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CEIPAL – Leveraging robust AI-powered recruitment software for staffing firms & corporates


The overwhelming adoption of AI can be tied to its many benefits which center on making recruitment easier, more accurate, and efficient. AI enables recruiters and hiring managers to assess and interview candidates with much more ease compared to traditional methods. Research also shows that 96% of HR managers believe AI can improve talent acquisition and retention significantly. For the last several years, finding the right candidate in high demand talent pools has been highlighted as one of the biggest obstacles to attracting top talent (LinkedIn Global Recruiting Survey 2016), and AI has evolved accordingly to help solve this problem. Implementing artificial intelligence in talent acquisition goes beyond accessing candidate data, but rather leveraging it at scale —helping companies find the best candidate for the job.

CEIPAL is an AI-powered SaaS platform that provides full-lifecycle management of the talent acquisition process. Their system leverages advanced technology to analyze vast amounts of candidate and employee data, providing actionable insights for meeting hiring goals and executing talent strategies. With robust solutions for pipeline curation, candidate engagement & marketing, applicant tracking, and workforce management, CEIPAL helps staffing firms, MSPs, and corporate hiring teams of all sizes to attract and retain the best available talent. CEIPAL has been raising the bar in the HR software industry, with many of their innovations becoming industry-standard. CEIPAL was founded in 2015 and now serves 1,800+ customers and 120,000 recruiters globally.

Automating and Streamlining Recruiters Work Processes Every Day

AI for Recruiting: AI Recruitment lets staffing professionals use a proactive strategic hiring process that saves them time. This lets them spend more time with candidates in person, strengthening relationships to better determine if they are a company fit. CEIPAL’s AI Recruitment is all about simplicity and using the power of artificial intelligence to make a recruiter’s day-to-day tasks easier. CEIPAL’s AI Recruitment applies learning algorithms with problem-solving capabilities to streamline the workflow to let staffing professionals and recruiters deliver better value, superior candidates, and more hires.

AI-Powered Global Recruiting Management Software: Double your number of prospective candidates, identifies the right fit faster, and discovers what intelligent end-to-end applicant tracking looks like with CEIPAL. Their AI-Powered systems will automatically deliver high-quality talent to your dashboard while integrating with your workflow for more efficient talent acquisition. Get a candidate engagement system that will set you apart. With hundreds of integration partners and an AI personal assistant, CEIPAL’s CRM is designed to attract talent and ensure that your candidate outreach goes above and beyond. With today’s advanced technology, finding the best candidates doesn’t require an executive recruiter. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, either. Instantly grow your talent pool by +70% while doubling diversity & inclusion in hiring with CEIPAL’s AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing.

Business Intelligence: CEIPAL’s Business Intelligence provides staffing firms with a 360-degree view of their business, so they can make smart, strategic choices that benefit the internal team as well as external clients, allowing staffing professionals to focus on what they do best: place talent. CEIPAL’s business intelligence pulls informational data from an ATS to give an up-to-date review of business activities, operational reports on candidate marketing, client acquisition, sales performance, key performance indicators, and more. This critical data is used to improve efficiency and reduce expenses.

Chatbot Recruitment: CEIPAL’s AI-powered chatbots automate the repetitive and mundane aspects of recruitment while engaging with and responding to candidates on CEIPAL’s integrated career portal. This creates more time for staffing professionals to focus on what they do best: build relationships and close placements. CEIPAL’s advanced automation features include auto-sourcing and marketing CRM capabilities. Their AI-powered chatbots also automate many of your top-of-funnel recruiting activities by collecting data in real-time through multiple conversations across multiple platforms at once and then feeding that information to your ATS and internal database. Recruiter-facing chatbots are even built directly into the ATS platform, working together to tackle personal tasks and make it easier to share information across the ATS.

About | Sameer Penakalapati

Sameer Penakalapati is a serial entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of CEIPAL. He is dedicated to advising and investing in technology startups, specifically in the HR & AI space. In the past 10 years, Sameer has founded and acquired over six companies, including a staffing firm, multiple SaaS platforms, and a digital marketing agency, serving thousands of customers around the world. His key interests include talent acquisition, talent engagement, and total talent management. As a regular contributor of thought leadership pieces to HR publications, Sameer was recently inducted into the Forbes HR Council.

To date, Sameer has received numerous awards and recognitions for his work, including accolades from Inc500/5000, Rochester top 100, Deloitte Fast 500, Forbes Best Startup Employers, USPAACC, SIA Fastest Growing Companies, and others. Sameer also takes an active approach to Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, contributing to philanthropic activities in the US and India focused on children’s education and youth development.

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