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Mona Golden, Carrera Lee Enterprises Founder and CEO: “I’ve designed a business solution that integrates progressive HR practices with a world class SaaS HR solution in a way that promotes the engagement, empowerment, inclusion, and evolution of an organizations’ entire workforce and its management team”

In the digital world we live in, technology is ever-changing. With developments evolving to make our lives easier and better, businesses are also forced to adopt new technologies to stay ahead of the competition. For the human resource segment in specific, HR technology has massively altered the way businesses attract, hire, maintain and retain talents, optimize workforce management, and support workforce administration. The main motto of making use of new technologies is to help managers work more efficiently and faster. HR technology is now used by employees, managers, IT departments, and HR professionals in different ways to improve a business’s ROI.

Globally, there are various companies delivering excellent HR solutions, but Carrera Lee Enterprises stands out from the rest. Carrera Lee’s HR product line, HRZ360, includes the Harmony Roze Saas HR platform (Talent, Time, HR, and Payroll), HR Consulting, and High-Performance Coaching for Managers and Teams. The Carrera Lee client doesn’t have to be a billion-dollar business to operate like one. We aim to assist growing SMBs so that they may easily navigate the rules and regulations of HR while simultaneously cultivating a culture of harmony.

In conversation with Mona Golden, Founder and CEO of Carrera Lee Enterprises

Q. What was the motivation behind starting Carrera Lee Enterprises?

Carrera Lee is a boutique firm that started its HR Tech consultancy with High-Performance Leadership Training and a state-of-the-art LMS offering. My “Wouldn’t it be great if…” outlook drove my desire to provide a complete full suite of HR and workforce management solutions. Carrera Lee has since acquired the technical capabilities of one of the largest and most powerful SaaS HR platforms available through its strategic partner, UKG. As a result of the partnership with this HRMS powerhouse, combined with the inspiration of time-tested research and training of Gallup around employee engagement and strengths-based leadership, Harmony Roze SaaS HR was born.

Q. What are the factors that contribute to your success?

  1. First and Foremost – Our commitment to providing excellent services and to continually bring value to our clients in new ways that are relevant. We want clients to be able to easily list all they would miss if they were no longer doing business with us.
  2. Secondly – Our partnerships are very strong. We have a very close relationship with all our partners and interact with them frequently and regularly.
  3. Lastly – Our pledge is to provide good soil in which our clients may root their employees, nurture them with compassion, enrich them with great experiences, grow their knowledge while holding employees accountable. When employees succeed, our clients succeed, then we succeed.


Q. It’s a job seeker’s market now. It is harder than ever to attract and hire top candidates. How do you identify qualified individuals?

By demonstrating we care. We practice what we preach. We start with flexibility. We understand that today’s workforce is different than that of the past. We focus on deliverables, deadlines, and satisfied clients, not on the number of hours worked or the time of day that work occurs. Additionally, as we build out our teams, we focus on individual strengths and a combination of those strengths that will create the best synergies within our organization. The demonstrated desire to grow and aspiration to be part of a cohesive team are at the top of the list of qualifications required to be successful in the Carrera Lee culture.

Q. How do you secure your solutions without increasing the complexity of the HR activities?

We keep the client at the center of our story and make them the hero. We marry high tech with a heavy concentration on high touch. The solution is designed to be a guide for the client to fight through the complexities of HR. Harmony Roze is intended to help our clients through their difficulties and to win the day, every day. We do this by helping them provide for the basic needs of their employees first, and then as those lower-level needs are satisfied, progressing up the hierarchy through the need to feel that they belong, with the ultimate goal being development and self-actualization.

For example, we make sure that employees always know what is expected of them at work and that they can request access to the tools they need to complete their jobs. According to Gallup, which has been studying human nature and performance for over 75 years, addressing the fulfillment of these required needs yields up to a 22% reduction in turnover and up to a 35% reduction in safety incidents. By reducing the number of everyday stresses that the HR team is tasked with managing, we believe that we are helping to tame the overall complexities of their daily activities.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Yes, we will be expanding our HRZ360 offering to include a suite of HR outsourcing services. The outsourcing services will be positioned to assist SMBs that require the expertise of an HR team on an as-needed-basis, but do not wish to hand over complete control of their workforce by going down the PEO route. Our HRZ services offering will include a dedicated HR Generalist to manage routine HR functions, a Trainer/Documentation Specialist, a Time/Tax/Payroll Administrator, a Recruiter/Performance Manager, and a Broker/Benefits Administrator. Clients will be able to utilize one, some, or all of their HRZ team members as they need them.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We are very excited about our 2022 Culture of Harmony roadmap, which includes exciting developments like our Harmony Rising Index, to be driven by our built-in AI and sentiment analytics that gauges the underlying feel of employees and applicants based on their feedback and on benchmarks. We will also be launching a built-in Harmony Rewards and Recognition system which also will be driven by recommendations from or AI and analytics engine. The goal for 2022 is to guide our clients through creating their own Culture of Harmony by giving them with the means by which they can make better business decision and can cultivate a more engaged, connected and trusting experience for their employees and managers.

“I strive to ignite the good we each have within us and to shine a light on our best qualities. Marrying my 30+ years of experience in IT and consulting, with my decade of work in the Human Resource space, and certification in High Performance Leadership training has put me in a favorable position to do just that.”