10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2017

Care from anywhere, through the most modern Digital Health: MedWand


Founded in 2014, headquartered at Las Vegas, US, MedWand has attained its own stand in the global healthcare IT technology.

The Outlook

Las Vegas-based MedWand Solutions, LLC says it is a handheld, portable device that assists in the remote examinations of patients over secure internet connections via smart phones, tablets or computers. When used by a patient, the MedWand can allow a doctor to listen to heart and lungs, obtain basic vitals, and even look into a patient’s ears, nose, and throat. In addition to serving as a tool to conduct examinations, MedWand will allow for continuous data gathering, using algorithms to predict negative outcomes and allow providers an opportunity to intervene early. MedWand was invented by Dr. Samir Qamar, CEO of MedLion Management, Inc., and Robert Rose, Managing Director of Cypher Scientific, LLC.

A glimpse about the company

MedWand Solutions, Inc is a partnership between the founders of MedLion Management, Inc., a leading national provider of Direct Primary Care services and the founders of Cypher Scientific, LLC, and a leading West Coast engineering Design Company.

MedWand Solutions, Inc develops and distributes the MedWand solution, a patent-pending telemedicine device that easily connects to a PC or mobile device like a cell phone or tablet. MedWand contains a set of fundamental, easy-to-use vital sign measurement and examination devices integrated into a single wand about the size of a large electric toothbrush. It includes a pulse dosimeter, an otoscope camera for ear examinations with attachments to also allow views of the eyes, throat, or nose, an in-ear thermometer, a digital stethoscope, and provision to support optional 3rd party Bluetooth™ wireless devices such as glucose meter or blood pressure monitor. In addition enabling remote examinations, MedWand™ can assemble all measurements and required information into a secure Electronic Patient Record, enabling a clinical-quality, interactive, at-home telemedicine experience for both patients and their doctors.

Towards a better tomorrow; The New technology

MedWand has created the world’s first handheld telemedicine physical examination device. Portable, affordable, and used via secure Internet or satellite links, patients with MedWand can have providers listen to their heart and lungs; look into their ears, nose, and throat; get basic vitals; and obtain basic EKGs.

In addition to providing real-time remote examination capabilities, the device is capable of monitoring continuous vitals data for chronic conditions and unstable patients.

Highlighting Features

Examination and Diagnosis: -From home not from the clinic

MedWand™ allows doctors to hear heart and lungs, look at ears, eyes, nose or throat, and take pulse and temperature as if you were at a clinic.

Knowledge is power: -Secure electronic Patient records

MedWand   records all of the clinical data gathered in your telemedicine sessions into a HIPAA- compliant secure medical record. Information can be shared with your doctor and even analyzed for important trends.

Peace of Mind with health security: -Automatic doctor notification

MedWand can automatically notify your doctor if any clinical data exceeds boundaries you agree on. This function can allow timely medical intervention for an illness that could enter an acute phase.

At home or on the road: Healthcare knows no boundaries

MedWand works wherever you may be. It’s the perfect consumer health device for traveling professionals, busy moms, and the millions of Americans who live in rural areas with limited access to care.

Gliding the latest Innovations

A new genre of home diagnostic devices aims to address those concerns by giving patients some of the same tools that doctors use during in-office exams. Think part Star Trek Tricorder, part Harry Potter Extendable Ear.

The closest to market is Tyto, a hand-held gizmo about the size of a softball. One attachment works like a stethoscope to capture and record a patient’s heartbeat and breath sounds. Other attachments allow a built-in camera to get a good look at patient’s tonsils and into the ear canal. The camera can also take high-resolution photos of skin lesions, rashes and moles. All the images, sounds and readouts can be shared with a doctor over the internet in real time or stored in a software program for later use.

“We are replicating the face-to-face primary care visit, just doing it remotely,” says Dedi Gilad, who founded the Israel-based company Tyto Care Ltd. after making frequent trips to the pediatrician when his daughter was in kindergarten in 2012.

The ideas and Ideologies of the Authority

This is a game changer, says Dr. Samir Qamar, MedWand Solutions President. It doesn’t make sense to be limited by audio, video, or large carts and suitcases to provide telemedicine. Most doctors practicing telemedicine can’t examine patients or capture vital data as they would in an office visit, which is risky. Now, patients can be examined anywhere by simply pulling a MedWand out of their pocket and connecting with a doctor via their Smartphone or computer. Think of it as a digital house call. It’s amazing.

Meet the Master mind

Samir Qamar, MD, Founder & CEO: A family physician by training, Dr. Samir Qamar began the first medical membership practice in Monterey, California, where he also served as the house doctor for the famed Pebble Beach Resorts. Samir is an expert in the fields of membership practices, VIP medicine, and Direct Primary Care. His pioneering work in launching MedLion, one of the first Direct Primary Care companies in the nation, has been highlighted domestically and internationally as the company continues to thrive successfully without the help of outside investors. In 2014 Samir invented the MedWand, a revolutionary medical system that takes the telemedicine industry to the next level. Samir completed his medical training at Lancaster General Hospital in Pennsylvania, one of the finest family medicine programs in the country. His visions on the future of primary care have been referenced in many national publications, including Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, Forbes, and Time.