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CareStack™ – Offering complete cloud-based dental software solution for scheduling, clinical, billing, and reporting needs of dental offices of any size


Using Dental Practice Management System is a promising new alternative to the traditional dental care processes. It can help you make your dental office more organized. You will become less dependent on your, often unreliable, private server, for secure storage of your important information. You will be able to manage all your services better which will result in improving your overall efficiency and productivity. Combined with cutting-edge cloud technology, it can play a significant role in your dental practice. Cloud Dental Software solutions can help you manage your services more efficiently. They also help you communicate with your patients better and offer a more cost-effective solution to the traditional dental practice.

CareStack™ is a cloud-based dental software solution for scheduling, patient engagement, and reporting needs of dental offices of any size, whether it's a single location or a large multi-site DSO. With in-built features for centralization, automation, and analytics, CareStack enables dental organizations to achieve the full potential inherent in scale. An experienced team of specialists for data conversion, training, support, customer success, and revenue cycle management forms a deep partnership with the practice throughout the customer lifecycle to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing usage.

Advances dental software solutions offered by CareStack™

CS Enterprise™: Managing multiple offices with multiple software systems that don't play nice with each other is expensive and inefficient. Typically dental offices subscribe to a minimum of three types of software vendors to manage the daily operations - Practice management software, patient engagement solutions and data analytics providers. Legacy systems come with an inflexible integration structure and this creates challenges while bolting on third party software on top of it. Due to the latency in data movement and the limited data flow possible, manual labor has to be spent to keep both the systems in sync. CS Enterprise™ offers an unparalleled cloud solution for scaling your practice smoothly, efficiently and profitably. With CS Enterprise™, you get one complete solution to manage everything from appointments, treatments, claims, payments, patient communication, to reporting and more.

Software centralization: It creates predictable, repeatable performance and financial value over time. By centralizing operations through a software platform, you can ensure consistency in performance while reducing overheads associated with growth. It eliminates operational tasks off the plate of the front-line employees by setting up a centralized call center for appointment reminders, recall management and billing questions. It gives actionable insights to the executive management by aggregating data across all offices along with the necessary filters to measure the KPI’s for the entire organization or a group of locations or an individual location. Automated payment posting module can handle a variety of scenarios related to denials, underpayments, overpayments, multiple adjustments and more. You can easily review detailed adjustment reasons, remark codes and take corrective action.

Streamline Billing and Collections: The firm provides a complete revenue cycle management solution to eliminate the complexities and maximize reimbursements. It provides integrated front and back office billing functions to create efficiencies at each stage of the revenue cycle. Set up master lists for codes, carriers, plans and fee schedules at an enterprise level. Using advanced capabilities to merge data, duplicates can be removed and a clean master list can be used for billing purposes. Using smart eligibility forms, perform eligibility checks and re-checks to accurately estimate patient responsibility and correct any errors in information provided before the patient arrives on the day of their appointment. Enterprise level control centers with checks and balances built into it gives you a snapshot of all claims by their status (ready to submit, pending insurance, rejections, denials, no response claims etc.). This allows you to manage denials and rejections by gathering missing information, correcting data entry errors, and resubmitting electronic claims.

Abhi Krishna, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“Our mission is to pioneer the digital transformation of the dental industry with simple cloud-based solutions.”