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Canviz – Helping Clients Eliminate the Worry Associated With Conceiving, Building, and Deploying Complex Business Technology Solutions


Microsoft is not only a household name, but it is firmly established in almost every industry across the world. It dominates the development, manufacture, licensing, support, and sale of software, electronics, personal computers, and related services. Microsoft has also formed many vendor partnerships with other companies to create a robust Microsoft Partner Network. When you hire a Managed Services Provider, ensure that it is also a Microsoft Partner so you receive expert support. A Microsoft Partner will not only assist you to implement the latest hardware and software, but will also offer mobile solutions, cloud capabilities, and Microsoft’s extensive suite of online apps and services. With the right Managed Services Provider, you will also access comprehensive customer support in IT staffing, cybersecurity, and tech strategy.

Canviz specializes in creating software solutions based on Microsoft’s Azure and Office 365 platforms and open source technologies. Using industry recognized experts and a global work force, they deliver cost effective and reliable solutions that improve productivity, reduce costs, and help drive new sales opportunities. They began their operations a decade ago and have grown due to successful relationships with their clients. The company started out small, with just a few people and a small office.  Today they have offices in multiple countries with dozens of young, energetic technology professionals who have a common goal of producing high value, polished, and effective business solutions. Canviz continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence their clients have in us. They cover many industries such as technology, manufacturing, health care, consumer products and public safety. Their clients include many of the world’s best-performing and most admired companies, organizations, as well as government agencies.

Leveraging Best Microsoft-Based Software Solutions

Office 365 SharePoint Version Checker: To properly support your Office 365 SharePoint tenancy, knowing exactly when your tenancy is updated by Microsoft is a critical operational detail to understand. Knowing when versions change helps you diagnose and troubleshoot any potential issues that occur in your tenancy and/or with custom code and systems that integrate with your tenancy. It also allows you to be proactive and run regression tests on your custom code and systems that integrate with your tenancy to ensure they still work after your tenancy version have been updated. The Add-in checks the version of your Office 365 SharePoint tenancy each time the page where the Add-in runs is requested/loaded. You can either make it a habit to browse to the page each day to see if the version has changed or you can use a script (recommended) to make automated requests to the web page the Add-in is installed on. The out-of-the-box alerting capabilities that come with SharePoint lists make it very easy to set up and configure alerts to immediately notify you every time Microsoft rolls out a new version to your Office 365 SharePoint tenancy.

Power Platform Solutions: At Canviz, they have been creating Power Apps before they were available to the public.  Their thought leadership with Power Apps is evident in the official Power Apps sample templates released by Microsoft, the conference presentations they deliver, and their community contributions. Canviz Power Apps services include design, development, test, deployment, documentation, and support.  The company creates fast, modern, and mobile-enabled Power Apps solutions for a wide range of business needs. Usually, in the course of two weeks Canviz can gather your requirements, document them, create a design and a prototype of your Power App and review it with your stakeholders. After the review cycle is complete and they gather the feedback from the reviews they can tweak the requirements and design and begin the build phase.  A typical build phase for a Power App can be finished and fully tested in under a month.

Cloud Infrastructure Management: Numerous companies turn to Canviz to help them manage their cloud infrastructure to ensure security patches are consistently applied and up-time meets service level agreements (SLAs).  Their clients save time and money and rest easier knowing Canviz professionals are always on watch. The company's experienced global IT administration team provides 24x7x365 managed services offerings. Their managed services for LAN/WAN and server monitoring consist of the supervision, administration, management, planning and maintenance of all functions relating to infrastructure and components of local/wide area networks and servers. The service allows you to use the essential tools and human resources as shared or dedicated admins.

Tim McDaniel | Founder & CEO

With over 15 years of experience in management, business planning, financial analysis, software engineering, operations, and decision analysis, Tim has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand businesses and guide customers to suitable solutions.  He has lead more than 250 successful projects in his career, with total budgets exceeding 50 million.

Before founding Canviz in early 2008, Tim worked at Microsoft in IT, delivering complex global solutions. Previously, Tim held various consulting positions in the Seattle area, focusing on new custom development and system implementation projects. He has also worked in sales operations, and at WRQ, driving complex sales commission strategies.

"We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting client relationships built on trust and mutual respect."