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CANOPUS Networks – Offering an affordable network visibility management solution driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and programmable switch (P4) technology


Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) is the process of monitoring and analyzing network traffic flows to gain insights into the behavior of the network, identify potential security threats, and optimize network performance. It involves the collection, processing, and analysis of data packets that flow through a network, and it provides a comprehensive view of all network activity, including the types of traffic, the sources and destinations of the traffic, and the volume of data being transmitted. Network Traffic Analysis is a crucial tool in detecting and preventing security threats such as malware infections, data breaches, and network attacks. By analyzing network traffic, NTA can identify and alert security teams to suspicious activity and help prevent data loss or other harmful consequences. In summary, Network Traffic Analysis is an essential tool for network monitoring, security, and performance optimization. It helps organizations gain a better understanding of their network traffic patterns and identify potential security threats, enabling them to take proactive measures to protect their network and data.   

Founded by Vijay Sivaraman (CEO) and Himal Kumar (CTO) in 2018, Canopus Networks provides a network visibility management solution driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and programmable switch (P4) technology. The solution is built on Terabit speed hyperscaler programmable switching technology, coupled with patented AI engines trained on stochastic behavioral models. Canopus Networks’ technology offers a scalable, privacy-friendly, and encryption-resistant application-aware network traffic analytics platform. The platform is now operational in several networks across Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and the UK to allow telecommunications providers to accurately measure online experience for gaming, streaming, and immersive environments.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Canopus Networks has expanded its team with personnel also in Melbourne, New Zealand, USA, and the UK. Born out of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, the company originated from years of research on Software Defined Networking (SDN). The research pioneered the use of programmable network techniques for traffic classification and application experience measurement.

FlowPulse® technology

Canopus Networks was founded by Professor Vijay Sivaraman and Himal Kumar from UNSW's School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, who are leaders in Software Defined Networking. The company is based on technology researched and developed over many years at UNSW, Sydney. Canopus' mission is to embed itself in the heart of every global network to transform network user experience and re-define the way networks are operated. Canopus' patented FlowPulse technology is encryption proof, scalable and able to analyse network flows at unprecedented speeds of over 400 Gbps.

Network Traffic Analysis provides visibility into network activity, allowing organizations to better understand how their network is being used and identify areas for improvement. By monitoring network traffic patterns, NTA can help organizations optimize their network infrastructure and make more informed decisions about network design and capacity planning. In conclusion, Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) is a critical tool for organizations to detect security threats, optimize network performance, ensure compliance, respond to incidents, and gain visibility into network activity. By implementing NTA, organizations can better protect their networks, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions about network design and capacity planning. The implementation of NTA involves several steps, including identifying network traffic sources, selecting an NTA solution, deploying and configuring the solution, monitoring network traffic, reviewing and updating policies, and training staff. It is essential to choose the right NTA solution and configure it properly to ensure accurate analysis of network traffic and effective identification of security threats and network issues. Overall, NTA is a valuable investment for any organization that wants to improve its network security, performance, and compliance posture, and gain better visibility into its network activity.

Network traffic monitoring and analysis is one of the key components of modern enterprise-focuses cybersecurity. The gargantuan amounts of data to process also make it a perfect foundation for ML-based solutions, which thrive on data. That’s why delivers a comprehensive AIOps architecture-based platform for network data analytics. Programmable Switches (P4) coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) overcomes the challenge of encryption and scale. P4 uses commodity hardware to scale attribute extraction to Terabits-per-second. AI engines trained on stochastic behavioral models classify and measure application performance without relying on packet content inspection. FlowPulse® is the world’s most accurate, scalable, and cost-effective network traffic analytics technology for fixed and mobile networks.

The Visionary Leader at the Helm of CANOPUS Networks

Vijay Sivaraman is a Co-Founder, Director, and the CEO of Canopus Networks. He was an early engineer in a Silicon Valley start-up manufacturing optical switch-routers, and has done extensive product architecture, development, and operations of carrier-grade solutions for Telcos. He is a tenured Professor at UNSW Sydney, co-founder of the ANZ SDN Alliance, and has raised millions of dollars for SDN and IoT technologies from government, defense, and private industry.

"Canopus Network’s purpose is to provide Telecoms with real-time powerful insights into customer behavior and experience across both fixed and wireless networks to drive excellence in service delivery, network performance and profitability."