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Modernizing the Path to Justice with Cellebrite’s Industry-Leading AI-powered Digital Intelligence Investigative Platform


Digital intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been primarily the focus of science fiction films and books for the last few decades. Today, this level of technology is becoming more widely used by law enforcement as digital devices play a more central role in the lives of people worldwide.

With the introduction of AI technologies in digital intelligence, vast volumes of data can be quickly and efficiently analyzed to identify and surface key evidence and potential suspects. As a result, law enforcement adoption is projected to increase as DI and AI capabilities become integral to the effective resolution of cases.

Currently, there are various companies delivering digital intelligence solutions worldwide, but Cellebrite stands out from the rest as a global leader in partnering with public and private organizations since 1999. For these organizations, Cellebrite has been integral to transforming how they analyze and manage digital data during investigations aiming to protect and save lives, accelerate justice and ensure data privacy.

The company helps organizations to master the complexities of legally sanctioned digital investigations by offering the award-winning Digital Intelligence Investigative Platform along with digital forensics services and training that continuously impact the success of the investigative lifecycle and the management of digital evidence.

Cellebrite’s evolving AI-powered DI solutions have helped to convict bad actors and bring justice to victims of crimes, including cases of child exploitation, homicide and sexual assault, drug and human trafficking, fraud and financial crime.

The company’s unique combination of solutions, services, and training ultimately help customers improve public safety, help victims reclaim their lives, and uncover the truth buried within each investigation.

In conversation with Yossi Carmil, CEO of Cellebrite

Q. Can you explain your solutions and services in brief?

“Today, Cellebrite offers several solutions and services, which enable end-to-end digitization, analysis and optimization of the investigation process.”

“It starts with data collection and analysis from various digital sources such as mobile devices, computers and various cloud providers; this data passes through investigative analytics, which is done using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems that allow analyzing crime cases and complex criminal events, connecting suspects, and quickly identifying images and text; and the whole process is supported by digital management of the evidence so that each investigative stakeholder is exposed only to the information relevant to them.”

“Our platform changes the way investigative agencies collect, examine, analyze and manage evidentiary information, as part of investigations that are conducted according to the law,” Carmil, emphasizes.

“For example, in order to cope with the large volume of data collected during an investigation, Cellebrite Pathfinder, our investigative analytics solution, enables the automation of data ingestion and uses advanced AI tools to analyze and visualize the data from mobile devices, cloud, computer and video footage. The solution helps investigators identify patterns, uncover connections, discover clues and reveal unexpected insights quickly and accurately.”

The Cellebrite digital intelligence platform has and is helping thousands of law enforcement agencies to form a solid evidentiary infrastructure that stands up successfully in court.

Cellebrite Services provide innovative professional services to ensure customer success at every stage of the digital transformation journey – from inception, through implementation, and ongoing optimization.

The customer-centric services approach gives law enforcement agencies and enterprises access to a global team of professional domain experts providing the knowledge, technical solutions, expertise, and bespoke solutions needed to accomplish their mission. There are 4 parts to service offerings:

  1. Training & Advisory includes: The largest and most experienced forensic instructor team with +140 active examiners and investigators from public and private sectors. Leveraging years of experience to assess operational needs and develop customized training plans and materials.
  • Extensive Training & Certification Catalogue
  • Customized Training Solutions
  • Advisory Services
  1. Advanced Services includes: 10 secured labs located across the globe or on-site at an organization, with a team of leading industry experts from the public and private sector that become an extension of your investigative team by providing advanced lawful digital data access and collection services.
  • Advanced Digital Data Access and Collection Services
  • Technical Workshops on Advance Data Collection and Usage
  • Solution Deployment
  • Crypto Investigations
  1. Value Realization Services includes: Ad hoc solutions to achieve maximum impact of your Cellebrite solutions. The team develops unique customizations, integrating your Cellebrite solutions with peripheral systems, improving productivity, and accelerating data analysis in your investigation process. Cellebrite Value Realization Services can optimize your investigative processes and information sharing.
  • Investigation Accelerators
  • Solution Integration, Customization and Automation
  1. Technical Customer Support includes: Global Support Teams, located across 8 regional hubs, available to rapidly diagnose any technical problems that you encounter. With a team of 40+ experienced forensic practitioners from the public and private sector that provides support in 14 Languages in 4 communication channels: dedicated customer portal (My Cellebrite), mail, live chat and phone call.
  • Remote Global Support – Standard
  • Enhanced Support

Q. How does it help the organizations in decision making?

AI-powered Digital Intelligence (DI) makes digital data accessible and actionable. Cellebrite’s Investigative DI Platform is the only end-to-end suite of solutions, services and training that seamlessly integrates with an agencies existing ecosystem to leverage digital insights they can trust.

Q. What guidance and direction did you find most effective to train agents to use your solutions effectively?  

Cellebrite Training is home to dozens of guided training courses designed to help agencies (law enforcement and federal government, plus enterprise and corporate customers) and individuals achieve their educational and professional goals. The curriculum is designed to prepare law enforcement to tackle emerging crimes effectively and help eDiscovery and corporate investigators find data to protect business services.

Certifications are available for mobile forensics, computer forensics, and evidence repair and recovery.

Cellebrite Training launched its first official certification class at the 2013 Mobile Forensics Conference (Now: Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Professional Credibility

The best and most accomplished experts in the digital forensics industry have developed curricula and taught Cellebrite trainings courses. All instructors are former or current digital forensics practitioners with more than 1,000 years of real-world experience cumulatively and have performed highly technical investigations that our customers are tasked with performing every day.

Their deep understanding of all digital data technology and platforms ensures an immersive, real-world learning experience designed to help students navigate an ever-evolving digital data landscape from the crime scene to the courtroom.

Utilization of both internal Cellebrite employees and outside trainers who are considered Contract Trainers to teach courses. All are active or retired law enforcement and/or private investigators.

  • 18+ Languages
  • 140+ Digital Intelligence Experts

3 methods of training:

Instructor-Led - Meet with your instructor and peers in-person in a traditional, interactive, classroom setting.

Live Online - Interact with your instructor and peers in a real-time virtual classroom setting delivered right to your computer.

On-Demand - Learn at your own pace and convenience with affordable anytime, anywhere access to training from your computer.

Q. Do you have any new solutions/services ready to be launched?

Cellebrite Research and Development experts are constantly innovating to keep our solutions state-of-the-art as digital technologies evolve worldwide. We are now expanding our offerings to operate as cloud-based solutions to improve the entire investigative experience. This will ensure maximum collaboration on cases along with the most relevant data needed to resolve investigations more rapidly.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

“Although the bar to enter the field is high, there are many competitors, but each of them operates in a certain scope - vehicles, cameras, cloud. What sets Cellebrite apart is that we constantly deepen our existing product portfolio and offer new solutions so that they encompass all types of sources: mobile phones, laptop computers, social networks, crypto-currencies, smart watches, closed circuit security cameras, vehicles, drones and more.”

“As we deepen the existing product portfolio and offer new solutions, they will continue to encompass all types of digital sources and provide an answer to unique types of crime, such as sex crimes, human trafficking and crypto crimes. We develop our solutions to help solve those cases from end-to-end.”

“For example, in an Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) crypto crime investigation, the digital intelligence solution de-anonymized the suspect and associated a digital wallet with a specific persona. Our solution performed a comprehensive digital analysis that enabled a single suspect to be identified out of an ‘ocean’ of data. This is critical for law enforcement agencies challenged by the increasing complexity of crime along with the security challenges of the digital age.”

“Bring justice to victims and convict bad actors in the most challenging cases.”