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Cannasphere Biotech: Combining the Power of CBD with its Patent Pending Lipofusion™ Delivery Technology to Deliver Remarkable Benefits


“Our company is committed to harnessing science to produce breakthrough CBD products that have a profoundly positive impact on humanity.”

While Cannabidiol (CBD) products have existed for many years in the legal cannabis market and the medicinal benefits of CBD are relatively well known, demand for CBD products has been exploding in both the recreational and medical markets over the past several years. Scientific and clinical research significantly shows that CBD can potentially treat a wide range of conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, chronic pain, schizophrenia, depression, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders. CBD has demonstrable neuroprotective and neurogenic effects. Its anti-cancer properties are currently being investigated at several academic research centers in the United States and other countries. While the possibilities surrounding the health benefits of CBD are fascinating, there are specific challenges to overcome. The bioavailability of cannabinoid molecules is one of the major concerns.

To overcome this, Cannasphere Biotech has introduced its cutting-edge, patent-pending dual encapsulation technology called Lipofusion™. The firm combines the power of hemp-derived CBD with its patent-pending Lipofusion™ delivery technology to maximize bioavailability while facilitating rapid onset and sustained release. It offers private label products, product development services, and manufacturing-ready Lipofusion™ CBD, which is water-soluble, can be utilized as a raw ingredient in a wide variety of formulations. All of the company’s products undergo rigorous testing for purity, potency, safety, and efficacy at independent laboratories and are manufactured in a cGMP, FDA-registered facility.

In Conversation with Star Simmons, Cannasphere Biotech Co-Founder

Q. The CBD industry has seen miraculous growth in recent times. What do you think is the reason behind its popularity?

CBD is such an effective form of support for human health due to the body’s endogenous cannabinoid system. The body has millions of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and nervous system, which react to plant-derived cannabinoids and natural cannabinoids produced within our bodies. When hemp-derived CBD is used and processed by the body, it is effectively boosting the function of the endo-cannabinoid system, helping our body to create balance in many different ways. CBD can modulate the transcription of over 1,100 genes that make the signaling molecules, naturally reducing inflammation in our central nervous system. This restores homeostasis to both our immune and central nervous systems, bringing everything into balance.

Q. Can you tell us about water-soluble CBD and its importance?

Yes, CBD oil is hydrophobic, meaning it is repelled by water and resists absorption by the body, leaving up to 90 percent of the cannabinoid to pass through the body unused. CBD does not dissolve in water, but water-soluble CBD helps unlock its potential by making it more useful and versatile. We don’t just break the CBD active down into nanoparticles. Instead, we utilize a groundbreaking encapsulation process, our patent-pending Lipofusion™ technology—to surround the hydrophobic CBD actives with submicroscopic lipid spheres, known as nanoliposome. The result: a form of CBD that is 100 percent water-soluble and more protected from oxidation in the external environment and degradation in our digestive system.

Q. Please brief us about your path-breaking, patent-pending Lipofusion™, and its importance?

Our technology is a delivery system that makes CBD more absorbable at the cellular level. We all know the saying, oil, and water don’t mix. Cannabinoids are oily substances and, as such, are not naturally water-soluble. This is a challenge for the body. But we’re proud to say that our research and development team has overcome this obstacle using a breakthrough process that makes CBD water-soluble. Our patent-pending Lipofusion™ delivery technology delivers the “holy grail” combination of water solubility and maximized bioavailability, which means that consumers feel better more rapidly and for an extended duration. In fact, research has shown that nanoliposomes can increase the absorption of CBD by 80 percent. It’s also important to point out that all Lipofusion™ CBD is Broad Spectrum, not a CBD isolate. There is no detectable THC in any of our products. 

Q. Can you brief us about the products Cannasphere Biotech offers? 

We are here to serve businesses from startups to big consumer brands and MLMs looking to roll out their own line of CBD products or add to their current CBD products line. We also provide our raw ingredients to large product manufacturers. Our manufacturing-ready Lipofusion™ CBD is available in powder and liquid form. It is the ideal raw ingredient for use in various beverages, ingestible, and supplements such as capsules, tablets, and flavored beverage powders. 

We also offer finished CBD products, for example:

Capsules: CBD alone or blended with other active components like Vitamin C or Curcumin.

Tablets: There is nothing like these tablets on the market; we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the efficacy of pain relief, in particular.

CBD Gummies with a liquid center: Again, this is unique to the market. The nanoliposomal CBD and the liquid center can help set your brand apart from all of the other CBD gummies on the market.

Q. What is your advice to the budding entrepreneurs who are interested in launching a line of CBD products?

First of all, know the source of your CBD. Because we aim to earn our clients’ trust, all of our products undergo rigorous testing for purity, potency, safety, and efficacy at independent laboratories. Also, our products are manufactured in a GMP facility.

Secondly, I think it’s important to understand that the excitement about CBD is a double-edged sword.  The market is becoming crowded with ineffectual CBD products, and it’s important to set your brand apart by offering CBD products that actually get results. Our Lipofusion™ delivery technology allows you to do just that.

The Ardent Visionary Behind the Success of Cannasphere Biotech

Star Simmons serves as the Co-Founder of Cannasphere Biotech. She is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 25 years of business experience in finance, sales, marketing, and publishing. In 2015, Ms. Simmons co-founded The Cannabis Reporter. Since then, the outlet’s flagship production, The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show, has become the first all-cannabis educational program to achieve national syndication. As an influencer in the emerging cannabis industry, she has forged many synergistic alliances that have garnered her high-level of trust, influence, and social equity among leaders in the space.

“A Certificate of Analysis is available for every batch of our powders, liquids, and finished products. Also, our products are manufactured in a GMP facility.”