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August Edition 2020

Cassandra Sanford, Co-founder, CEO of KellyMitchell is setting a standard of innovation by valuing the entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit in everyone


A professional service is an intangible product that a contractor or product vendor sells to help customers manage a specific part of their business. The unique nature of these organizations creates management and leadership challenges that many other companies do not have to deal with. Overall, professional service organizations are embracing technological and cultural innovation to provide a better workplace and user experience, driving economic growth. While they may not make headlines, the impact of the innovation in these industries shapes the way we think about and conduct business.

KellyMitchell® is an award-winning, professional services company that offers high-quality strategic consulting, staff augmentation, and outsourced business solutions to a wide variety of companies, from Fortune 500 corporations to rapidly growing high-tech organizations. KellyMitchell® serves the technology staffing needs of diverse organizations across the country and employs hundreds of its top IT professionals. Whether you're a potential candidate seeking a job, or an established employer looking to hire, the firm is up to the challenge. It is committed to achieving its clients' goal by helping organizations quickly and effectively meet their technology personnel needs.

Standard solutions offered by KellyMitchell®

IT Staffing Services: KellyMitchell® was built on the belief that they could match the best IT talent with any of its clients' technical workforce needs at a moment's notice. The firm works purposefully to build a Talent Network that can deliver the right technical expertise, to the right client, at the right time. It can provide IT Professionals in all functional areas and platforms, including project management, business analysis, application development, network administration, and more.

Business Staffing Services: The firm has talented experts, and staffing services extend beyond matching niche, technical professionals to Fortune 500 firms. If you are looking for an Accountant, Human Resources Specialist, Executive Assistant, Procurement Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, User Experience Analyst, Marketing Manager, or Call Center Lead, to name a few, the firm will indeed help you. Its passion for solving workforce obstacles knows no bounds.

Statement of Work: The firm has the right talent, which helps its clients manage their budget, timeline, and workforce in one fell swoop. They build custom, project-based workforce solutions so the clients can outsource their headaches and gain the efficiency, expertise, and exceptional delivery outcomes that their solutions offer.

RPO: By collaborating with KellyMitchell®, you will have access to the industry's best talent, sourcing and recruitment techniques, and onboarding processes to reduce your time-to-hire and general employment costs. Besides, the company's clients expect an efficient and seamless recruiting process and improved candidate experience.

Managed Services: Leveraging supplier expertise is a must to manage a relevant and innovative contingent labor program that can meet changing demands. The firm helps you and your stakeholders navigate the multiple supply chain management opportunities and help you achieve your diverse supply chain goals through targeted mentoring and managed services.

Payroll Services: Reducing administrative onboarding tasks and outsourcing the management of employment risk means that you can concentrate on activities that impact your bottom line and the compliance and regulatory landscape that impacts employment is an ever-evolving challenge. At KellyMitchell®, the experts at interpreting employment law ensure compliance and take care of your payroll and onboarding processes to focus on performance management and operational excellence.

The Galvanizing leader behind the supremacy of KellyMitchell®

Cassandra Sanford is the Co-founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of KellyMitchell®. She leads a culture that values the philanthropic spirit in everyone, setting a standard of enthusiasm, service, and accountability that infiltrates every department and office of KellyMitchell®. Ms. Cassandra inspires the company's' partners and clients by showing how taking big innovative swings can drive business results and believes that technology, data, and process innovation sets the company apart from the pack. Her commitment to building an organization that thrives when clients' expectations are exceeded has been a cornerstone of the firm's organic growth and success.

Her passion for building a service-based organization permeates into each of the communities that KellyMitchell® has the opportunity to support. She does a practice of mentoring other women and giving back to her community. Ms. Cassandra believes that she is only as great as the people she surrounds herself with, and is passionate about each team member who joins the company's family and their opportunity to help make an impact in the lives of the consultants, communities, and clients.

"At KellyMitchell®, we do more than staffing; we partner with our clients to implement innovative solutions and improve their workforce."