms the workflows of investors and finance professionals globally through better data and time savings. They are trusted by hundreds of institutions including many of the largest investment managers and corporations globally. The company has grown over the years because of the excellence of their people and their dedication to solving the clients' problems.

Leveraging Robust Data and Analytics Solutions

Fundamental Models and Data: Canalyst provides standard and custom Excel worksheet drop-in templates (DCF, LBO, and incremental M&A) that are directly linked to data in the company’s model. Their 100+ person equity research team builds and updates models directly from company filings, using a stringent review process to ensure accuracy. Seamlessly incorporate the latest earnings updates into your customized, working models. Automatically update the most recently reported operating statistics and financials into your working models. Run a variance report showing side-by-side comparisons, so you can easily spot the differences between your forecasts and reported results. Models across all sectors are organized in a consistently structured layout to give you a familiar starting point.

Candas Data Science Library: Candas was built by a former PM / analyst to give anyone with a little bit of Python knowledge the ability to scale their fundamental investment process. Access, manipulate, and visualize Canalyst models, without ever opening Excel. Work with full models, create and calculate scenarios, and visualize actionable investment ideas - all in a matter of minutes. Rather than simply deliver data, Candas serves the actual model in a Python class. Like a calculator, this allows for custom scenario evaluation for one or more companies at a time. Visualize P&L statements in node trees with common size percent and values attached. Use the built-in charting tools to efficiently make comparisons. Focus time on the highest value-adding activities of your team, and allow yourself more time to think strategically. Get cleaner, more consistent models across a broader coverage universe, while reducing costs. Equip each of your analysts with the combined modeling output of a 75+ person research team.

Damir Hot | Chief Executive Officer

Damir’s leadership of Canalyst is backed by over a decade of sales and product experience at high-growth technology ventures in several complex industries. Prior to founding Canalyst, Damir was VP Customer Development at Metafor Software, a machine learning startup acquired by Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK) in 2015. Prior to that, Damir was the first sales rep, and later VP Sales, at Pulse Energy, a meter data analytics software provider to energy utilities; Pulse was acquired by EnerNOC (NASDAQ: ENOC) in 2014. Before Pulse Energy, Damir was a product manager at Stemcell Technologies, a privately-held biotech firm, and was a sales engineer at Bycast, a maker of cloud storage management software acquired by NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) in 2010.

Damir holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Physics with a specialization in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia.

"We’re driven to seamlessly deliver the cleanest, richest, and best structured fundamental data to financial professionals to empower their decision making process."