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December Special Edition 2021

Caremerge – Reinventing the Senior Living Experience and Ensuring the Aging Experience Is Filled With Peace of Mind


Care coordination has been identified as an important way to improve how the healthcare system works for patients, especially in terms of improved efficiency and safety. Most importantly, care coordination applied in a targeted way has the potential for improved outcomes for patients, providers, and payers. Care coordination truly is an incredibly intensive, wrap-around approach where you address all of the person’s needs ranging from medical needs to social determinants of health needs. They have the responsibility of rapport building over extended periods of time, having consistent communication and follow-up – meaning “showing up” for the patient population being served.

Caremerge provides a set of web and mobile communication and care-coordination solutions for senior living communities. The company is providing communities with an all-in-one platform that empowers families, residents, and staff. Its robust platform is made up of four core solutions: Family Engagement, Community Engagement, Calendar Central, and Chronic Care Management. The company’s collaborative environment allows team members to develop their talents, nurture their passions and continuously contribute their ideas. They believe in good people and great design and are expediting adoption through a friction-less client engagement model that creates long-lasting partnerships with successful outcomes.

Providing Best Care-Coordination Solutions to Enhance Senior Living Experience

Crisis Communication Platform: The Caremerge solutions were founded with the intent to bring peace of mind and joy to the senior living industry.  Now more than ever, they are seeing that come to light. The Caremerge Broadcast solution allows designated staff to quickly send a text, email or voicemail to all families, residents, and staff. Keep your community up-to-date with relevant information while providing peace of mind to everyone. Target messages by specific groups to tailor information even further and get critical updates out quicker to the people that matter the most. With Community Engagement, staff can fully customize each page and even embed recorded or live videos directly into the site.  The team can create all sorts of pages for sharing documents, news & resources, exercise programs, games, and more. 

Calendar Central: The Caremerge Calendar Central tool has numerous filters and permissions to allow everyone to have a personalized view into the calendar information that is most relevant to them. Caremerge can support your Life Enrichment and Wellness programming with its on-the-go Staff Apps for iOS and Android. Your team can message families, send announcements to residents, edit/create events, take attendance, and much more. Staff can easily personalize the view of their calendar through customizable filters including service level, coordinator, meeting location, and more. The Caremerge Staff App allows for attendance-taking, event edits, and secure messaging, all on the go.

Caremerge Community Engagement: It provides your residents with more opportunity to engage from their smartphone, tablet, or Alexa with other residents and for staff to build deeper relationships. Provide residents with the tools they need to stay happy and healthy wherever they may be. Caremerge, in partnership with Spiro100, is helping to deliver a state of the art wellness program that improves resident’s quality of life and wellbeing all in one centralized platform. Caremerge can help improve utilization of your concierge services by delivering community announcements, maintenance requests, news and more all through Caremerge Voice powered by Alexa. Custom Forms allows your staff to easily share surveys with residents and centralize all the responses in one system.

Caremerge Voice: It helps improve the residents’ experience by enabling them to interact with Alexa for community-specific information the natural way they have always used it. It saves time and headaches with the ability to manage and deploy Alexa devices campus-wide. That’s why they have partnered with Amazon and have developed Caremerge Voice to be compatible with Alexa for Hospitality’s Fleet Management platform. Communities are now able to satisfy the demand of the ever-evolving older adult with the content they want to consume and where they choose to access it. No need to “Ask my community,” with Caremerge Voice residents can just ask Alexa for community information in the same natural way they would utilize any public-facing skill.

The Leader Upfront

Nancy Koenig serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Caremerge. She is an accomplished and persuasive transformational global operations executive known for keen business acumen and ability to quickly asses a situation identify the challenge and eliminate the chaos. The ultimate change agent executive leading large teams and responsible P&L owner, this hands-on leader ignites change and inspires swift action that produces results, continent, to continent, market to market.  Ms. Koenig is recognized for her operations leadership coupled with focused ability to oversee, manage, and produce results from consolidating, right-sizing, business development, and reengineering products along with grooming team for leadership.

“We are providing simple and user-friendly solutions that eliminate communication silos and inspire collaboration.”