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10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2018

Caring About How Imaging Data Is Handled, Nautilus Medical Strives To Provide the Most Complete DICOM Distribution Systems at a Value


Be it any industry or our daily lives, technology today has a critical role to play, more so than ever and the healthcare industry is no exception to this. With the combination of technology, healthcare is proving to be a boon in this modern era, breaking all the barriers in the future. Innovations in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology, medical devices and equipment, and other verticals are contributing in a big way in changing the whole healthcare scenario.

To be a part of this significant healthcare technology revolution, Nautilus Medical was founded in 2008. Established to build customer-centric software from the user perspective, instead of an engineering perspective, Nautilus’ software consolidates patient images and information from other sources, packages it in a universal format, and then exchanges in a multitude of ways including the cloud.

Most user interactions with institutional software is based upon file driven menus and multi-step processes that take training and reading of manuals. Nautilus’ software, although having a high-level of complexity, has an intuitive interface and macros to guide users, accomplishing complex processes without a training session.

When Nautilus Medical started out, the first version of the software was all about being the value leader in distributing patient images. Even though the software was fairly basic, it did what customers expected. As the company added more tools and features along with moving into the cloud, it kept the mantra of being the value leader’ which has played a critical part in Nautilus’ success. Since customers are the true architects of the Nautilus’ software, it continues to add features and tools based on a priority list created by their customers.

Having a highly satisfied user base with positive comments and reviews, Nautilus is known as the most secure, fast, feature rich, and easy to use exchange platform on the market. Whether professionals or patients, users can register and try it for free with no obligation in a matter of minutes.

At present, Nautilus Medical is one of the leading software developers and system integrators for DICOM distribution with hundreds and hundreds of institutional installations in the US including more than 30 of the top 50 medical centers. Along with their install base of integrated systems, more than 3000 professionals and independents have registered for the company’s exchange service.

Interview Snippet with CEO, Timothy Kelley:

What is the impact of cloud and big data analytics on healthcare industry today?

The cloud, big data, and AI are in a nascent stage and are transforming into some of the most impactful tools for all types of decision making. They are becoming a part of our daily life helping us accept decisions made by non-living entities. The overall impact will be massive. Looking at the access that the internet has given the world; the access of big data, will create another layer of refined knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence has been the buzzword, and it will continue to hit the stride. Do you think healthcare companies should embrace AI to drive business processes?

AI has already helped define and speed up the process of narrowing or dispelling certain paths in diagnosis and prognosis. So, it is indisputable —AI will definitely have a quick impact as an adjunct tool for better support in clinical decision making.

However, it will be hard to replace human sensitivity to decision making in critical situations. The human element is more than just eliminating mistakes; it’s about making sure what is best for a particular patient in a particular set of circumstances. But overall, it must be embraced and added to the decision paradigm seeing the preciseness and incredible things AI is already doing in this era.

Between the ever-increasing uncertainties and health complexities, many healthcare companies don’t know what they really have; even when they think they do. How do you manage to resist/serve the needs of the ever-growing market?

There are so many nuances in technologies that if you don’t have true expertise in your field of endeavor, you will be exposed. Healthcare is becoming more and more oriented around radiology surpassing pharma as the number one expense. It’s all about taking a look inside to find the problem.

We at Nautilus consider ourselves the true DICOM experts in handling all of the issues with moving images and patient data. Beyond medical imaging; we are the tendrils into the small data sets that we are able to deliver to Google and other AI- Big Data processors. We have access to massive amounts of data they cant get to without us.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your service popularity?

At Nautilus, we have an awesome team that allows us to build the best products and deliver the best service to our customers. Our customers are also awesome since they support us and tell us what they need and praise us when we deliver it.

From the software UI and tools, to getting a system, downloading our software, and not requiring contracts, we at Nautilus make it easy. And I believe this is another reason why Nautilus is a leading firm in the industry today.

Where do you see Nautilus Medical a couple of years from now?

‘MatrixRay’ is our proprietary software and over the years, our users have been talking about our product as a generic term. With MatrixRay, I believe the days are not so far when a professional will say- “Just MatrixRay it” and people and techs will know what that means.

There was a time when it used to be about being the biggest. But now, it’s about being the most impactful. We have realized that we have an opportunity to change healthcare for the better by delivering great technology at a great value that speeds access to care, reduces unnecessary rescans, and saves lives. And we believe that’s powerful!

Meet the Leader

Timothy Kelley, CEO & Founder: Mr. Kelley’s career in healthcare began with sales for Pharmacy Benefit Management that led to pharmaceuticals sales. After a few years in the veterinary pharma market, he went on to develop the first medical CD recording market for TDK Electronics before founding Nautilus Medical.

“Our motto is simple, reliable, and fast. Our high level of customer satisfaction fuels our growth and gives our clients confidence when choosing us.”