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Celltick: Driving Mobile Engagement for Operators & Device Manufacturers


“We develop high visibility and engaging products that help mobile operators and OEMs to provide consumers with content services of their needs”

A well-celebrated global leader in mobile marketing, Celltick drives mobile engagement and improves discovery of content, services and apps to the mass market. The company combines its innovative technologies and mass-market solutions management skills to help mobile operators, OEMs and app developers to attract their users when they wake up their phones and improve engagement and monetization. The highly proficient team at Celltick, utilizes its patented technologies and local knowledge to help over a hundred mobile operators, device manufacturers and app developers around the world to improve engagement with their users and thereby increase their revenues. The company today takes pride in having 240 Million active users for all its products and for generating more than $1B accumulated gross revenue for its customers.

Celltick is a creator of best-in-class innovative mobile products with unique visibility, engagement and monetization capabilities, for mobile operators, OEMs and app developers,which distribute them to their users. At the same time, they license premium global and local content from leading content providers, break it into pieces and reconstruct it blended with relevant demand. Then they target it to hundreds of millions of users, converting this large traffic into rapidly growing revenues, which they share with their distribution partners.

As a global leader in mobile marketing, Celltick makes its presence felt worldwide with offices in USA, India, Singapore, Russia, Brazil and Mexico.

Innovation at its Best

Since its establishment in 2000, the company has carved a niche in the domain with over 15 years of rich experience working in the India market with the top 6 India’s operators and the marquee mobile operators globally. 

As an active company that aggressively and imaginatively meeting the necessities of constantly changing regulations and market dynamics, Celltick maintains a proprietary, powerful Big Data-based platform that provides valuable intelligence on how users utilize their devices. This engine empowers personalization as well as intelligent engagement, to ensure growth.

Obtaining Strong Foothold in India

After the launch of Celltick’s operations in India in 2002, the company’s products have been adopted by all the major mobile operators in India. With the current ongoing consolidation that is happening in the telecom sector in India, Celltick will soon have 100% coverage in India with partnership agreements with all mobile operators in the country. Today, 9 out of 10 sim cards in India carry the Celltick applet software and an estimated 650 million subscriber sim cards are Celltick enabled. This ecosystem allows them to expand their business portfolio beyond the traditional telco business to offer new, practical solutions and global services to many enterprises across the country, which need or utilize this unique interactive access to the mass market.

Commercial compulsions & regulations today require a range of service enterprises such as banks and insurance companies, travel service providers, Ecommerce players etc. to actively update customers via mobile notifications on different events that are related to their accounts and transactions. Celltick’s patented technology, with its next generation interactive and intelligent SMS,will soon allow adding targeted interactive offerings for the users, embedded in the notification itself in the device’s / user’s language. This will help build new leads in a contextual manner with targeted users by enabling a unique interactive experience via the legacy SMS they are struggling with now. 

Another key offering from Celltick is from the homeland security angle: in countries like India, where user can access full mobile coverage, their commercial systems can be converted into a lifesaving system in cases of emergencies and targeted mass communication platform for government programs. Federal and state authorities would be able to send out urgent warnings, updates, and instructions in times of crisis; such as terror attacks, floods, tsunami etc. to an entire city, county, region or state-wide, even if the mobile network is jammed. Celltick offers an overall mass alert solution that can be used by national disaster management agencies, home affairs, security agencies and various government agencies at both national and state levels, to effectively deal with large scale emergencies & information dissemination programs.

Celltick is now growing a new business line in which they utilize the tons of content they have to help other app developers with their biggest challenge today – engagement with their users. The mobile app market suffers from very low engagement and retention rates. 60% of the apps are launched less than 10 times throughout their entire lifetime. This fact forces app developers to get creative and find new ways to engage their users. Celltick provides app developers with organic premium content with relevant ads that they can integrate anywhere in their apps, to strengthen their user engagement and app monetization via Celltick’s magazine product.

For instance, Tencent has partnered with Celltick to help expand activities beyond China, offering a localized content experience in the various Indian dialects. Another example is Xiaomi, the leading Chinese device manufacturer, who decided to expand its activities to India, and partnered with Celltick to deliver local content, localizing their offering to the Indian market.


Ronen Daniel, CEO- A visionary, Ronen has over 25 year of experience in the high-tech industry, especially in the area of mobile technologies & media. Prior to founding Celltick, Ronen was an avionics specialist in the Israel Aircraft Industries. Also, Ronen is the inventor of several patents including the main Celltick’s patent.

Abraham Punnoose, MD Celltick India & Africa- Responsible for the company´s business in the Indian subcontinent and Africa, Abraham carries over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and business operations across telecom and retail banking. Prior to joining the Celltick he has served as VP Marketing & Business Development at Roamware and held management roles at, Hutchison Telecom, HDFC Bank, American Express TRS and Lowe Lintas.

Dynamic Client Base

Celltick owns an impressive client base; including tens of leading mobile operators such as most mobile operators in India, all 17 America Movile properties in Latin America and Deutsche Telekom in Europe. On the device manufacturers front Celltick has more than 50 customers in China, India, Russia, Latin America, Europe and the US including, ZTE, Xiaomi, BLU and TCL.

This apart, the company has also partnered with tens of major app developers around the globe providing them with best content and ads in their target geographies to augment user engagement and monetization. The app developers include giants like Tencent, Baidu and Ali-Baba.

“At Celltick, our core strength is the ability to constantly adapt to changes in regulations, evolving market dynamics & technology disruption to deliver growth, personalization & engagement for our customers & partners.”